Big Nose

Big Nose - Nubian Nose

This big nose has a lovely nose tip that is rounder than usual and quite a wide-set nose. 

The big nose is an important facial feature. It is normally rather long and has a wider base. You can see the shape better in my profile picture here:

Big Nose Women

The shape of your big nose can provide us with an interesting outlook into your personality. There is so much information to process on what a big nose means. The predominant element of the big nose is that we can define the personality through facial shape, evaluating either a strong or weak personality. I spent many years of my life looking at various face reading methods and also the interpretation of the Chinese face reading literature. People do not necessarily fit into a box and different personality traits will produce themselves dependent upon all the different facial features that we have. 

There is certainly many traits of facial features that are important to know and recognize which helps you read people and understand their personality traits so that you can try to formulate a sense of an approach to certain people. It's very important we don't pigeonhole people into a certain category. Going back to the big nose, you'll be surprised to learn that this nose is often broad and typically sits upon someone with a relatively good looking appearance. 

The big nose normally indicates a person who is understanding, generous, kind, and caring. Big nose people are often very intelligent, creative and above all thoughtful.

Some big noses look like an eagle beak nose (which goes up a little bit), and while the two may be easily confused, the former does not have a protruding bone. These people are usually tolerant as well as magnanimous. Most of their life activities involve the art of giving out more than they receive. I myself have this nose and it looks a bit like a button. Very lovely looking! :-) 

The personality of Big Nose People

Lending out a helping hand is their pleasure, and most of their activities deal with the spirit and intent of reaching out to the majority who cannot be able to help themselves, especially the unfortunate and disadvantaged in society. They take most of their time in doing two things, making wealth and helping the needy. They have a personality that distinguishes themselves from most people. They are very confident and love being outgoing. They love making friends and pursuing objectives that do not discriminate against any social status or class. They are well-rounded people who understand others easily and accommodate them without any problems. Most of them have excellent oratory skills and command respect easily whenever they present themselves before other people.

They always have a clear formulation on how to achieve their objectives. Most of the time, they devise strategies that enhance the meaning of their life. Every bit of their work is ultimately measured, and they use that, in the long run, to make adjustments in their endeavors to provide better services to other people in need. They believe that by helping other people, they will also help themselves because their sole purpose in life is giving and sharing, especially to those that do not have enough. As a result, they have well-coordinated links to the grassroots and across many social classes.

In some cases, people tend to trust them a lot and perceive them as one of the most reliable people who can help them. They always succeed in their endeavors because they always have the will power and driving force that makes them diehard persons who do not easily succumb to obstacles that come their way. They are also very fast in noticing things and always act on time to avoid or prevent embarrassment.

Big Nose People At Work

Some of their most ideal places to work are those that provide them with the opportunity to help other people and improve their ways of life. They do not like working in strict environments where they are detached from socializing with people. They believe that their importance in life is achieved by meeting other people and helping them first before they do help themselves. They have so many friends who love them and trust their help or support. They are also well-respected by most people across every social class.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012