Cherry Mouth

Cherry Mouth

Lots of people have mouths which have almost perfectly round lips and comparatively thick lips.

This shaped mouth then turns upwards in the corners, it is a mouth that is attractive and somewhat sexy. The lips are normally deep pink or red in color. Their teeth cannot be seen because the lips close the mouth perfectly. This mouth formation "cherry mouth" is more common in females.

This isn't a poor mouth to have, however it has its own restrictions. Individuals whom fall into this category are often reserved both in their attitudes and behavior, and stress the practical facts of existence. Due to the sensible character of individuals in this group, they generally don't have large dreams and aren't motivated by uplifting ideals.

These people are tactful and witty in nature. They measure their words carefully before uttering them out. They apply a lot of diplomacy combined with intelligence in their approach. That way, they easily convince others. These people are influential in life. Their organization is admirable. They prepare well before expressing their mind to the world.

Their verbal expressions are very clear. They pursue their projects with perfection since they prefer to give their best in whatever they do. They are perfections. They repeat doing something until they feel that what they have achieved is perfect. These people attain high levels of success in life.

This can be in education, social life, and even in their place of work. They generate powerful ideas that can change the world. These people  are capable of retaining their acquaintances and friends with ease. They always deliver what they promise to their friends and family members. If they think otherwise, they do not promise at all.

These people lead a happy life in marriage. They take good care of their children at all times. They make very good wives and husbands. They play all their roles in the family, plus provide all the essential needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing, without failure. They never get tired in giving moral advice to other members of the family.

When you look at women and find that they have a cherry mouth, then you should know that they are capable of taking good care of their children and partner. If you are male and choose to marry this women, be assured that you will never regret it.

This leads to a stable family life. A man who marries a woman with a cherry mouth will enjoy a contented domestic life. Because of that, such husbands have a high level of productivity at their place of work.

Summary of characteristics…

  • High level of productivity.
  • Likes a stable family life.
  • Takes great care of children.
  • Witty in nature.
  • Attractive.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012