Chicken Eyes

Chicken eyed people tend to be very boisterous complainers.

In a group of family or friends, this person would be very easy to pick out as the one person very loudly complaining about anything and everything. They are the type of person that will choose a topic to complain about an issue but not ever do anything to rectify the situation. For instance, they will make a fuss about a dish being served too cold at a restaurant, but will choose not to send the food back. For this person, whining and complaining is a second nature, and they would much rather do that then actually take action.


A cause of the complaining is that this person has a tendency to be irritated rather easily. It can take something very little to set this person off. This person is also prone to throwing full tantrums if they have a complaint that isn’t receiving the proper attention that this person feels that they deserve. This person may not always really have a grasp on the reason for the objection, so the solution isn’t always clear. This makes it hard to deal with this person when they are in such a state, as it difficult to know how the situation needs to be handled.

This eye type also has the tendency to talk non-stop and it is very difficult to get this person to change the current topic of conversation or, more simply, end the long conversation all together. In conversing with this person, you may also find that they are quite difficult and stubborn and also a bit stuck in their own ways. Even in the most light-hearted topics, this person can pick out something to criticize, and it’s sure to be noticeable as this person isn’t prone to subtleties when it comes to their opinion.


When it comes time for an action, chicken eyed people have a very hard time. They tend to be hasty or rash and have a hard time making a final decision. They also frequently rush through things without thinking them through. They will typically work better in teams than on their own since they lack the skills needed to formulate a solid plan. They also find it hard to implement a plan, so it is better if this person has some else to help them get started on a project.

Another personality trait of the chicken eyed person is that they also tend to very narrow-minded. They are not open to new ideas and think that their way is right. It is very much like dealing with a grandparent that is stuck in their generation’s way of thinking and unable to adapt to a new way of thinking. Chicken eyed people are also quite judgmental, and since they are quick to find fault it is hard for them to open up and accept people for who they are. Because of their judgmental nature, they will find that they are the reason that their own achievements are not as grand as they had hoped they would be. These types of people do a lot of standing in their own way, and prevent themselves from their own success and happiness.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012