Double-Edged Eyebrows


Double-edged eyebrows can be seen on either a man or women.

By saying double-edged eyebrows, we mean that the eyebrows have a marked edge at either end and this gives them the appearance of being slightly tilted at the corners.

Such eyebrows indicate a person will live a happy and long life. They will become successful quite early in life and lead a life of total happiness They also plan to enjoy life and spend their time happily. They are fully devoted to enjoyable activities and have the ability to socialize, mingle, and bond well with others.

Because of this, they make highly royal friends who may be of help when they are in need.

They have the best interpersonal skills when it comes to making a lot of money; they are highly talented when it comes to making earthshaking deals because of to their great negotiation abilities and skills.

The double-edged eyebrow also  indicates contrasting characteristics. It is important that this person understands that weakness can also be a strength. In terms of relationships the double-edged eyebrows are associated with an introverted partner. This person will function to the best of his or her abilities. There also needs to be some security in life. They can spring to the defence of those that they love, they're always supporting other people often worry. This person has intense powerful psychic abilities. Often hidden from others. It is important for this person to express creativity in order to be fulfilled in life.

As we have already mentioned these eyebrows are normally seen on those people that have a strong character. There may be issues around courage and aggression at work. They can be single-minded when it comes to family relationships they find it difficult to adapt themselves to different situations.

Double-edged eyebrows on a woman suggests harmony. Even though women may pluck their eyebrows or expand their eyebrows through make-up the double-edged eyebrows is normally associated positive traits in a woman.  A double-edged eyebrow is normally quite powerful on anyone and is noticeable. There is a danger that they can only see black-and-white. This person is disturbed by the nature of other people if they are not trustworthy.

Double-edged eyebrows have also been associated with those people that like to socialize. 

By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012