Bamboo Tube Nose

Bamboo Tube Nose

The nose is basically straight, takes the likeness of a tube from the base, and looks like that of a bamboo tube.

The bridge of such a nose is generally soft. This type of people has some of the most admirable attributes. They are believed to have very good skills of managing money. What puts them at such a position is their natural aspect of number crunching. They are believed to have this attribute, which enables them to have an acute and comprehensive approach to numbers.

They have mastered techniques of numbers, and they are closely associated with the talent of mastering the chronology of numbers with great ease. They possess some of the best investment techniques. They love to invest as part of their strategies of creating and making wealth. Nothing can easily stop them from meeting their achievements.

They have a very smart way of pursuing things, more especially those targeted at generating wealth and income. Their faces are always full of smiles as they keep watching over their investments. In most incidents, they do not have the capacity to let an opportunity at their disposal go free without taking a chance.

Money and success is their firsthand motivating force. There is no activity before their eyes that is non–essential, as long as it has an opportunity to offer a person a chance to succeed. They easily identify viable investment opportunities without the need to hustle. They have very smart minds that are able to analyze and calculate before taking a hand in doing any investment.

They literally know how to enjoy every little part of their wealth. It is so rare to find them spending any penny in a reckless manner. More often, they account for every resource that is spent on any activity. To them, there is nothing like doing everything today and waiting for tomorrow, but they plan in time what to do, how to do it, and the means to achieve them.

They are considered perfectionists, and in most circumstances, they succeed in achieving most, if not all of, their dreams.

They are admired for their successful roles in enhancing personal development. However, they hardly take other people’s concern as part of them. They have little self-interest, though at times, this may help a few of them.

Most of these people work as financial managers, and their work is always up to the expectations of others. They have the ability to formulate excellent investment plans and policies, which when implemented, lead to some of the most successful and admirable accomplishments. To them, nothing happens by chance, and everything must be formulated before any implementation.\

Relationships between them and their colleagues are very perfect, and in most instances, they are regarded with honor. In terms of intimate relationships, they love their family and spouses in almost equal proportions.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012