Death and The Tower Combinations

Death and The Tower Combinations

Death And Tower Tarot Combination - General Meaning

These two cards suggest that it is time for a big change. In many cases, the Death card indicates the end of something to make way for something new, while the tower can point to an unexpected change. To me, there is so much great transformation in both these cards. Death means the end, no more, the ending, books over, no sequel it is completely finished.

When the Tower is pulled with death, it is important to recognize that death is part of our life, and a shake-up is on its way. The Tower itself is a revelation and a sudden change like the lightning strike that makes you see the real truth in the matter. Yes, the shakeup is coming you can not avoid this at all but you must prepare in the same token. Don’t be scared of the combination of Death and Tower, they are all part of life. This combination means that something will change suddenly and unexpectedly but that change will help on your path in life. Death and the Tower are likely to be positive cards because it means change is coming and you are stuck in that period of change. 

Death And Tower In Love Tarot Meaning

The Death and Tower in love readings combined means that a lightning bolt has hit the relationship and the odds are that the relationship must end. The Tower and death cards in combination can also denote some unexpected changes. The relationship could end suddenly and knock you down emotionally. The destruction of the Death card in love readings, combined with the Tower can indicate that new relationships may be borne but not together. 

The death card signifies situations in love that something will transform and possibly end, the only positive takeaway is that it is time to move on and enter new beginnings. However, I have had a death and tower in a relationship when it meant it went on to brighter things in life. There could be a shake up. A focus on moving things forward or an end. That is the combination of the death and tower cards.

The death card can indicate the ending of a relationship and also the conflicts that can appear depending on the circumstances. In relationship readings, it is time to find a new book. It is tempting when we are hoping that things will turn out well but in fact, we must accept the reality that death is it, it reaffirms that things are over and it’s important to not ignore it. Often, clarifiers are pulled on cards that we either do not understand or wish for another answer. The cards are here to provide a guide for you to accept the situation at face value.

Death And Tower Combination As Feelings

The Tower represents an earthquake in a relationship, and one party is trying to escape. It's hard, sad and something that we do not want to face and if you pulled this combination for someone's feelings for another then the chance is that they wish the union to end. There is a massive amount of lacking energy and joy when this combination is drawn and it often takes us back to better times. The realization is that one party or both never want to indulge in this relationship in the future. Often, I pulled death for a relationship then that relationship started again years later but was totally different than how it was originally. People were more tolerant and calmer. It is hard to accept that we lose in order to gain. My point is, that as drawing for feelings the death and tower combination can point to the shattering experience that the relationship is over. Done. Never going back. 

Death And Tower Reversed Combination In Love And Feelings

Reversals in my view are not as powerful as upright so the situation will be less shocking. The Tower reversed means that things are going to slow down but not be so shocking, it is all about the situation finally giving you what you desire. Often, people are scared of death and learning and it means that a difficult time or adjustment is on its way. Obviously, both the Tower and Death signify a shake-up and change but reversed we need to understand that the event is not going to be as shocking. Seeing them reversed can often represent a shift of something shocking. It could be something as simple as a birthday celebration going wrong or something minor such as that. The rewards of the Tower upright can mean that we need to let go and when reversed these two cards are not so bad but you need to then ask the further question of how do you turn up these two cards and get a better result.

Conclusion Of The Combination of Death and the Tower

The Tower reversed is a shocking card almost traumatic event and along with death can signify the transformation and the end. We as humans often describe things as the end, and ask ourselves - it is a positive or negative card? With tarot reading what must be understood is that endings are all part of life, and we must make way for the future and something beautiful to happen.

It can be a shattering moment when we do realize that a relationship is going to end, never spending that time with the person ever again, even if it was a horrible relationship and did not serve you well. But we are evolving and growing and have to hope that things will not be so bad, this is part of life.