Cupid's Bow Lips

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Cupid's Bow Lips

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This type of mouth has an upper lip that is a bit bigger than the lower lip.

Having a cupids bow mouth is a wonderful facial feature! The cupid bow is basically the “shape” of the mouth being up and down rather like cupids bow. The upper lip resembles the shape of his bow. Our pout directly provides insight into our personality and there has been many studies in both science and folk lore which revels certain characteristics of our hidden thoughts.

People with this peak cupid bow mouth are normally artistic and very productive.  The cupid bow means you are naturally beautiful, intelligent and means you are blessed in life. A cupids bow mouth on someone you know is the symbol of beauty. My sister has this rather wonderful mouth feature and she would often look into the mirror and like the look of the cupids mouth is often connected to ones hidden creative energies and skills. 

To have a lover who has the cupids mouth is a very interesting love symbol and I want to take some time to describe what this “feature” means spiritually. The cupids bow mouth lion is generally a 

Are cupid bow lips attractive? 

The answer to this question is "yes." The top of the lip is stated to "mirror the depth of personal affection" for other people. The thicker the surface of the lip, the much further the individual's love is to others. Individuals with abnormally thick upper lips are particularly attracted to the opposite sex. If the lower lip is pointed upwards, or both the upper and the lower lips have a similar thickness, then they value knowledge more than material wealth. They are gentle and moderate in everything they do. They are talented in making new friends and maintaining the old ones. They normally praise people who deserve it. They are honest when doing that job. You cannot win these people over by flattering them.

Are cupid bow lips rare?

Yes cupid bow lips are rather rare and only 0.4% of the population has this type of mouth type.

What is the personality of someone with cupid bow lips?

The mouth shape has been associated with a connection with instinctive life and sex. The lower part of the face is connected to the sexual desires of ones personality. Thus, the bow shape of the mouth indicates heaviness. This is visible more in the bottom lip than the top. A smaller upper lip can indicate a light personality. They may be happy in life but also struggle with friendships.

In face readings the bow mouth is considered lucky, it is associated with growth. The person who has such a mouth feels like they progress well in life. They can at times dramatize events, and rightly so. The bow mouth can also indicate others around play clever tricks, others could be jealous or fail to support them.

At times this character should peel away their protective layers of complexity so people can get close. Carefully constructed public persona will help the bow mouthed person at work but this may make them vulnerable and insecure. It is sometimes the reservoir of our doubts and our fears that others will deceive us at some time in life. The bow mouth person may have experienced a difficult childhood. This could include a worrying time or alternatively parents that might have said “you’ll never be anything.”

This could be outside the unconscious mind, but they could act out or project this elsewhere. The bow mouth person also needs to look at their own personal challenges in life and learn from them. There maybe some issues, concerns and problems in the future but the sharpness of their mind can help them empower others. Everyone under the protective layers is vulnerable and insecure. Sometimes we all experience difficulty in life and the bow mouth person is strong and can focus on excellent growth.

Summary of bow mouth characteristics

  • Attracted to the opposite sex.
  • Rather talented.
  • Likes making new friends.
  • Gentle natured.



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