Downward Slanting Tips of Eyes

Downward Slanting Tips of Eyes

People with eyes that slant from the tips of the eyes are amazing.

For many years I have been studying face reading. Hugh Grant and Brittany spears have downward sloping eyes. But what does it mean? The eye slant is when the corners of the eyes are lower than the top - and if your eyes are slanted then it means you are enthusiastic, intelligent, ambitious and focused. There is also a medical term known as Palpebral but this is where you see abnormal slants of the eyes, this is an extremely rare condition. I am focusing on what it means when the eyes slant naturally and not down to a medical reason. 

People that have the outer corner of their eyes lower than the inner one are modest, generous and even-tempered. The great trait of these people is that they are ambitions and dreamers. In ancient Chinese face reading the eyes are connected to ambition and wealth. 

In fact, our eyes are normally known as “windows of our soul” and provide hidden secrets about personality and success in life which I will cover in this article. My grandmother said to me to never trust anyone with big black eyes. I don’t know if this is true or not, but this made me wonder about how our eyes can provide us with information on our personality.

Why Do Chinese People Have Slanted Eyes?

It is important for me to state that Asian eyes are no more slanted than any other eyes. In fact, the American Association of Cosmetic Surgery stated that the number of eyelid surgery patients has increased from 82k in 2014 to 600k in 2018. Why? Because Asian women are being transformed through eyelid surgery. If done correctly, the double eyelid surgery means they look more Caucasian. The Asian beauty is focused on the caucasian look but no-one knows why. The idea of beauty often comes from Barbie, being fair-skinned and blue eyes. There are so many different looks in the world that Asian eyes can be classified as charming and beautiful and a true Asian characteristic. I love Asian eyes personally and find them so wonderful. Also, not every Asian has single fold eyes. The downward slanting eyes “personality” in Chinese face reading is normally happy and bubbly. 

The reason that Asian/Chinese nationalities (have what we seem) as slanted eyes is due it this being environmental. Chinese often have almond-shaped eyes, the pupil is hidden and angle-slanted but the eyelids go down slightly. Chinese eyes are naturally slanted closer and more towards the nose. It is because decades upon decades of evolution of the eyes which is why this has happened. I will say though I did read in a Chinese face reading book from the 1930s that Beijing suffers from dust storms and the Northern China areas are somewhat dusty. Because of the dusty environment, the eyelids are adapted to these conditions. Just like people have straight hair normally come from colder climates. 

The color of downward slanting eyes

To see people with blue downward slanted eyes indicates they are confident or have high self-importance but this is not really the case. They tend to be strong-willed and therefore will work to move forward under any situation. They feel strongly about doing the right thing and want very much to be ethical. These people can be trusted to be in charge. To have someone with green downward slanting tips of eyes has a strong work ethic and feel that any job worth doing is worth being done right. Because of this, they will continue on with a difficult task when most other people would have quit. They take pride in their work and expect those around them to be the same.

Relating to other people is difficult for them, as most people do not live up to their high standards. Often it is thought that these people were born in the wrong era. They want to take their time to do things right but do not take shortcuts that are currently available to them. They are people who are shy about technology and will avoid upgrading their homes or office. They do not like change in general and can tend to be very stuck in their ways. Brown downward slanting tips of eyes are loyal and that is in their nature.

Downward slanting eyes and relationships

They have a tenacity and rarely get over-dramatic or taken aback by stressful situations I am afraid to say. In a relationship, they can push away a partner. However, it’s good to note that they are open and normally have happy relationships but there is an issue with trust. They will not react well to over-emotional types but rather need to be talked to and have their issues worked out one on one. They can make a relationship work but it will take effort. Because they are not open emotionally a relationship this can be something that is difficult to start. Once they marry generally they are loyal and honest partners.


I hope you liked this overview of downward sloping eyes. I know that some of this might seem somewhat far-fetched but this is a positive trait to have. Check out the other parts of my website. Flo x

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012