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Sun In Tenth House

Zodiac Birth Chart Analysis - Sun in Tenth House

Sun In Tenth House

Sun In 10th house

If you’ve recently become interested in astrology and found out from your birth chart that your sun resides in the 10th house, you may be wondering what exactly that means. For newcomers, a lot of the terms in astrology sound confusing – but it’s all actually pretty simple!

The sun in the 10th house is associated with fame, fortune, happiness, and a great deal of success. There is a keen desire to succeed in life and be on top of things in life, natives of this in birth charts are completely committed to careers.

Everything we can learn about a person from astrology comes from the position of the planets when we are were born. That means that a person’s birth chart depends on the date and time of when they are born, and the geographical location at the time of birth. Every person has a unique birth chart, as the position of the planets changes even with a minute between births, which is why even twins born at the same location, at the same time, will have slightly different personalities – there will always be a minute or so between when they were born. 

Typically, one would read the descriptions of their zodiac sign and feel they don’t resonate with that sign so they wonder why the description of personality is not very accurate. This is why we turn to the birth chart to analyze how the planets, the moon, and the sun, and these appear in different locations which we call houses. 

The sun in the 10th house is great for government positions and the advice if the sun is in the 10th house is to ideally work for yourself, if you do so then a successful career is almost assumed. The sun is a natural ruler to authority, donor, status, and preferment. The house was called the medium Caeluma and the Greeks called this Mesuranima and it resides in the middle of the universe.  

When the sun reaches the center of the chart in the tenth house, the world then becomes one stage. The need to self-acknowledgment, fame, and being nurtured is important. These people do not hide, they do their best to command decisions and respect. 

Capricorn is known as a con-significator. William Lully the famous astrologer from the 1930s wrote about the con-significators of the 12 houses and it means that Capricorn has an affinity with the house because it falls in the same order as the house number. So for example Mars and Capricorn signify the tenth house. Modern astrology is incorrectly assigning the ruler of the co-signifying signs as rulers of the houses and this is not the case. Therefore, Capricorn is related to the tenth house. A co-signifier is a certain personality trait or affairs of their life that is ruled by the house.

The idea is that the planetary movements influence specific moments in time – and since we are part of the universe, the moment we are born is one of these specific moments. The interaction of the planets moving over time interacts with the fixed energies on our birth charts, influencing our personalities as time goes on.

The stars and planets have always inspired a sense of wonder – and astrology is an age-old practice, observed by many cultures and people throughout the history of humankind. In essence, astrology is the study of relationships between people and the cosmic world of planets, moons, and suns. As you may be aware, it’s not an exact science – that is, it’s more theoretical or metaphysical. Like feng shui, acupuncture and yoga, it’s founded on ancient practices and beliefs that have been passed down over the ages. It’s been used by many as a tool of self-discovery and a way to make sense of seemingly meaningless events, allowing individuals to learn their strengths, weaknesses, and inner psyche. 

The sun in the 10th house refers to some individuals who are born with the sun in the 10th house – it’s a part of a birth chart, and to understand exactly what this means, you’ll need to learn a little bit more about birth charts and their composition.

Understanding Birth Charts

Three elements make up every birth chart: the planet, sign, and house. Your unique personality is a mixture of these three elements. This is often called ‘aspects’ – the relationship between each element in your birth chart. They might square each other or be in harmony.

You’ll probably have heard of your Sun (or star) sign – depending on what month you are born, you will be a Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and so on. Your Sun sign is your basic nature in the broadest way possible. That’s why stereotypes like Virgo being a neat freak, Gemini being chatty, and Pisces being emotional might not always seem to fit people. Your Sun sign creates the basic blueprint for your personality – and the rest of your chart fills in the details. 

Your Moon sign is your second most important influence as it represents your emotions and inner mood. The planets are all also important in understanding your personality – each planet, from Mercury to Pluto, was in a specific location at your time of birth. 

Finally, your birth chart is split into houses. Each house represents various areas of your life – the first house is the house of ‘self’, the second of assets and values, the third the house of mind and learning, and so on. Planets and signs fall into each house depending on when and where you were born. 

Now you know what each part of a birth chart means, let’s find out what exactly a sun in the 10th house can mean for a person!

Sun In The Tenth House Basic Meaning

The Tenth House in astrology is all about vocation and purpose – it’s often called ‘The House of Social Status’. This usually refers to the work and career element of life, but it can also refer to ones status in society at whole, and the role in the community. The house defines how we “see ourselves” and how the community as a whole sees us. 

It’s not the be confused with the Sixth House (Virgo) which is focused on income; instead, the Tenth House is all about life’s work and reputation, public persona, and destiny. This House is based around substantial and weighty reality, not flights of fancy or emotions.  

The Tenth House has also been called the ‘House of World Leaders’ since it promotes planning long-term and for things that last. Family legacy, ancestry and roots are all important here – are the leaders who plant the seeds for growth, without necessarily being around to reap the rewards of their efforts. If from the birth chart there are planets residing in the Tenth House, they will affect the ability to make multi-generational goals and possibloe plans of action, the desire to climb the ladder and position in society.

The Sun in the Tenth House Traits

Tenth House natives are all about ambition – they want to fulfil their life’s purpose and will often accept positions of responsibility and embrace higher powered roles. Having your sun in the Tenth House is one of the most favourable positions of the sun in a birth chart. It means you driven, and hardworking, honourable, responsible, and have a great sense of duty. This can be very powerful when connected with a worthwhile cause, as you feel a strong sense of duty towards those you are helping. You will look for positions of responsibility - this is important for yourself, too, as you care about how you are seen by others, particularly in terms of efficiency and capability. 

The Sun in the Tenth House in the Workplace 

With your sun in the Tenth House, no one can stand in your way on your path to success. You may find it hard to take orders well, because you feel you are a better leader, or at least more well-read on the subject than anyone else. You’ll never do anything half-heartedly: it’s all or nothing with you! You will become an expert in any field you enter (you’ll make sure you do!). This makes you a valuable asset for any employer and leads you to strive to climb the career ladder as much as possible. 

This can impact you negatively by making it hard for you to work in a team – you want to be the leader and you can’t always see that others have good ideas, too. You have very high standards for yourself and everyone around you. Be aware that not everyone is like you -  and that perfectionism often does more harm than good. 

Your ego might also get in the way of your productivity. Rather than striving endlessly towards perfection, you may sometimes need to accept that your best is good enough! Fear of failure will make you work hard – it will also stop you from taking risks and opportunities. Be kind to yourself and give yourself the time to learn new skills and acquire the knowledge you need to do things. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Moreover, if you identify yourself only with what you have accomplished in your life, you will suffer if you don’t accomplish much! Be aware that having your profession as your identity means that you can lose that identity very quickly. 

As a Tenth House native, you are in danger of focussing so much on your career that there is little room for anything else left. You can work very hard for long periods of time, but you must remember to take breaks, too! You still need some self-care and time off. Focussing too much on your career or goals also puts you at risk of neglecting your partner, family and friendships, which are all important to you too – don’t forget it!

The Sun in the Tenth House Relationships

You are not likely to fall ‘hard and fast’ in love. Instead, you’ll begin with a friendship, and take things from there. You may seem very aloof at first and emotionally distant – this is because it takes you a while to suss out if this relationship is in their best interests. Your partner will have to go to great lengths to secure your affections and show you that the relationship is going to last.

Once a relationship begins, your determined ambition and hardworking qualities make you a very steady partner. As a Tenth House native, you are very loyal to your partner, to the point of being stubborn – you don’t move on easily, and prefer to work slowly and steadily at your romance to build a home and stable environment together. You want to be able to enjoy your success with someone. Because you are very serious about the future and you and your family’s security, your choice of a partner can get tricky. You need someone to be perfect. This is liable to cause some problems! You’ll be looking for someone who puts a lot of effort into maintaining their career, finances and health. You will avoid breaking up or divorcing as long as possible – this is because you feel morally obligated to stick with your partner, through thick and thin. 

Family is crucial to you – you desire to pass on your legacy and nurture your children. This means you will make a devoted and serious parent. You will always be thinking about the future for your offspring, both in terms of what you can pass down to them and what they can achieve themselves. 

You will often put your career or life’s work above a relationship, foregoing pleasure for your purpose. This may seem like a noble pursuit at the time, but a lifetime of doing so will cause you and your nearest and dearest to suffer. 

As for your friendships, you will find yourself drawn to successful people, preferring to spend time with those who are similarly focussed and hardworking like yourself. You might not be the most social person out there, but you are a true friend – you are a ‘doer’ rather than a talker, and you show your appreciation and affection of your friends through small actions of kindness. You’re a very responsible friend, and always there for them. Sometimes, because the 10th house is in the sun emotional needs are something of importance.