Big, Watery, and ROUND eyes

The difference between those with big watery eyes (or very big watery eyes) and those with round yes as well is that the normal emotional sensitivity of these people is enhanced.

This eye type can create a creative genius but also an over-sensitive soul that is crushed by the world around them. They have tendency to be sentimental to a fault, highly watery or fluid nature, and receptive psychically. These people take in everything in their surroundings, be it feelings, motives, actions, body language. They literally soak it all in and have a hard time grounding out their emotions.

When you are dealing with a Big, watery and round eye person you are going to have to be the one to remain in control, give directions, and have a lot of patience. The smallest of things can set them off and you never know if they are going to be angry or upset over the slightest of offenses. They have a hair trigger but that usually extends to crying jags or being over sensitive rather than angry. When they do get angry though they can be very tactile yet non-violent. They will be prone to throwing things, stomping feet, or grabbing but it is highly irregular that they will try to hurt or harm anyone.

In relationships of any kind they can be very trying. While they are good friends who are caring and considerate they also get their feelings hurt quite often. You can unintentionally cause offense to them and rather than confronting you, they will stew. People with big, watery, and round eyes also have a tendency to scrutinize everything. They will wonder what a text meant or why you posted something on your social networking site. They want to know why and what but won’t ask. Their assumptions can get them into hot water with friends and lovers alike.

In love they can at first come off as quite appealing. Their eyes are usually a strong feature and people get wrapped up and drawn into their stories. Their ability to care for all types can lead them to being attracted to less desirable types as they have a habit to want to help or fix people. This can make for unhealthy relationships. This is compounded by the fact that people with big, watery, and round eyes are prone to being clingy, needy, and possessive types. Because they are so open emotionally they feel very strongly for people that they care about. They have a difficult time with being objective and from that stem a seed of jealousy as well. They can try too hard to please and be their own worst enemies in relationships.

The key to working with a person who has big, watery, and round eyes are being boundaries open and being clear with expectations. If you are the power player in the relationship it can work well but you will constantly have to gauge the boundaries and make sure that your needs are also being met. The emotional turbulence of the big, water, and round eye person causes confusion with real and grounded situations. It is making them see the bigger picture that is what is needed and they need someone to do this for them.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012