Crisscross Eyebrows

Crisscross Eyebrows

The crisscross eyebrow resembles hair that is crisscrossing and forms a cross shape that is continuous across the eyebrow.

The eyebrows are a warning to many people as these people are rather powerful. The subjects are hot tempered since they have excellent reasoning skills and are generally stressed because they are thinking about several things all at once!

 They trouble themselves by pondering on life matters such as the reason for existence and the meaning of living.

The rules of life end up confusing them, and when something is wrong, they opt for making excuses. When they begin a task they are quick to complete.

They struggle to get the respect that they deserve from their children. This is because inside, they are warm hearted. 

The criss cross eyebrow is where the hair is not straight-line. The hair crisscrosses. The criss-cross a type of eyebrow. It indicates that they have extremely high expectations. If pointing upwards then they experience a large amount of stress especially in work relationship. Perhaps they find it difficult to be the boss for example.  

These people generally have many friends in different social activities they tend to struggle with their family. The family means this eyebrow holder has many conflicts with family members. They have learnt not to trust people too easily. In Chinese methodology face reading shows  hair that twirls indicates a good heart.

Criss-cross eyebrows are lucky! Especially from a gambling perspective these people generally rather lucky and win. The crisscrossed hair texture also denotes good fortune. It’s great to see either thick eyebrows that criss-cross. This represents the “wood” characteristics of the individual,  there is a motion element in reading the eyebrow.

Wood is focused on people's characteristics in chinese face reading.

It is  important to note should at this stage that the bearer of criss cross hair will be a high achiever. You can read a lot on the type of eyebrow person has. This featured eyebrow indicates they hold extremely high expectations.

By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012