Chinese Face Reading

For centuries, the Chinese have strongly believed that one’s facial features reveal hidden truths about the personality.

In Chinese face reading it can be said that the face is like an open book on which your personality is written. In the online guide to face reading you will learn what your face really means. It is believed that since childhood, human eyes have the ability to read anyone’s face.

Have you ever felt a strange feeling when meeting a stranger? Even without talking to him much, just by seeing him once, our mind starts reading his/ her character and makes an opinion and decides a possible conclusion of what one thinks of him or her.

This is all proof that through Chinese face reading we have the power to read faces and we can understand the meanings if we understand the proper Chinese face reading language. Face studying is an popular pastime in Chinese culture, this actually incorporates a lengthy analysis of what feature means. 


Chinese face reading has its origins in ancient Chinese Medicine.  It is still used today and not just for fortune telling, it is still prominent in Chinese medicine.  It is a method used by Chinese doctors to help them figure out a patient's ailments.  It is a technique used by more businesses than you'd expect, from finance and fashion to film production.  Chinese face reading is an endlessly fascinating tradition, infused with ancient Taoist and Confucian concepts.  


Chinese face reading is as relevant today as it was in the past and its use is cross-cultural. The idea of face reading signifies a veil of hidden knowing that spans for five thousand years. despite its importance to contemporary existence, deal with reading through possesses its own roots within Asian treatments.

It in the beginning, the aim of the traditional healing practice is that one can still calculate a health issues from features on the face, making recommendations with regards to diet, lifestyle and relaxation. In some cultures Chinese face reading is used to this day to foretell illness.


Over thousands of years Chinese face reading specialists have developed a roadmap of what our energy means, and also the types of emotions connected with different body parts - and just how notions would show on someone's face. A good start to Chinese face reading is to begin with yourself.


To start it is important to view your facial expression as honestly as you possibly can. Chi energy consistently flows with the body in just the same way as if it is one’s bloodstream, it flows into and from the body from the crown (the head) from the brain, and it is sent out to one’s lower spine. Throughout the center of the physique you will find seven tips in which the energy is specially active as well as concentrated, that happen to be classified as chakras.

Every chakra is related a specific sign of your energy. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel.  It is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel or vortex, a Sanskrit word that denotes circle and movement.  It is believed to be an axis point on a persons being that interacts with their chakra.  Chakra is the body’s energy centers, these are the resulting forms of energy when two other forms of energy are mixed together.  The whole concept of the Chakra’s originates from Hindu traditions and means wheel-like vortices that receive and transmit energy.

 It is a center of  activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy.  One normally meditates on a chakra  point to transmit life force energy.  The Chakra has close links with one’s overall health.  Chakra points are known as spiritual, energy and healing points within our bodies.  It are balanced and aligned, even though there are an odd number of chakras.


Here is a brief overview of each chakra…


1. Root chakra – The root is connected to Grounding and Connecting to the Earth.  This point is at the base of the spine.
2. Sacral Chakra -  This is found on the male or female genital area. It is about sexual feelings, energy and how to direct this energy.
3. Navel Chakra or Solar plexus  - Seen on the tummy button this chakra is all about being clear of what you want.
4. Throat Chakra - This is about communication. How to communicate with people in life.  ~
5. Third Eye Chakra - Inner spiritual world.
6. Crown Chakra - spiritual requirements in life.


The Chinese believe in two types of energy paths. One called “chi” and the other “qi” these energies are present in Chinese face reading and also feng shui. The chi energy flows from every single facial feature along with a more compact and more features. Qi stretches at least ten centimeters and frequently straight up to at least one metre from our bodies. Because chi flows utilizing one’s body, this energy carries one’s feelings, ideas, values and also dreams. Virtually any alteration to Chi energy stretches past the skin and frequently forms a region which is between Ten centimeters and also one meter close to an individual. 


The type of “qi” energy might be captured pictures using a process called Kirlian photography. The process requires the palms and foot being captured on the machine that produces a higher frequency electric signal. This current regarding electricity. way up and rub both hands with each other intensely until finally they think hot throughout. Apply the palms, backs along with sides from the hands. Please take a measure onward, inhale along with stretch both of your hands upwards even though breathing out there.


Take a step back again and, with all the other feet, advance once again. Repeat the actual breathing and upwards expand. Do that string a minimum of a few occasions. Then, intensely shake both hands, maintaining the hands and palms relaxed as well as loose. Try and imagine you happen to be trembling your bloodstream proper lower for the tips of the fingers.


With this one can believe that the Chinese have created the art of face reading to recognize shape of your face and this helps to explain what it tells about you. It is believed that the shape of face gives us the hidden knowledge of the character of the person. In Chinese face reading we all have a path assigned to us in life which is written on our face. Different features of the face, for example like the shape or size of our eyes can bear meanings that have direct linkage with the personality of that person.


As per the principles the Chinese metaphysics state there are five basic elements in nature. They are as follows: Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal and Water. The art of Chinese face reading also classifies the human face in terms of these 5 natural elements.


Wood Face – Jupiter Star




  • The strong jaw, narrow mouth, long straight nose, closed set eyes and tall forehead are the features of a Wood Face.
  • A Wood face is normally widest at the forehead and narrows down towards the chin.




  • Tall and wide forehead is indicative of intelligence.
  • Small thin chin indicates lower physique.
  • Deep thinkers
  • Philosophical bent of mind
  • Good analytical ability
  • Great zeal to acquire knowledge
  • Inward looking and good at solitary jobs.
  • Like stability and do not want to relocate quite often
  • They have kind and generous heart
  • More inclines towards acquiring knowledge and less towards money and worldly pleasures.

Fire Face – Mars Star




  • The wide mouth, broad jaw, pointed chin, large wide radiant eyes and full round cheeks are the features of a Fire Face. A fire Face is widest at chin and then gets narrow towards cheekbones and is narrowest at the forehead.

  • These people have a triangular face, with base of triangle towards chin.






  • Usually extrovert in nature and like talking to people and make friends.
  • Spontaneous, like an open book and do not keep grudges inside.
  • Adventurous and always enjoy the moment.
  • Work aggressively and do-not think much about their actions
  • Have the capability to influence or even change other’s perspective.
  • Illuminating in nature and love drama
  • They are good speakers, network marketers and presenters. They are at their best when in presence of an audience.
  • Good to be around but their reckless nature can sometime create problems.


Earth Face- Saturn Star




  • Their facial features are large eyes, flat long eyebrows, wide jaw, small nose and short wide forehead. 
  • The width of forehead and cheek line is same and has heavy jaw line.




  • Inclines towards stability and security.
  • Very methodical in approach, never act in a hurry
  • Down to earth and practical approach.
  • Does not mingle easily and take time to make friends.
  • Very loyal, trustworthy and stable in relations.
  • Take things very seriously and never forget betrayal.
  • Have clear sense of right or wrong and believe in the strength of justice.
  • A bit slow in approach but believe in permanent solutions.
  • Value family most and work to ensure their safety and security.
  • Believe in quiet existence and not easily influenced.
  • Come into act only when something shakes their conscience.
  • Suitable for jobs related to finance and insurance.
  • Have strong will power.
  • Normally conservative in approach and hence cannot easily guide changes.


Metal Face -Venus Star - Features:


  • Their facial features are thin lips, pinched nose, and prominent upper cheek bones with small and deep set eyes. They have well proportioned symmetrical face with tapering jaw evenly up to chin.


Characteristics of Chinese Face Read​ing:


  • Highly self contained.
  • Normally remain aloof.
  • Normally determined in actions and highly focused in approach.
  • Feel things deeply.
  • Good in controlling emotions and also good in decision making.
  • Have strong self discipline, believe in obeying rules.
  • Never give independence to team and generally extra controlling type.
  • Need to keep the anxiety and compulsive behavior in check.
  • Rarely give up.
  • Are highly impatient and can be easily angered.
  • High achiever type.
  • Love joy and laughter.
  • Are full of ideas, thus successful in conceptualization of things.
  • They have pioneer spirit and normally pace setters.
  • Good in positions of justice and decision-making like that of diplomats, judges etc.


Water Face- Mercury Star

  • They have round shaped face. 
  • The features are prominent chin, wide mouth, large forehead, thin eyebrows and deep set eyes with long eye lashes.
  • Characteristics:
  • They are good company
  • Flexible in approach
  • Highly adaptable to situations.
  • Capable of understanding things deeply and are intuitive in nature.
  • Enjoy change and variety.
  • Never jump onto something hurriedly and blindly. They are reflective and take their changes only after evaluation of a situation from all angles.
  • Can easily get along people and can make them work.
  • Are very sensitive and do not forget things easily. But at the same time know how to control emotions in public.
  • Intelligent and diplomatic in nature.
  • Have strong business sense and good in spotting opportunities.
  • Smart and practical.
  • Slow in decision making.
  • Though the above explanation details 5 types of clear cases, but it may happen that one’s face is a mixture of two cases. In such case their characteristic is also mixture of both types.


On we have a selection of what face reading means to you. Please take a look here for more information.

By Florance Saul
Jun 1, 2013