Blowing Kiss

Blowing Kiss

This mouth means that the lips do not close completely to conceal the teeth in their entirety.

This happens even in cases where the person has closed their mouth. It appears as the person is preparing to blow a candle. A small section of lip is missing from the mouth to complete the closing process. This is an indicator that the person will lead a comfortable life. 

People with this mouth have a loose tongue and are known to say hurtful things to their friends. They never think about what they are going to say. They just say whatever comes to their minds freely. These people do not practice wisdom in their conversations.

This trait of loose speaking robs them of the ability to make much progress in life. In terms of relationships, at best, they can be strained. They cannot maintain friends for long. Their words can be thoughtless. This behavior makes them lead solitary life in old age if one does not recognize these negative traits.

Even with a loose tongue, there will be many relationships in this person's life. This person is practical, sensible, and enjoy's working. They are focused to complete what's requested in life. This facial feature is normally considered rather attractive.

They choose to not hurry when completing tasks, because they would rather work in their own personal pace. Security is vital to them, in an economic sense and in individual relationships. They are shrewd at running a business and possibly a tad too materialistic, but at a minimum they will offer happiness to loved ones.

Summary of characteristics…

  • Happy with completing tasks quickly.
  • Can be introverted - likes being on their own.
  • Great business leaders.
  • Sometimes can say hurtful comments.
  • Attractive.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012