Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

What do blue eyes mean?

The most interesting fact ever that I have ever read is that studies have shown that people with blue eyes share a common ancestor who lived between 6,000 to 10,000 years ago in the Black Sea region. This ancestor was the first human to possess a genetic mutation responsible for creating blue eyes. In 2006 genetic testing of this body showed that this is the earliest know person with blue eyes.

Blue eyes are the second most common eye color in the world. In humans, eye colors vary from the most commonly found (brown) to the rarest (black). Eye color is made from our genes, and it is also said to be hereditary. It has been scientifically proven that almost 16 types of different genes are responsible for the color of our eyes. Do you know that cliché in Chinese face reading that states “your eyes represent a window to your soul”?

I personally agree with it and believe that the eyes are an indication of how we transmit our energy frequencies to each other, after all the eyes of a human - can never lie. Also, the color of your eyes has something to say about you and how you navigate this world.

Having blue eyes is truly something special. They are rare – you'll find that fewer than 10 percent of the world's population has them, and the majority of those reside in Western countries like Europe, North America, and parts of Central Europe. Also, 27 percent of America have blue eyes, but a massive 48% of British have blue eyes. Now, it all comes down to one particular trait – a gene called OCA2 which resides within our DNA.

What does it mean to have blue eyes?

The color of your eyes determines your personality. It also reflects your inner emotions. We can understand compassion, happiness, joy, pain, frustration, and aggression through our eyes. You’ve probably noticed in your daily life - someone’s eyes being so sad or angry at least once in your life. It’s hard to hide what you’re feeling when your eyes speak.

Do you know that cliché in Chinese face reading that states “your eyes represent a window to your soul”? I personally agree with it, and believe that the eyes are an indication of how we transmit our energy frequencies to each other, after all the Eyes of a human - can never lie. Also, the color of your eyes has something to say about you and how you navigate this world!

What is the personality of the blue-eyed person?

The color of your eyes determines your personality. It also reflects your inner emotions. We can understand compassion, happiness, joy, pain, frustration, and aggression through our eyes. You’ve probably noticed in your daily life - someone’s eyes being so sad or angry at least once in your life. It’s hard to hide what you’re feeling when your eyes speak.

Blue eyes are thought to be the loveliest of all eye colors, and people with blue eyes are considered to be hansom. They possess a charming personality are extremely emotional, and at times, tend to be highly demanding in life.

Blue eyes are found commonly in people from Northern and Southern Europe. People born with blue eyes are fast to throw themselves into social situations which can maximize their chances of bringing in financial security as well as potential partners.

I also think blue eyed people are considered the most charming of all eye colors but they must learn to love themselves. They need to understand who they really are and how to overcome life’s troubles. They are seen to be rather artistic, innovative inventors, and highly sensitive to nature and beauty. People with blue eyes are commonly known as blonde people. They have a not-so-smooth complexion, thin eyebrows, and facial hair.

While you do have a sensitive nature you normally find it difficult to read other people. Your eye size indicated that you will often have psychic abilities. You will realize the truth behind the world and as you grow older you tend to become hard or cynical as they can see the truth behind people and their motivations.

Are Blue Eyed people lucky?

Yes, I think they are lucky. They are also very in tune with nature and while this eye type at one point in history was calm and relaxed people, they tend to pick up on the damage and destruction of nature around them and this is reflected in their actions. They do not have a tolerance for most people. Because of their nature, they tend to close themselves off from the people around them. While they may seem mysterious, they really just want to be left alone. In truth, they are perfectly happy to go back to their own little worlds of dreams and fantasy. When they are appearing aloof, while some may think they are playing hard to get (especially in relationships) it’s really a simple matter of not being bothered.

What is the ancient characteristics of Blue Eyed people?

In most spiritual books those with blue eyes are considered shy. It takes a great effort to get them out of their shell and to be yanked from their lovely and creative daydreams. One avenue to bring them back to reality is sex. They are very feisty creatures behind closed doors and often can be known for ‘getting around. This is not because they fear commitment. Actually, dreamy-eyed people will do well in relationships, if you can catch their attention long enough. Sexually, they can be creative and free. This leads them to often remain unattached so that they can fulfill their large sexual appetites. If they are in an actual relationship though, once they settle down, they usually do become loyal companions.

Blue eyes are said to represent the sweetness in one. People born with blue eyes are talkative, which means when you are in their company, you never feel alone.  They are supposed to be gifted with the power of telling the future. They have been known to predict future events, like Nostradamus. Blue-eyed people experience various mood swings - they are unpredictable. People with blue eyes have been found to be strategy makers.

What do Blue Eyed people do for a living (normally)?

They are great athletes in sports such as golf, which requires strategic planning and time management. They are extremely good observers and well-informed about what is happening around them. At times, they are prodigious visionaries who sometimes fall into a dream world.

If someone is perceptive enough (or even spiritual), they can see how you feel from your eyes. Your eye color is hereditary. This means that you have your relatives’ eyes from your DNA coding. Often the color of people’s eyes complements their faces. It’s also a great way to learn about someone’s personality as well. Your eyes can express how you deal with life. You can agree with me that blue eyes are rare. They lack melanin. If you have blue eyes, you’re probably strong-minded and physically strong. Also, you tolerate pain better than others.

Emotions, Pain and Blue Eyes

It’s proven that pregnant ladies with light-colored eyes (green or blue) can handle pain during childbirth better than ladies with dark-colored eyes. They can also handle depression better. The ladies in the research were also capable of handling postpartum anxiety and depression better than other ladies. If you have blue eyes, you probably have great inner strength.

However, you don’t express your emotions easily. According to recent research, other people perceive people with blue eyes as being egotistical, competitive, and self-confident. Large blue eyes mean that the personality of those that bear these have a high intellect, self-sufficiency, devotion to good causes, emotions, and sincerity. They easily get bored by routine, keep grudges, and experience sudden mood changes.

But they have good stamina and usually have a happy and bright nature. The light blue eyes are usually associated with a  timid, soft personality but people with blue eyes are the opposite. Blue-eyed individuals evaluate situations and people carefully before doing anything. They’re capable of handling negative emotions better than other people. And they’re very cautious.

Other people usually mistake their qualities for being arrogant and untrustworthy. However, that’s only because they didn’t put enough time and effort to look into their blue eyes. The moment you look into someone’s blue eyes, you can learn much more about their personality. They can’t keep secrets. However, they’re always available to help people in need.

As I already mentioned, individuals with blue eyes can handle pain better than us mortals. Some say that they’re immune to pain. However, I have a hard time believing that. The strange thing is that no one’s completely immune to pain, especially people with blue eyes. People who bear blue eyes are considered emotional so how can they be immune to pain. Maybe they refer to physical pain.

Emotional pain is a whole different thing. It’s also believed that blue-eyed individuals can withstand long hours of pain and discomfort without showing any emotion. Here is an interesting fact my lovely! Did you know that most babies are born with blue eyes? However, eye color changes within two weeks of birth. Most individuals associate blue eyes with eternal youth.

Blue-eyed people are usually considered attractive and desirable. They’re associated with peace, calm, and wisdom as well. Some people also associate them with knowledge. Now, let’s turn to Chinese face reading in a bit more depth! When a person with blue eyes falls in love with another person, they give their best to please their new partner. They’re patient, great kissers, sexually active, and thoughtful.

Blue-eyed people are easily distracted, self-confident, and less aggressive than other people. Some claim they suffer from low self-confidence but they’re known for being confident in their abilities and looks. Individuals with blue eyes are highly intuitive and passionate. Those that bear blue eyes are associated with innocence and youth. Usually, blue-eyed people are good at sports and other things that need detailed planning. As I already mentioned, they’ve very honest and attentive. A blue-eyed person is gentle.

They’re rarely rude even when you annoy them It’s because they don’t express their true emotions in any situation. They prefer to keep how they’re feeling to themselves. People with blue eyes deal with pain, depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions privately in their way. They never give up on the things or people they love.

They don’t tolerate injustice. Individuals with blue eyes are considered as rebels. Even though they don’t express feelings, they do express their honest opinion about everything. A person with blue eyes doesn’t care how ugly the truth is. They will slap you with it because they’re not very good at lying. When a blue-eyed person falls in love with you, it lasts forever.

However, most blue-eyed people don’t have luck with love because they’re always looking for a perfect person. And they get easily disappointed. They tend to cheat when they feel unloved.

They’re dreamers but at time (I will say this) lazy. People with blue eyes love their fictional work. They constantly dream about finding the perfect match, their true love, soulmate, and lifetime partner. Individuals with blue eyes can be vulnerable and highly sensitive. They take everything seriously and get easily offended. But they easily forgive and forget. They’re always moody. It’s believed that individuals with blue eyes love committed and long-lasting relationships. They’re as caring and loyal as a dog as long as their partner treats them with the same respect.

It’s been proven that people with blue eyes have a great ability to observe. They’re usually spiritual and believe in God but religion isn’t their favorite thing. They’re all for unity. Another interesting thing about people with blue eyes is their passion for partying. They love to party and hang out with different people. They’re easily likable and very outgoing.

Also, they don’t care about public opinion. If they want to do something, they will do it no matter what. However, they act recklessly when hurt, insulted or disrespected. If you’re a blue-eyed person, you probably look for the best in people and neglect their negative sides. If this is you, you probably know it’s not the best personality trait.

It’s also known that people with blue eyes easily make new friends and love to laugh. They even have a greater tolerance for drinking than individuals with brown eyes. What I like most about these people is that they’re capable of staying calm even in the most dangerous and stressful situations. Also, they can see in the dark better. Among people, blue eyes are less common than dark-colored eyes. This is why blue color contact lenses are popular.  What blew my mind about blue-eyed people is that they’re probably all related. It’s believed that blue-eyed individuals have a common ancestor.

What is the science behind blue eyes?

Did you know that blue eyes are more sensitive to light than dark eyes? This is because they don’t have as much melanin as dark-colored eyes. This makes people prone to eye issues. It’s also believed that individuals with blue eyes are more likely to get a skin disease that causes color loss in blotches. This disease can affect your skin on any part of your body. 

I already mentioned that blue-eyed people are super rare in some parts of the planet. However, they’re very common in some countries. Approximately 99% of the individuals from the place around the Balkans are blue-eyed. Blue-eyed individuals are reliable and stable. They’re also closed-minded. Other people often describe them as super tolerant, patient, warm-hearted, and calm. You can’t easily piss off a blue-eyed person.

A genetic mutation in one individual in Europe took place thousands of years ago. This mutation led to the birth of blue eyes according to various scientific studies, its believed that all people had brown eyes. At least that’s what Hans Eiberg believes. He’s an associate professor in the sector of cellular and molecular medicine at the university.

He’s also the lead author of the study. Professor Eidberg explains how the genetic mutation affected the OCA2 gene in people’s chromosomes. This resulted in the making of a ‘switch’. The switch turned off the possibility to make brown eyes. However, eye color depends on the amount of one type of pigment known as melanin in the iris of your eye.

This switch situated in the gene right to the OCA2 gene restricts the creation of melanin in the iris which effectively diluted dark-colored eyes to light-colored eyes. Now, we need to understand this type of switch and how that essentially “effects” us! The most interesting element in my research about blue eyes is that blue eyes - simply don’t have blue pigment. As I already mentioned, the color of a soul's eyes is determined by a pigment called melanin. Now, the blue eye pigment is in fact - brown and controls the color of your hair, skin, and eyes. The color of your eyes depends on how much pigment is present in your iris.

Subsequently, there is only dark melanin in the eye. There is no blue, hazel or green melanin. This is the main reason why brown eyes have the most melanin while blue eyes have the least. Another area that I want to mention is that you can get born with blue eyes but that doesn’t mean that one will have blue eyes later in life. The eye doesn’t have its complete adult amount of melanin at birth. This is why many babies have blue eyes when they’re born. However, their eye color might change later.

Those with this gene code for a very specific protein known as P-protein which works in conjuncture with melanin to give our irises its color – including blue. But how do we get this gene? Well, it turns out it’s inherited from both your mother and father (though sometimes just one).  So if your parents or grandparents had beautiful baby blues then chances are you might too. The ocean is most often associated with blue eyes as many see these mesmerizing hues reflective of its depths; however, have no fear because science has explained it all through genetics.

As people’s eyes develop during childhood, more pigment is created in the iris which leads to color change. So don’t worry if your precious one starts to lose that innocent blue eye color. I know my children had blue eyes at birth then they slowly went a green-blue as they got older!  It’s completely normal. What’s your opinion of blue eyes? Have you ever had a lover or friend with blue eyes? I am going to end this with an interesting antidote about the personality of those with blue eyes.

What does literature say about having blue eyes and the meaning?

Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone with blue eyes and felt an instant connection? There is something captivating about a pair of deep-blue, almost-ethereal eyes that can mesmerize others. Believe it or not, there’s science behind why people with blue eyes have this effect on others. We need to look at the biology behind eye color first. Your eye's color is determined by how much melanin (a special pigment) is present in your iris (the colored part of your eye). If you have high levels of melanin in your iris, then you likely have dark brown or black eyes; if you have low levels of melanin in your iris, then it’s likely that you will have lighter-colored eyes like light brown, greenish gray, or even bright blue!
The actual chromosome responsible for determining whether someone has blue eyes or not was only discovered very recently in 2008 – its called OCA2 gene on chromosome 15.

In essence this gene helps produce melanin which gives our skin and hair their natural color as well as our pupils - which just may hint at the deeper meaning behind having stunning bright blues. One possible spiritual interpretation could be that those blessed with beautiful electric blues are more observant than most – they possess an ‘inner vision’ that leads them through life instead of relying on material possessions alone to get them through all the twists and turns life throws their way. People with blue eyes might know better than anyone else when to stand firm against injustice whilst understanding when compromise is necessary too for successful relationships.  In addition to being insightful individuals who see beyond societal norms. 

Is blue eyes determined by genetics?

Do you ever wonder why some people have blue eyes and others don't? It's a question we've all asked ourselves, and the answer lies in genetics. In terms of eye color, it's all about melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin, hair, and eyes their color. When it comes to the human eye, there are two types of melanin: eumelanin (brown/black) and pheomelanin (red/blonde). The more eumelanin you have in your iris - which is made up of cells surrounding the pupil - the darker your eyes will be; less eumelanin means lighter colored eyes like blues or greens. Most people have some level of both pigments mixed together to produce brownish-colored shades ranging from light coffee to dark chocolate.
On a genetic level, your parents pass on DNA that determines how much melanin is produced in each person’s iris - ultimately affecting individual eye color. If at least one parent passes on a gene variant for blue eyes then there’s a good chance you might end up with blue eyes too.

That said, I feel like genetics isn't always as simple as what gene goes where when it comes down to something so complex as eye color! I think environmental factors can also play into how someone develops certain traits; maybe even changing or contributing to their appearance over time.  So while blue eyes may be determined by genetics for some individuals it might not quite be so cut-and-dry for everyone else.

What is the biblical meaning of blue eyes with scripture?

When it comes to the biblical meaning of blue eyes, there is much debate and confusion surrounding this topic. Let's start by understanding what determines eye color. Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin in the iris, or colored part of your eye. If you have a lot of melanin, you will typically have dark brown eyes. But if you have very little melanin, your eyes will appear blue due to scattered light reflecting off your iris in unique patterns.

Biblically speaking, there's no particular meaning associated with having either dark or light-colored eyes – regardless of pigment balance and hue (blue vs brown), they are just seen as a natural element that we inherit from our parents. In other words, God doesn't single out those with light-colored eyes as being special or different; rather He honors all people equally according to His word: “For with God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37).

That being said, many people find meaning behind their eye color when it brings forth certain emotions within them—such as joy and peace—or special memories when looking into someone else’s deep blue eyes for instance; however, this interpretation does not come from scripture itself but from personal experiences which often provide comfort and inspiration!

Summary of blue eyes spiritual meaning

Romantic at heart they try to focus on finding their true love. At times oversensitive, they are easily offended and take things to heart which can lead to depression. In the same way, they can also show detestation towards a person if he or she falls into their “I am annoyed with you list”

In Asian culture, there’s an ancient practice known as “Chinese Face Reading” which looks at aspects of facial features (including eye color) to get clues into someone’s behavior and personality traits. According to Chinese face reading, the bright iris color is associated with sunlight and Yang energy; in Chinese face reading blue eyes can suggest warmth, creativity, and initiative in their daily lives. It's outlined in my Chinese face reading book they are less likely to let small issues slide but willing to accept differences with others when proven wrong or illogical ideas – this could explain why many people with blue eyes often prefer rationality over emotion-driven decisions as well as taking charge in problem-solving situations whenever needed by the group or organization they belong to.

I have many books, and folklore in Norse mythology claim that Odin was born from two blue-eyed parents who gifted him all-seeing wisdom. While this may just be folklore it does show an appreciation for those blessed enough to be born with this unique trait amongst us humans – whether real or not.

All in all, people who possess beautiful light blue-hued eyes tend towards seeing life from a brighter perspective while still maintaining strong values on logic & reason amongst other things - making them both driven and productive individuals whom society can benefit from tremendously if given a chance after chance.

Some examples of famous men with blue eyes are Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Mel Gibson, Paul Walker, and Matthew J. Fox. Famous women with blue eyes are Marie Curie, Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet, Meg Ryan, Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Megan Fox.

By Florance Saul
Mar 4, 2013