The Cow Nose

The Cow Nose

The cow nose has some of the most unique features, which include a broad and well-defined mountain root and a widened nose bridge that stretches out to the rounded nose tip.

However, the nostrils normally go unseen, and the nose wings are not defined clearly.

People with these noses have the capacity to earn a lot of wealth and maintain it. However, they also have a habit to save and the ability to save money that they have not gotten through their sweat, such as that acquired from a trust fund or an inheritance.

This personality also has a very stingy character, especially if the noses have this shape, but are smaller. When giving out any of their contributions, they do it in a very discreet manner that helps them minimize wealth loses.

They prefer living a life free of any complications. Their lives are simple and have no unnecessary complications. No matter how wealthy they may be, they find it suitable to live a common life that is free of stress, but still accommodative to other classes of people.

They prefer living a quiet life that is preserved and reduces the burden of trying to live beyond their means. There is the common belief that they do not like living in places that have a high human population and a lot of hustle.

They love staying in places out of the city, and for that matter, they have their homes situated in places that are spacious and free from traffic and overpopulation. In addition to this, there is the belief that they do not participate in social activities unless it is during a special occasion, and this happens in very few instances they cannot avoid.

They do prefer working for themselves, and in most cases, they go through their private business. They work as private investors and entrepreneurs for the better part of their lives.

They do have a well-defined boundary for love, and they mostly have a few, but very important friends with whom they spend their lives together and share business ideas.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012