Confused Eyebrows

Confused Eyebrows

Confused eyebrows are when the different hairs grow in a number of directions - thereby giving the eye an untidy and confused look.

If an individual has such eyebrows, this means their thinking is distorted. They are highly disorganized and have unsteady emotions. The hairs are suppose to mirror the depth of a person's affection for other people. The thicker the eyebrows, the much deeper the individual's outgoing affections. Individuals with abnormally thick eyebrows that arc also stated to become abnormally kind and well mannered, and particularly keen to make relationships.

These people don’t have the ability to sort out from right or wrong; they are focused on possible pursuits that waste their time. They must utilize their own skills.

They also get easily bored with small problems in life; this makes them highly charged at times. Throughout their lives, they have serious problems with their health, and may suffer weak eyesight. In financial matters, these people are poor managers of money.

Confused eyebrow people will tend to appear very uncomfortable around discord and they shy away from loud or angry-sounding arguments. They much prefer a calm, Zen-like atmosphere and will not enjoy a place that is hectic or chaotic. Their homes will be peaceful, tidy and inviting, since they appreciate peaceful, serene places they will strive to attain that same environment where they live.

Summary of characteristics…

  • Problem thinking clearly.
  • Normally satisfied in life.
  • Usually happy and content.
  • Likes affection.
  • Health problems.
  • Likes perfection.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012