Big Short Eyebrows

Big Short Eyebrows
In case your eyebrows are bushy but rather short it's regarded as sign that you simply love being on your own in life.
You tend not to pay attention to others and could be quite persistent about reaching goals in life. There is a much deeper meaning in this facial feature, for the eyebrows to be rather broad, but are also quite short then these eyebrows indicate that the bearer will live a quiet life.
These people are peaceful and do not have stress over various things that take place in the world. These people are relaxed in life. They do not desire fame or wealth.

Because of this, these people live lives that are not based on material things, and this is what spares them from most of the stress in life. When they start a family, they have a happy spouse and their children become successful and fully obey and honor their parents. 

They are focused on trying to improve their health. They must try to stick to a proper, well balanced diet which includes almost all food groups along with a reasonable workout program which includes cardiovascular activity and firming workout routines.

These eyebrows are foun​d on people who enjoy Scientific, technology and business professions in addition to writing and also acting. However they can also be drawn to arbitration, public relations, sales, or advertising and marketing.

They are extremely patient in comparison with people who yield other eyebrows. If the eyebrow is wirey texture and this indicates that they can be light-hearted as well as serious. Going back to the general meaning, one of the most endearing characteristics is that they do see the fun side of life.  

Even if at times they can be too formal they do have the capacity to be great leaders. People generally believe what they say. Because they are so honest.  They are usually self disciplined lack that general self-confidence which can result in difficulties especially managing others. It is not easy to have this person as a partner, however they will give their own loyalty. They can be quite detached from other people.

They may find it difficult to commit emotionally to another until they’re firmly established in their job. This is because they want to provide for their family. They may choose somebody who does not fit their expectations. This is due to the fact that they struggle with the self-confidence is difficult for them to be intimate with another.  If the eyebrow goes upwards at the end rather than downwards this is an indication that they will marry for social status. This is quite rare to find on the face.

By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012