The Hermit As Feelings

The Hermit Tarot Love

In feelings, I often feel that this card is about withdrawing from contact and going inside yourself. It is all about solitude and making sure that you go inside yourself just to figure this out. Not so long ago I kept pulling the Hermit card for someone’s feelings towards me. It suggests turning inward and taking some time for personal reflection on the relationship. I remember listening to that guy called Matt (the dating coach) on YouTube who suggested that when things get too intense in our romantic ups and downs we must turn to think why we are scared of anxiety or maybe we have this inner fear of commitment.

It’s not always easy; Nobody likes feeling lonely or disconnected while partners take some much-needed space. But sometimes, this is the healthiest way to approach our emotions, especially when both people feel like they need a break from each other without necessarily wanting to end things completely.

You can also look at the hermit card as that light from the lantern that shines light on your life somehow. The hermit is seeking something in life, I would say that the hermit is about feeling the need to sort of figure things out, before connection. This card also means choosing to be alone and not interacting with others. 

The Hermit: His feelings towards you?

The hermit's feelings towards you can be a difficult thing to decipher. After all, they are known for living secluded lives and being mysterious. However, there are some common interpretations of this tarot card that can give us an understanding of the hermit's feelings towards you.

Firstly, it is important to note that the hermit typically pays twice as much attention to detail than other cards in the deck; this means if they appear in your reading then whatever they represent will have extra resonance with you. To put it simply, if something needs further reflection or investigation then chances are the hermit will show up at some point during a reading.

To draw the hermit alongside the death card for feelings can mean transformation and change rather than literal death itself, the hermit often appears when we need advice on stepping away from an experience or situation to gain perspective and clarity so as to start anew. In terms of their feelings towards you specifically, there could be several interpretations here depending on what has been going on in your life recently. It could mean that it is time for growth through solitude; look inward and take time by yourself so as to get back in touch with who you really are before making any major decisions or embarking on any new paths that may affect your future life significantly. It may also be asking whether or not we feel alone right now - though even if we do feel isolated there will still be many ways in which others can provide us with comfort even from afar - so don’t forget these options exist too!

Last but most importantly either way, while stringing about our current circumstances is inevitable - try not to overcomplicate things too much either! There might not always be one “right” answer out there but sometimes taking a step back and sorting through our thoughts more clearly can help bring insight into situations that seem overwhelming at first glance –so let the Hermit offer some guidance if he/she pops up again soon!.

The hermit: Her feelings towards you?

If you have pulled the hermit tarot card, it's likely that this card has an important lesson to offer. The Hermit tarot card typically can mean a time for reflection, introspection, and self-discovery. It’s easy to read into any situation or relationship when drawing the Hermit as it usually means your feelings towards someone need more clarity and understanding really.

In terms of how they feel about you specifically, the Hermit can signify that they don’t want to tie themselves down with too much emotion right now. Don’t worry because this doesn't necessarily mean their feelings are negative but instead it could mean they need some time alone in order to learn more about who they really are and what they truly desire from life and relationships at this moment in time. 

This isn't always comfortable for those around them because deep personal reflection can take people away from their social circles temporarily until such times as new directions come forth; however, remember that all stages of life have essential learning and growth attached - so don’t judge them harshly if you sense a lack of connection between the two of you right now! 

That being said, as you can imagine there may be underlying reasons why someone chooses not to engage fully with another person right away - which is why it's important to keep this in mind when understanding any situation where the Hermit appears in readings involving relationships. If there is genuine potential between two souls then patience will help bring things out into the open naturally over time without pushing against barriers or expectations which only creates further stress on both parties involved here!

The hermit: Ex-Boyfriend, Ex-Husband, Ex-Girlfriend, or Ex Wife's feelings for you

Now, when the Hermit card appears in a reading about your ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, ex-girlfriend or ex-wife's feelings for you, it can be both confusing and interesting. On one hand, the Hermit suggests that your ex is withdrawing from an emotional connection with you and turning inward for self-reflection. This could indicate that they are going through some personal issues and need time to work things out on their own.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that they no longer care about you or have stopped loving you; rather it might just mean that they don't know how to communicate what they're feeling at the moment or aren't quite sure of their own feelings yet. It's possible that too much has happened between the two of you that makes them hesitate to reach out and connect again.

To really understand what this card means in regards to your situation, it's important to think carefully about all of the aspects of your relationship with this person - especially recent events - as well as any additional cards that may appear alongside The Hermit during a spread (like The Lovers).  By considering all these cards together, there will often be clues that give further insight into why your partner is withdrawing from contact right now - whether it’s due to fear or insecurity or simply lack of real time spent together lately - finding ways to communicate can help bridge these gaps in understanding each other better.

The Hermit: How Someone Sees You 

The hermit card in the tarot is often associated with the need to look at the relationship for reflection. It can indicate that they view you as being wise beyond your years, as having an understanding of yourself and the world around you that others may not possess. This could also mean that this person sees you as something special inside.

The Hermit often reflects what I feel is “seeking out” what this person really means to you and to yourself rather than relying on your own intuition; showing an appreciation for moments of contemplation where one looks inward and discovers underlying motivations and wisdom about themselves. 

In terms of your friends, pulling this card for how they see you may be perceived as someone who puts great emphasis on delving into self-discovery instead of allowing life’s pressures or influences to dictate how things are supposed to be.  

There are also qualities associated with The Hermit which demonstrate characteristics like leadership, creativity, independence, confidence, Justice, and courage - traits that many people would find admirable both personally and professionally. 


The Hermit As Feelings - My Conclusion

Anybody can say “I feel like I need some time alone” but actually following through on such an idea takes tremendous courage. Being honest with ourselves about how we're really feeling — even if those feelings aren't so comfortable — is crucial in recognizing what's best for our emotional well-being (and any relationship). The Hermit card encompasses all these ideas: Taking deep breaths before jumping into action, curbing impulsivity with thoughtful consideration instead of putting up walls entirely, and allowing ourselves certain unpredictability while still striving for stability inside and out.