Full Mouth

Full Mouth

A full mouth is associated with people that have large lips and the space between the lips and the nose is small.

The mouth itself slightly protrudes. People with this mouth are expected to benefit from successes in life. These people are normally from well-to-do families - if not they will create the wealth in life. They are great achievers in life, being rather driven, sometimes considered a work-a-holic. Those who dare to criticize them or argue with their convictions may find themselves suffering.

These people at times have a lack of empathy and feel less fortunate than others. Emotions and family problems occupy them until middle age. These people also enjoy peace that comes from material wealth. People with this mouth use the influence of money to get what they want. They easily get access to basic needs. They never go to bed hungry or lacking clothing and shelter. Their lives are filled with abundance. They attend the best schools and drive the best cars. Because of their education, they get the best positions in government or other corporations. As a result, they lead a long and contented life.


  • Great education.
  • Usually from wealth.
  • Life is good for these people.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012