Chipped Eyebrows

Chipped Eyebrows

Chipped eyebrows means that one has a visible line or scar that breaks the hair flow of the eyebrow and gives it a chipped look.

Eyebrows represent the willpower and character of an individual, if there is some chip then the person will have an unstable character and willpower.

In Chinese face reading books eyebrows represent the palace of siblings in Miang Xiang, if it is chipped, then this suggests problems with siblings, but on the other hand, it may mean that one of their siblings is in trouble. In business, these people should be avoided when people are forming partnerships.

They are often worried and have serious trouble when making decisions in relationships.

They are generally quite polite to everybody. Often, they are the main person at the party. The easy going nature of the chipped eyebrow person can also result in inaction and possible problems in a relationship. Chipped eyebrows are normally seen on those people that have an interesting character.

There may be issues around courage and aggression at work. Even though they are strong-minded at home when it comes to work they find it difficult to defend themselves. Chipped eyebrows on a woman suggests intelligence. Even though women may pluck their eyebrows or expand their eyebrows through make-up the chipped eyebrow is normally associated with a positive character. 

A chipped eyebrow is normally quite worrying because One always wonders how the chip came about. Most people with a scar on their eyebrow have had an accident a childhood. The scar in some Chinese manuscripts has been connected to a gift of strength, power, great sexual energy. This is very positive despite the scar. The carriers of such as scar on their eyebrow are deeply intuitive.

By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012