Fire Face

Fire Face

Fire elemental people are known for their outward charm and natural charisma.

They spend a lot of time laughing it up and can even be quite the schmoozer. They are known to be the life of the party, especially in their younger years. All of this socialization is hard work, which tones the muscles of the face and often will leave distinct features.

Often nose is narrow-set and accompanied by either a brilliant eyes or a blazing smile (In some cases both!). The Fire elemental face has a charming, spontaneous quality about them, giving them the overall look of someone who is genuine and wears their heart on their sleeve.




If You Have These Features, Chances Are That Your Element is FIRE


  • Oval face.
  • Bright eyes.
  • Weak eyebrow shape.
  • Soft jawline and facial structure.
  • Brilliant smile.
  • Charming qualities.
  • Charismatic and passionate.


The Fire Faced will tend to be very charismatic and passionate about life and experiences in general. Often-times giving them a certain sparkling, charming quality. The Fire faced will often have a general lust for life. They give their all in every situation until they, for lack of a better term, burn out.

Often the Fire Elemental will grab at every opportunity to go on an adventure and seek passionate experiences. The fair features that define these kinds of faces do best when pampered and cared for. Their wrinkles are distinguished, only adding to their character or charm. However, because their naturally inquisitive and always in motion personality will take them on grand adventures, fire people can be hard on their faces. These kinds of people love to do something at the drop of the hat. They often enjoying the outdoors, preferring hiking or kayaking to super crowded places. This is their down time, and the last thing they want is to have to be on for the whole time.

This kind of behavior is not tolerated well by the fire face. While it will usually be clear and radiant well into their 20s, abuse of the skin such as a lack of conditioner or excessive picking or regular weather exposure (sunscreen – ahem!) will cause the skin to tighten, sometimes to the point where the person will develop a thick or ruddy appearance.

With a little care though, these people have excellent skin as seen in young US President, George Bush, or singer/actress Kylie Minogue. It is often said that fire people can be recognized for the intensity in their eyes. They will cock an eyebrow with quizzical amusements as their eyes shine with laughter but can change to a wide awestruck look. Each of their emotions are painted across their face and it is easy to tell how fire people are feeling on the inside by simply watching their eyes.

One last feature that is often found on those with fire as their element is a pointed chin. It will sit at the bottom of their oval face quite naturally. When this trait is present in fire people it is said to represent a person who is impulsive, with little mind for risk. These daring individuals are often favored by luck and good fortune, with their risks paying off a good deal of the time so long as they are willing to take them.

By Florance Saul
Feb 14, 2017