Fuzzy Eyebrows

Fuzzy Eyebrows

To have fuzzy, long eyebrow's means that the subject can be easily hurt.

At times this person can appear to be confused. People with these types of eyebrows are generally healthy and enjoy sports. Such people often have specific goals which they follow. Luckily, they achieve most things in life.

This success is usually due to their focus, hard work and common-sense attitudes.These eyebrows normally grow very close to the person’s eyes and give the impression of suppressing the eyes. Most of the time, people with these eyebrows have suffered in childhood.

They have family who never give a second thought when it comes to using other people to succeed in their plans. In many cases, it has been discovered that these people have been bought up in a difficult environment.

Although fuzzy eyebrow people enjoy exercise they also like their food. There will come a time when this will come to a head. Thus, watching the diet is important job for the bearer of fuzzy eyebrows. Any form of exercise is generally welcome. Especially exercise which involves a competitive streak. When they grow older they will find it difficult to adapt.  

It has been said in Chinese face reading texts that this person will find difficuties when they get older new changes will happen.

These will be positive changes.

There is a danger that they will lack worldly ambition. Becoming more traditional and conventional as they grow older. If the bearer of fuzzy eyebrows is you - they may put a relationship before other elements of their life. For example they may favour spending time with their partner and family rather than their career. When life offers no challenges, there is a focus on difficult relationships. This could be a clouded love life and therefore, possible depression can set in.

They are strongly aware of the world around them may consciously develop negative characteristics as life moves on. The person with fuzzy eyebrows can often understand expectations of others. If the eyebrows are slightly arched then this signifies that there may find a very destructive person in life. The love of change is also prevalent.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012