Close Set Eyes

Close Set Eyes

It has been said before but people with close set eyes are unique they hold many traits, I have read so many books on chinese face reading and really feel that face reading provides us with a true - picture of ones soul. 

What are close-set eyes?

Determining your eye shape is challenging for anyone and even one's face shape. I often use a measuring tape to uncover if I have a certain facial characteristic. So make sure you measure in between your eyes if it is less than one measurement of your eye then they are close-set. 

The eye spacing is really important when you are applying makeup or face reading. The space between the eyes can be wide-set, normal-set or close-set. This is all measured by the distance. When one's eyes are closed set the eyebrows tend to also be close together. But what does this all mean spiritually?

What is the spiritual meaning of closed set eyes?

Close set eyed people tend to have firm yet irrational beliefs about the world around them and are quite untrustworthy of others. Equally, they are sometimes difficult to trust I am sorry to say. People that have eyes that are close together (normally known as closed set in Chinese face reading) are strong and dignified, normally rising the ranks in life. They are also emotional and totally romantic when it comes to love.

Because of their warm wit, they have inner optimism and enthusiasm but sometimes this is not enough. Some of the Chinese face reading books have been really cranky and a bit cheesy. They have said "beware" of close eyed people. I do think this is rather funny and obviously not true!  Luckily I did stumble on a more detailed overview/picture of close set eyed people when it comes to personality traits.

Close eyed people generally are very well-liked by a certain group of people. At the same time, closed set eyed people normally have a sense of glamour when they dress. In Chinese face reading close-set eyed people can sometimes be seduced by props such as money, glamour, and power. The key to their personality is their ego. They can be flattered and also (sorry to say) fooled by insincere compliments. They are normally rather energetic and ambitious and “power-driven.” Closed set eyed people need (totally to be the boss and tend to treat others a bit like a servant. (again, sorry to say!)

It is not in their nature to be inherently rude nor do they try to offend other people that do not see things the way that they want them to. But they can come across this way at times. When you are dealing with a person that has Close-Set eyes you want to be very careful with how you approach them. Always do so without any rudeness - and be mindful of your actions because they will not forget how others treat them.

Consider the different ways in which you can interact with close-set eyed person, and that the nature of those relationships, sometimes it can be difficult because kinds of people are always focused on themselves and other people’s needs into consideration. 

If you approach these people with their needs in mind when you are likely to get what you want. Often this approach can be more trouble than it is worth but that is the price that you have to pay when you need something from these kinds of people.

Advice from Chinese Face Reading on Closed Eye Relationships

Do not waste your time trying to openly please everyone, rather it is best to simply let them others their way and keep your inner workings with them to a minimum if there is conflict. Their nature can make them very good accountants or other kinds of careers where they have to use their auditing or checking skills, for which they are very good. 

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013