Double-Layered Eyebrows

Double-Layered Eyebrows

If we are to believe Mian Xiang, the Luo Hou and Ji Du stars live on the eyebrows.

If one has overlapping eyebrows, this will be known as 'Luo Hou Overlapping Ji Du.' It simply means that the individual’s father died when they were very young or that the father simply abandoned them. There are claims that in such case, the person may have left their home at an early age, therefore lacking the father’s care.

Individuals such as these are driven by emotions and will be indecisive at all times.

They cannot distinguish wrong from right, and they have the tendency of listening to hearsay and rumors. Generally, they are prone to changing their minds from time to time. These individuals also have serious trouble in management of their finances.

They are a powerful creative people and are wise in life. This does not mean that all double layered eyebrow holders have no father,  it can possibly mean the father was not a strong influence on their lives when growing up.

They have great enthusiasm for hobbies. The enthusiasm is expressed in other areas of life too. They must live life to the full and they have a great vitality. They have an inner energy which only illuminates their own lives and activities when they are content and happy at work. The days should be full, not a moment wasted. 

Domination of partners is possible. This cannot be underestimated. They shouldn't always be allowed to wear the trousers! The double layered eyebrow can signify that they are a surprisingly sensitive character and can easily be often seen as a negative because they often need to have emotional support. This is because they did not achieve this  blanket of security in their childhood due to their father. While this makes them wonderfully supportive and often gives them the power over others they are disappointed in the end with their lives.

They really cannot take criticism at all. For a woman to have this type of eyebrow indicates that they are quite seductive and they like to be wined and dined.

It is worthwhile to note that they like to play centre stage naturally. When they reached the top of the career ladder usually stay there.

By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012