Scorpio and Cancer Compatability

Scorpio and Cancer Compatability

When heading out on a new Romantic venture, many of us would be feeling nervous and curious about what’s to come, and that is only natural! Looking to the stars is often a good way to help us feel more comfortable and familiar with things that might arise in a new relationship. It can give us a better understanding of what to look out for, and what we can feel secure about from the get-go. 

Scorpio and Cancer are four signs apart – one of the ideal compatibility matches in theory. They are definitely able to have a strong connection as two water signs who are very led by their emotions and heart, but there could be a few obstacles along the way. Water signs, in an attempt to be carefree and calm, can often avoid difficult conversations and skip the truth in order to rush harmony and peace where there may be an obstacle that first needs addressed. However, these two signs have a very good ability to connect non-verbally, and through body language and action will be able to communicate their needs and feelings to each other in a way that few other couples can. By going over the tendencies of each sign and how they are likely to interact with each other, we can explore some problems to expect and how to tackle them, as well as the beautiful moments this couple is likely to share. 


Cancers are known for being deeply emotional characters. This allows them to be very sympathetic and loyal friends, always getting involved in their friends’ struggles, there to help at every corner. They are highly imaginative, meaning a lot of Cancers are very creative souls, and this paired with their emotionality can allow them to produce great art, that may help them deal with their hypersensitivity. This sensitivity can cause them to be quite insecure, and sometimes hide away within themselves if they feel that they are going to get hurt. They can sometimes become manipulative without meaning to be, as they try to coax their partner into showing that they love them without just asking outright as they try to avoid conflict at all costs.

However, cancer’s great empathetic abilities and concern for those they love will often push them to return to their partner on their own. They will feel out their emotions without words, and rekindle their connection. Cancer values stability, and desires a harmonious home life and a tight-knit family to come home to. They want a life partner, and so are very committed to relationships and can always be counted on as reliable. Where Scorpio desires change in conflict with Cancer’s desire for stability, there may stem some problems, but their commitment to care emotionally for their partner should help them find a happy medium.


Passion is a leading factor in Scorpio’s personality, which shows in their tendency to be a true friend to their companions and love hard when they find someone who truly loves them back. They are resourceful, assertive and very self-sufficient – but usually prefer to live their life around others, fearing loneliness. Everything they do is determined by their emotions, experiencing life through them, and so will always act by their heart rather than their head. Their straightforwardness and confidence means they tend to have a very large group of friends, which they will always be eager to introduce to their new partner.

Scorpio’s more negative traits are their lack of communicative ability and their stubbornness. They don’t always understand why others struggle with their emotions, as they are so intuitive to Scorpio. This can lead to Scorpio becoming frustrated, sometimes even progressing to violence as they struggle to articulate their thoughts and feelings into words. Dishonesty is a big dislike for Scorpio too, and so they are regularly trying to get to the bottom of things when it may not seem to others that there is a very big problem at all. From their tendency to love hard and full can also come jealousy, as commitment comes so naturally to them and they want to see others to do the same for them. However, their maturity will often prevent them from jumping to conclusions – you will know fairly quickly if Scorpio feels there is a problem, and so most problems are unlikely to escalate.

Cancer And Scorpio Relationship Beginning

The first thing that Scorpio seeks from a partner is trust. If Cancer fails to reveal enough of themselves, or disrespects the Scorpio’s time by cancelling dates at the last minute, it is likely that Scorpio will not pursue the relationship any further. However, if both respect each other and find an interest in the others personality, they will rather quickly develop a good emotional connection. The most unique thing about Scorpio/Cancer partnership is their ability to communicate without words, and this mental language will develop rather quickly. Scorpio, although heavily guided by their emotions, generally fails to communicate their emotions out loud or explain why they acted a certain way. While this can become an issue for many, Cancer’s ability to read people intuitively and relate to their emotionality should bring this communication gap and create a deep connection that few others have. 

What Is The Perfect Date

 for Cancer And Scorpio?

Finding activities in common is one area where Scorpio and Cancer incompatibilities are most clearly visible. Scorpio likes danger and change and risk, where Cancer likes relaxation and calm, stable happy moments. One nice idea for the two to meet in the middle is water. Cancers very commonly love water, and enjoy a relaxing swim through nature. While they relax and take a slow swim about, Scorpio could explore nearby rocks or do some water sports, while Cancer looks on lovingly.  Alternatively, Scorpio are very sociable people, and a nice meal with friends, or a bar that is equally exhilarating but not too loud and busy should be a happy medium for the two. Cancer’s sentimentality will cause them to hold on to these memories, and so even if they are just observing the Scorpio in their element, they will be satisfied to have an image to hold on to. 

Cancer And Scorpio - What to Watch out For

Scorpio’s can often become possessive and jealous if they have a problem that they are not able to communicate. Some problems will not make it into their unspoken language, and if Cancer has a lot going on in their life at some point, they may miss the silent signs of their partner trying to tell them that something is wrong. Scorpio can be very uncomfortable when they have to vocalise their problems, and Cancer so fears conflict, that they can become very passive aggressive and manipulative to each other if a problem is missed and allowed to fester. This all stems from the intense emotionality of both signs, and their inability to act logically rather than by their heart. If both are able to address their own issues and understand that sometimes words are the best form of communication, the problem can eventually be solved. Empathetic, both will regret hurting each other, and allow their heart to take the forefront in forgiveness as they rapidly dive back into loving each other fully.

Cancer And Scorpio - Sex In the Bedroom

The sexual relationship between Scorpio and Cancer is hot hot hot, these two are perfect in the bedroom together, often the best sex each other has ever had. If the two are getting along well, they will find explosions in the bedroom, intuition and non-verbal communication leading each to know exact what the other wants in the moment. Sometimes they just know what each other wants and naturally just do the right thing. It's as if they telepathic. Scorpio is likely taking the lead. Scorpios are generally very experimental in the bedroom, and like to try new and dangerous things. This may alarm Cancer, and it is important that they express verbally what they are comfortable with. While the two have a great emotional connection that will lead to being very caring partners to each other in bed, it is important to not rely on their non-verbal communication here, and to express if one is uncomfortable vocally, so that they can progress at a good pace for both.

Scorpio and Cancer - What Others Think of Your Relationship?

Scorpio and Cancer are likely to have a somewhat private relationship. As they don’t tend to communicate their feelings in words to each other, it is unlikely that they will communicate their relationship to others. However, their strong connection will be visible to all, especially Scorpio’s large friend group. Scorpio’s friends will want them to be looked after emotionally, and Cancer is likely to be able to do that very well. 

Scorpio and Cancer Overall Compatability

The deep emotionality and strong connection between these two is overwhelmingly beautiful and unique. The care they have for each other, and ability to tap into their emotions and love will cause them to share some great moments and feelings. While obstacles do arise between them, they can be easily dealt with either through their ability to read each other, or simply by knowing when to let go of control and when to take it back. As always, finding a sense of vulnerability will strengthen their relationship, as they acknowledge that they need each other, and deserve to be treated and treat each other well. This relationship will be strong and heavy, with immense love and connection. If these two can develop a good form of communication, both with words and without, they are destined to have a long and happy life together, and be the basis for a very strong family unit.