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The Empress Tarot Meaning Is It A "Yes Or No" Card?

If you draw the empress I would say that this is a "yes" card, it is connected to the positive things we have in life. For some questions, it could be yes but for others, it could be no, I think if it was an outcome card it would be a yes. If you asked for example "Is he going to leave her for me" then it could indicate a no, if it was do you want to be with me, it can suggest a yes. I don't want to overcomplicate it but it really depends on the question.

This number 3 is important because it can represent words such as “Yes” or “No” in Tarot readings. When this card appears during your reading, it often signifies something positive and strong related to motherly love. It could be saying that you should nurture yourself, or that you should trust your intuition when making decisions - both of these things come from the strong bond between a mother and child. Now, if you draw this card reversed it could mean that unresolved issues or that you are just stressed out.

On top of its symbolic meaning regarding mothers is its deeply personal connection to whoever draws the card, which always tints the results regardless of which way it falls out of the deck. For me personally this card usually equates to some form or message telling me to trust my instincts more than anything else – something resembling ‘I feel like you know what's best for you here’ plus maybe an added bonus of having some subtle advice tucked away within there too… I'm sure whatever decision I make will ultimately be in my favor.

The Empress Reversed - A "Yes Or No" Card?

When it comes to my tarot card deck above, the Moon Dust Tarot reversed, the answer is not necessarily a simple yes or no.  The Empress, in its upright position, can point to unity - both in a physical sense and in spiritual terms with depictions of the smoke behind her which relate to life cycles. Therefore, when this card appears reversed we must look at it as an indication that there may be some sort of separation between two things; be it physical or emotional.

When asking "Is the Empress tarot reversed card a "yes or no card?", I personally feel that it depends on how you ask the question (as I pointed out above) and what your current situation is. It could mean ‘yes’ if you’re questioning something that requires two parties to become united again, but also ‘no’ if your question pertains to things staying as they are for now - thus creating distance between them. Ultimately there isn't one definitive answer since each individual reader needs to interpret these cards according to their own personal circumstances and intuition.

So while not being able to provide an absolute 'yes or 'no', The Empress Reversed can act as an important reminder that although things can appear separated right now – perhaps due to situations beyond our control– ultimately we have control over how we choose to unite them back together by evaluating our choices as we advance carefully.

The Empress Upright - A "Yes Or No" Card For Love

In my readings (most are on TikTok) the  Empress Upright tarot card is often seen as a "Yes" card in regard to love. This symbolism has been drawn from the imagery on the card; an imperious-looking woman wearing voluptuous clothing, with a mystic feel and her hair cascading down her back and against a backdrop of the flowers and the ribbon representing stability. It's thought that this card really means your own mother nature, and can point to abundance, fertility, and wealth - all things which add up to make love possible.

The Empress Upright is all about nurture and manifestation: it speaks of our ability to turn our dreams into reality with passion and creativity – something that's vital when it comes to relationships reaching their potential. The Empress Upright also suggests patience: she knows that good things will come in time if we trust ourselves enough. There’s no rush when it comes to realizing your true potential – but be sure you don't pass up opportunities lest they slip away forever! The Empress instinctively knows what’s right for us – so we should always listen carefully if she offers her advice or guidance.

All these qualities combined make for a strong “yes” response when reading The Empress tarot Upright card in relation to love: creation, manifestation, and patience are all necessary components required to nurture meaningful relationships over time. So the answer is yes - The Empress Upright is most definitely a “yes” tarot card when looking at matters concerning romance.

The Empress - A "Yes Or No" Card For Action/Advice

If you have asked for some advice, the Empress tarot card is a powerful symbol of the power of justice, law, and order. It is a card that will give you either a yes or no answer depending on the situation and it can tell you what action to take.

The Empress reversed can also mean chaos instead of law and this suggests that any decision or advice given by the card could be wrong, at least in part. This is because when this card appears it represents an unbalanced power dynamic between two sides. One has been unjustly taken advantage of while the other side has taken more than their fair share and may have even used cruel means to do so.

When reversed, The Empress suggests that while there may be some underlying truth in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response from her, ultimately it cannot be trusted without taking further steps into consideration before making any decisions based upon what she says. That said, this does not mean that her counsel should necessarily be dismissed but simply exercised with caution- much like how one would do with anything else they came across during times of uncertainty where intention isn't entirely clear yet outcomes are unknown.

The meaning behind The Empress's reversed appearance goes back to ancient Rome where people believed that order must always prevail over chaos otherwise society wouldn't survive- something which applies even today as we often find ourselves torn between conflicting desires for order and of course freedom when faced with difficult choices about how best to take charge of our lives. In essence then, if you see The Empress as a “no” to action representing chaos rather than law.

The Empress - A "Yes Or No" Card For Business, Money and Career

The Empress reversed tarot card is not necessarily a “yes” or “no” card for money, but rather one that speaks of the power of transformation. It suggests a situation that might not be working anymore and indicates it's time for change - to come full circle and rise to a new level. If you asked “Will I get a good job” then the answer may lie in something that is nurturing. 

It speaks of abundance and stability, so in terms of advice, this could mean taking an opportunity and running with it. As a powerful card of the major arcana, the Empress invites us to look at our stories – what have we created today? Are we making choices that lead us closer towards our dreams or are we limiting ourselves from realizing them? This is where The Empress Reversed takes its meaning.

The Empress Reversed - A "Yes Or No" Card For Business, Money and Career

The Empress is one of the most important cards in the tarot and when reversed her message can have a powerful impact on your life. The Empress card in reverse indicates this is a “no” card --- in that, you may be feeling overwhelmed by events or by the wide array of options presented to you. It could also indicate that you are feeling stuck in a certain situation due to overwhelming feelings of guilt or obligation, which may be holding you back from taking action.

The Empress reversed is an indication that it’s time for a change – whether this means making a career move, ending stagnant relationships or simply moving away from people and situations that no longer serve your highest good. It encourages growth but also warns against making rushed decisions without considering their long-term implications first. When this card is reversed, it can either mean yes OR no depending on the context of your question and its relation to your current circumstances.

When the Empress reversed appears as part of an answer to business or career-related questions, such as “Should I study law” or “Should I take a certain job” This card indicates stagnation and low energy within those areas; however, if there are elements present such as other cards indicating progress or success then she could be suggesting that continuing with those steps will lead to positive outcomes further down the line. If she appears alongside money-related questions then she also suggests financial instability or struggles with budgeting –-- but again depending on accompanying cards progress could still result if managed correctly over time.


For the general tarot meaning of the Empress please click here