Beauty Spot Mouth

Beauty Spot Mouth

People with a mole on the lips are curious in nature; they always want to know “who, where, what, and when” in life.

They are deeply intuitive and imaginative, with the ability to utilise their own determination. These people are charismatic, talkative, they enjoy making new friends. A small mole means that the person will be wealthy in life, they are likely to hold positions of leadership.  A larger mole that is bigger than a pin head means this person can at times have loose lips. They need ways to balance their emotions. They may effortlessly achieve in life.

People that have a mole on the tip of the lip means they suffer from digestive related problems. This is a sign in Chinese medicine that the kidneys and intestines have ailments. The people who have this mouth are affected by food poisoning as a result, and extra care is necessary in terms of what they consume. People with this mouth must carefully watch their diets to avoid digestive problems.


  • A mole means determination.
  • Can suffer from digestive problems.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012