Big Watery Eyes (also see Big, Watery, and ROUND eyes)

Big Watery Eyes (also see Big, Watery, and ROUND eyes)

People with big watery eyes will look like they are crying quite often.

This eye type is a combination of other eyes and you may also want to look up Very Big Eyes or Big Eyes (depending on how big the person’s eyes are) or also Peach Blossom Eyes (if they have a watery moist look to them). The eyes will appear shiny and often take on the appearance of pools. These kinds of eyes are the types that are described as eyes that you can ‘fall into’.

People with big watery eyes are often very sensitive and creative souls. They have a kind patience to them unless they have been through some sort of trauma. For example, in an ideal childhood (which is hard to find) they will grow up to be healthy and extroverted creative types.

However, the simplest of disasters in childhood they will often react quite emotionally to and feel the effects of it for their entire lives. This can mean that they are openly susceptible to issues that can be had of say, children of divorce, losing a loved one in childhood, or suffering from abuse.

These actions in childhood will effect this kind of person even more and because of this as adults the normally well-adjusted individual will find a way to hide from intense feelings and likely bathe themselves in other activities which are often a way to block out the pain. When they find healthy escapes such as writing poetry or drawing (activities which they will be naturally inclined towards) they will often reach a sense of greatness in their own right and it will help them cope.

These kinds of people are also susceptible to falling into unhealthy pursuits and need to be carefully guided as children.

As they mature, those with big watery eyes will find the pressures of the world a bit harsh and will tend to want to help others. In work they find satisfaction in being a solution rather than the cause of the problem. They have the ability to bring others on their cause as well as they usually make good orators and are able to convey their feelings easily.

They speak simply but have a sense of understanding behind them that people respond to – be it their true passion for their cause or their simplistic nature that doesn’t create a complicated solution.

Generally people with this eye type are attractive but are also prone to health problems revolving around being weak, breathing problems, or this sort of thing. They have to take active approaches to allowing themselves time to be on their own as well. They can be easily overwhelmed and get prone to depression.

In relationships and work they are easy-going individuals but a bit flighty. They have a tendency to keep their heads in the clouds and have to be brought back to conversations.

While they can speak directly, when they are not engaged they sort of tune everyone else out and this can create animosity as it is sometimes seen as ignoring others around them. If they are mindful of staying on task they can be rewarding addition to team especially if they are offering creative solutions or allowed to think outside of the box for real and applicable solutions to problems.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012