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Flat Mouth

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Flat Mouth

Flat Mouth

People with this mouth have personalities that are self-contained and modest. They have a reputation for bearing responsibilities.

Their work is organized and delivered in a timely manner. They never abandon their responsibilities under any circumstance. These people are not materialistic. They prefer to reveal to others only the information that is required.

This means they do not place value on money or its equivalents. They are not greedy. Therefore, they will never leave their own friends suffering. These people are satisfied in life, never engaging themselves in gossip; instead, their focus is on living a balanced life.

They ensure that moderation is their mantra. They are not workaholics or lazy people, this means that their actions and thoughts are in moderation. Image and style is important and they normally have meticulous attention to detail. They focus on a life of complacency. This explains why they are the most accomplished members of society.

They are serious people when it comes to work. Sometimes they lack the ambition and fire to be excellent performers. That explains why they never reach high levels of excellence. Instead, they end up with mediocre performances in what they do - but they are still the most accomplished members of society!

There is an instinct to be hasty in some actions. This can cause much difficulty for those that have a flat mouth. Eventually in life, they will become aware of other peoples 's feelings and emotions. The young, teenager who has a flat mouth may be slightly critical of others. Sacrifices need to be made to ensure that this does not continue when they become adults. It is unlikely this will hinder the flat mouthed teenager into adult hood. 

here is also an element of possessiveness for the flat-mouthed male. This can be an advantage, because it means that he really cares about those people around him. He is sometimes worried about losing a lover. He will require a great deal of support in a relationship. Every achievement should be celebrated in order for him to feel contented in that relationship. 

To conclude, these individuals have high levels of endurance and will have trouble relaxing. Although they are usually confident they occasionally tend to exhibit immaturity in terms of self-expression. This indicates that they lack the courage necessary to face life’s adversities, sometimes missing the boldness of criticizing others. Basically these people seek out serenity. As an alternative, they also like a quiet personal life.

Summary of characteristics…

  • Not materialistic in life.
  • Hates gossip.
  • Usually happy and content.
  • Moderation is their focus.
  • Will try hard in life - but struggle to succeed.
  • Likes perfection.