Close Set Eyes

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Close Set Eyes

It has been said before but people with close set eyes are usually quite trivial in their minds as they have a closed-minded attitude.

You can almost always spot these people from a mile away and if you find that you naturally shy away from these people then you probably have a good nose for avoiding negativity. Close set eyed people tend to have firm yet irrational beliefs about the world around them and are quite untrustworthy of others. It is amazing that these people are like this because while they are naturally untrusting, they have a tendency to trust the wrong people.


They will find someone that makes them feel smart or special and hang on to these people.

Close set eyed people re difficult to predict. They are often quick to make judgments and impetuous in nature. Because they routinely do not take time to think before they act or they speak they often come off as quite offensive.

It is not in their nature to be inherently rude nor do they try to offend other people that do not see things the way that they want them to. When you are dealing with a person that has Close-Set eyes you want to be very careful with how you approached and be mindful of your actions stress them because they will not forget.

Consider the different ways in which you can interact with close set eyed person, and that the nature of those relationships can be difficult because kinds of people are always focus on themselves and other people’s needs into consideration. 

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If you approach these people with their needs in mind then you are likely to get what you want. Often this approach can be more trouble than it is worth but that is the price that you have to pay when you need something from these kinds of people.

Do not worry about offending a close set eyes person because it happens a lot. You can go out of your way to try to please these kinds of people but their focus is so self-centered that it is easy to cross some invisible line with them.

Do not waste your time trying to openly please them, rather it is best to simply let them have their way and keep your inner workings with them to a minimal. Their nature can make them very good accountants or other kinds of careers where they have to be stingy or miserly in their day to day tasks.

This does not mean that they mean to be like this, it is in their nature. Those that do win place close to the close set eyes person will be rewarded with lavish presents and gifts but those people are few and far between.


These people tend to have distant relationships with others because it is hard to get past their abrasive and toxic nature and even once you do sometimes it is difficult to continue to be close to them. They are so narrow-minded that the trite behaviors that attract you to this person because it can come off as comical or entertaining will generally wear on most people after a time.

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