Crooked Nose

Crooked Nose

This nose type is characterized by the person having a bump at the nose bridge.

This is more apparent if they are facing sidewards. The nose can feature two bumps and a bony outfit. People with this nose are thought to be fully focused when achieving a goal. They will strive to  get what they want and conquer whatever circumstances or opportunities that present themselves along the way. Because of their personal gain, it is believed that they will always succeed, no matter what the consequences.

They are attributed with a "can do" type of attitude. This is because of the general circumstances that underlie the growth and development in their childhood. It is believed that a bearer of a crooked nose tends to be cunning at times because they are believed to grow up in a life full of suffering and obstacles. These people do not just acquire the craftiness attributes by chance, but because of having to survive a difficult childhood.

They are concerned about failing, which means they hardly enjoy the success of their hard labor. It is believed that these people must work hard to gain wealth and success. This results in losing insight into what is important in life. 

There is no reward that can come their way without them having to sacrifice their time, material possession, and even wealth. They are always defensive by nature. Some bearers will put up walls to shield themselves in any confrontation.

Taking advantage of their friends or anybody close to them may happen at times. The most prevalent attribute that is associated with this person is that they are a true survivor. It is believed that they lie in the category of people who can face life by hook or crook and never get worried about the future. They face everything as it comes, generally living in the present

They are believed to work best in an environment of hustle, stress, and hard labor. They can easily achieve success by working through painful encounters and scenarios. If they are presented with easy and straightforward techniques to achieve their goals, they tend to be non-performers. Once the bearer of a crooked nose becomes a parent, they begin to soften and start to enjoy life more.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012