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The Nine of Cups tarot card

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The Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups tarot card

The balancing act of the tarot and the story that it tells is no more apparent than with the Nine of Cups.

Coming from a place of pain and moving on to new yet unsecured horizons seen in the Eight of Cups makes way for a hopeful and positive time in the Nine of Cups. It truly is one of the most positive cards in the deck and a welcome addition to any reading. When you see this card in your reading you can be glad that good things are coming your way.

The yellow background in the background of the Nine of Cups indicates happiness and emotional security. In the center of the card a man sits, arms crossed with satisfaction and before him nine filled cups. This truly is a wish-fulfillment card and it tells you that whatever you put your mind to that you are bound to get. It’s a very positive card in many rights and can influence many aspects of your life. The card is highly emotional and intellectual, showing satisfaction in both of these areas but it is also one of the few cards that are well rounded and reflects physical pleasure as well. Now is the time to act on what you want and keep a positive attitude, knowing that you can find success. You truly have to be able to believe to achieve!

The Nine of Cups in Love Moving on from a dormant time in love, the Nine of Cups appears and offers you hope for new reunions and rekindling in relationships. Usually appearing during a recent change in a relationship when you are hoping for the best and it’s an excellent card speaking of building on what is already present. With this card showing up for someone who is currently in a relationship it states that now is a good time to show your desires and start to make plans for the future. It may not be time to talk about them yet, but that time will come soon.

For those of you looking for love, this is still a great card. With the possibilities open for you in this card, you should really be on the lookout for a new interest coming your way. The card also has strong indications that now it is a time to put yourself out there and show the world what you have to offer. You are in a good place emotionally but more importantly, a healthy place to be looking for love. You are aware of your own shortcomings as well as knowing your own worth. Luck is a good helper when it comes to finding love, but knowing how to market yourself is also key.

The Nine of Cups in Health The Nine of Cups in health has a positive note, as in all other areas but specific to wellness there is also a warning. Because the card is so positive often there is reasons to celebrate and the card can indicate overindulging can be a health concern at this time. Be sure that while your life may be having turns for the better that you do not take your health for granted.

The Nine of Cups in Work and Wealth  The man on the Nine of Wands is a confident character and you should be too! With this card showing up in your reading there is a hint of smugness, like he knows the secret to success. Wishing and hoping for success is good but it isn’t going to get you all you want. Hard work, diligence, and knowing when to act are all part of good business practices. When the Nine of Cups card comes up it is likely that you are in a place where you can make things happen or yourself financially speaking whether it is finding a job that suits you, advancement, or knowing what to do with your money. Pay attention to remarkable opportunities and pounce! Don’t let a good thing slip through your fingers by being unsure. Go off of your instincts and make your dreams happen!


Reversed Nine of Cups in a reading With the Nine of Cups in the reversed position there is even more positive energy around than in the normal position… almost too much. This card in this position can be a caution of being too over confident or conceited in your endeavors. Be careful about putting yourself on display or taking on too much. You will wind up not being able to complete tasks, falling behind, and ruining your reputation. Consider ways in which you are reaching too far and falling short. 

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