Water Signs of the Zodiac

Water signs zodiac

Imagine yourself in the ocean, with powerful waves crashing over you… This is how it feels to be a water sign feeling an intense emotion! The water signs of the Zodiac, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are forever pulled around by their fluctuating emotions, like the current of the river. Their emotions can submerge them completely, causing them to lose sight of reality… They must try hard to keep themselves grounded, and not give way to their imagination and nostalgic tendencies!

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are in groups of four elements: fire, earth, air and water. 

There is also something known as triplicities in astrology. The triplicities are defined as: 

  • Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)
  • Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) 
  • Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini). 

Water signs are known to be very sensitive, intuitive, empathic and at times, sentimental. They can hold onto people and objects long after they should have let go, due to their tendency to romanticize the past and look at it through rose-tinted spectacles! Water signs are also known to have intense dreams, visions and such strong intuition that they are almost psychic. They can read the room like no one else, and can tell when a situation is going to happen well before anyone else - they basically have super powers! 

Water signs also love to feel sad - they will intentionally watch sad movies and TV series in order to feel deeply, listen to sad music, and read heart-wrenching novels. They’ll collect trinkets and keepsakes as they go through life, and will have printed photographs, too. To water signs, nostalgic mementos are everything to them and they’ll have a hard time letting go of belongings!

Emotional, creative people, water signs go with their guts when making decisions - they always listen to their hearts, not their heads. This means logic and reason are often lacking from their decision making process, which can lead them into some scrapes!

Above all else, water signs long for security - for themselves and their loved ones. They are very protective of their family and friends, going out of their way to help those they view as their inner circle - this can go too far, particularly with Pisces, in that water signs may help others at the expense of their own health and wellbeing. They have to be careful not to become doormats, letting people walk all over them, or drowning in other people’s emotions. 

There is a water sign in each ‘modality’, which means one is a cardinal sign, one is a fixed sign, and one is a mutable sign. This basically refers to whether they occur at the beginning, middle or end of a season, respectively. Cardinal signs lead and initiate the season and ideas, whilst fixed signs provide the focus and deep energy to carry the season through to completion. Mutable signs are changeable and hard to pin down. 

We’ll start with Cancer, the water sign that kicks off the summer season of the zodiac and is a cardinal sign, move on to Scorpio, the fixed water sign, and end with Pisces, a mutable water sign. Read on to learn more about these mysterious watery creatures… 

Cancer Water Sign

Cancer the crab is the mother of the zodiac - no matter their gender. These crabs are natural providers and will go to great lengths to help other people, be it their family, children, friends or extended community. They often fall into breadwinner roles or nurturer roles, working with children and animals. 

Cancer’s are cardinal signs, which means they can take action and start new projects, manifesting their ideas into realities. They can take the initiative and jumpstart ideas into really happening. Once they decide to begin something, they are usually very stubborn and will see it out to the end. Combined with their almost psychic intuition, Cancers can actually be great in business and finance fields, where they can use their empathy to appeal to clients and show them the company really cares about them. They are surely not limited to caregiver roles, and can succeed in a number of fields.

Cancers are somewhat unique water signs in that they can seamlessly move between the material and emotional world - like a crab moving between the ocean and shore. This ability to exist in both the practical world and the intuitive, emotional realm makes them great listeners and advisors, able to way up matters of the head and the heart. And, like a crab, they will hold on dearly to their loved ones. They are very loyal and will not let go easily - even when it is detrimental for them to stay!

Scorpio Water Sign

Scorpio, a fixed sign in the zodiac, is often mistaken as a fire sign because of their ferocity and intense energy. Yet they are water signs and are very intuitive, relying on their gut feelings and hearts to make decisions. They can have terrible tempers ruled by their hot and high emotional states, and they have a hard time turning off their feelings!

Scorpio’s, as well as being passionate people, are determined and assertive, making them great leaders. They seek the truth at all times and will work hard in research or any job like such. They always want to see the whole picture and will stop at nothing to become aware of the entirety of a situation. They are also very resourceful people, and as a fixed sign, will work hard at any project or task until it’s finished. 

When their emotions are not running high, Scorpio’s usually have a cool and collected demeanour. They are usually seen as the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, and the most sexual - they can keep secrets well, and hide their feelings most of the time. Underneath their appearance, however, Scorpio’s can be very jealous, suspicious and despise lies and dishonesty. If you cross a Scorpio, you won’t forget their painful sting! 

Pisces Water Sign

Ah gentle Pisces - they are often known as the daydreamers of the Zodiac, and are said to spend more of their time in their imagination than in reality. Pisces can be true mystics and are the most likely of the signs to have real psychic powers - they are highly intuitive and empathic, like their sister Cancer, and risk being swallowed up by other people’s emotions and anxieties. Unlike Cancer, Pisces don’t have the crab’s hard exterior shell to protect them from other people’s energies - so Pisces will have to work hard to not be caught up in other people’s problems. 

Pisces emotions change rapidly, making them bad decision makers initially - but once they commit to a gut feeling, they can easily follow it through. As well as being psychics, Pisces thrive in creative roles that involve painting, writing, photography or any other art forms. They live in their own world and this makes them the best sign to create sweeping works of fiction for others to enjoy!

Water Signs in Relationships

Water signs can sense the hidden emotional reality in every part of life - from friendships to the office, from families to relationships. They can read other people’s moods, and the ‘vibe’ of a group, quickly and correctly, making them useful people to have around in any social setting! They are especially sensitive in relationships, knowing when to be warm and kind and when to be cooler. At their best, they can be healing and nurturing forces who understand others better than anyone else! How they pair with others depends on the sign… 

Water and Earth signs go well together generally, as water signs can be connected positively, the pragmatic earth sign and bring them in touch with their emotions. Meanwhile, earth signs bring water in touch with the practicalities of life and focus the water signs to be more grounded! 

Whether it’s a friendship or relationship, earth and water signs compliment each other well. Earth signs are all about touch and reality - water signs are all about dreams and feelings. Together, they can have a satisfying physical and emotional relationship. 

Water and Fire signs are, admittedly, not a match made in heaven. They are opposite elements in nature - and just as in nature, when put together can destroy each other. Fire’s fierce and free temperament can be doused by water’s clinginess, whilst water can be turned into steam by fire - causing them to disappear completely. 

However, in the right circumstances, water signs can cause fire signs to consider their emotions. Fire signs are usually very instinctual and respond to everything in their life thus - water signs add an emotional nuance to this, helping fire to gain some compassion and empathy! Meanwhile, fire’s lust for life and adventure can inspire a water sign to be more adventurous and impulsive. 

Water and Air signs are very well suited to each other - they can form a great emotional connection and serve each other well. Water encourages air to create a more secure home base, to come down from the clouds a little and become more in touch with their emotions. Air signs encourage water signs to put a voice to their feelings, to use a tiny bit more logic, and to creatively express their emotions. Any partnership between air and water will surely end well - be it a work partnership, a friendship or a relationship.

Water and Water signs are also well suited. They obviously understand each other’s emotional needs - but this can be a bit too much! They can lose all sense of personal boundaries and risk merging too deeply into one person! Their shared empathy can make them depressed as they both experience each emotions so keenly. 

On the other hand, they may understand each other’s need for ‘me’ time and respect each other’s boundaries. This can be a wonderful, relationship, to the point of almost telepathic reading of each other’s wants and dreams. They must just be careful not to dive too deeply into each other’s lives and forget about everyone else around them!

Conclusion of Water Signs

Water signs are the most emotionally intuitive of all the elements, and are thus the most warm, gentle and kind souls of the zodiac. Being very emotionally sensitive, they can keep themselves apart and appear cool and disinterested - but once they know someone, and care about them, you’ll have a friend for life!

Their psychic abilities are second to none, but are often clouded by the intensity of their feelings and wild imaginations. They thrive in caregiver roles, creative roles, and anywhere where their intuition and empathy can help them help others.