Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are generally defined as small eyes that are double-lidded.

They almost have the shape of an almond eye though they are much wider and sort of turn up a little at the outer edges. These eyes will be easy to spot as they will remind you of a cat almost right away. Though they can also be described as elf like, they still hold a very noticeable and strong resemblance to a cat and they will appear very small on a large face. Not only does this person possess the look of a cat, they also have adopted many stereotypical characteristics of their feline counterpart.

For example, a person with this eye-shape will always love to eat, and can certainly eat a lot of food. Serving this person a large meal is always a great idea. Though they are big eaters and love all types of food, they tend to favor seafood and will eat copious amounts of it before they feel satisfied. While they do enjoy all types of seafood, fish is by far their favorite. This person will always agree to go on sushi dates and will probably suggest going out for sushi quite often.

The similarities they share with cats don’t stop there! People with this eye shape love attention and will employ their dynamic skills to actively pursue it. Cat-eyed people yearn for attention the same exact way they crave food. Just as they are about food, they will also want their attention served in large portions until they get their fill.

They love to be adored and honored, verbally or physically, and they enjoy being petted or touched. This person will respond very enthusiastically to any thoughtfulness or kindness that comes their way as it helps them feel loved and cherished and gives them they feeling that they are well cared for.

This is essential to their general feelings of well-being. When their basic needs are met, they have the freedom to seek out other things of interest without having to think about the attention they so crave.

The cat eyed person shares another major personality characteristic with cats as well, their temperament. This person will have a docile or mild disposition which makes them very agreeable and easy to be around. With their gentle manner they easily get along with many different types of people and have no trouble making new friends.

They are typically very sociable and good-natured which makes this person an attractive choice to bring to parties or other gatherings.  Since they are so easily loved and accepted, they will always have many events to attend and many things to do. Their social calendar will constantly be full, which allows them to be choosy when it comes to decide how they will wisely allocate their free time.

Cat eyed people will tend to appear very uncomfortable around discord and they shy away from loud or angry-sounding arguments. They much prefer a calm, Zen-like atmosphere and will not enjoy a place that is hectic or chaotic. Their homes will be peaceful, tidy and inviting, since they appreciate peaceful, serene places they will strive to attain that same environment where they live.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012