Brush Eyebrows

Brush Eyebrows

These rather unique eyebrows have been categorized into a front sweep brush, as well as a back sweep brush.

Just by the name, the eyebrows grow into the shape of a brush that has been swept backward or forward, with the ends slightly thick.

Individuals with these eyebrows are emotional and make most of their decisions based on sentiment.

They have problems in managing or saving their money, and most of the time, this results in financial crisis; they can be irresponsible. The great news is that Males with these eyebrows enjoy good fortune before the age of 43, but in the coming four years, they usually suffer some from a degree of bad luck.

If a woman has these eyebrows, then she will have serious problems related to marriage during her 30's.

Brush eyebrows indicate that the bearer is keenly aware of the difficulties that others face. They want to make a great contribute in life. They like to improve the world as it is. They have a in built understanding of the mechanics of how the world works.

This person is a true servant of the people, if the eyebrows are slightly arched they may devote their life to service. This could be a position in an armed forces capacity, alternatively teaching or helping others improve themselves.

They would make a great spokesperson for good causes. They are an individual but also have self-discipline. They often take problems to heart. It is important that this person remains placid in times of difficulty.

There is often an issue with trust for the bearer of these eyebrows. The difficulties are due to the fact that they have been cheated on by others. In life, they have encountered dishonest people. It is important for the bearer of these eyebrows to make sure but they do not take everything that is said to heart.  They hold intuitive and idealistic characteristics.

There is a problem when it comes when it comes to managing self expressive in diplomatic situations. The bush eyebrow person often has strong artistic learnings especially if the eyebrow is more arched than others. No matter what field they choose they normally exceed expectations.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012