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Chances are you already know your sun sign. I mean, there are Horoscopes available every day, not to mention the thousands of Zodiac memes that are shared amongst friends to lovingly insult each other's unique personality traits! Your star (or sun) sign represents which sign the Sun was in when you were born, the Earth takes 30-31 days to change signs as it orbits the Sun, so you share your sign with all others born in the same month as you. 

Most of us understand and know our own sun signs. This can mean perhaps you are a beautiful Scorpio or a mysterious Gemini. The sun sign is basically the most popular zodiac sign that you see in newspapers and this is your weekly horoscope. What many people don't know is that we have a powerful moon sign as well. It is equally a huge influence upon our lives.

Okay, so we know that your Sun sign is based on your birth month, and offers an insight to potential talents and characteristics that the rest of the are sorld see’s, but what on earth is a ‘Moon sign’? And how do you work it out? Well, working out your moon sign is (a lot) more specific than your Sun sign. Not only do you need your birth date, but the exact time and place you were born. 

If you’re not sure of your moon sign, why not take a quiz to calculate yours.

So, it’s your moon sign that reveals the real you, the hidden you that the rest of the world does not see. The private person inside that you know so well. The moon only stays in each sign for about 2-3 days, which largely explains why you may be so different to the other people you know who share your Sun sign, so time to stop comparing! Your moon sign shapes your emotions, worries, fears and longings along with your soul. It’s the hidden force controlling the state of your inner world, bringing light to all that lies under the surface, and highlighting your deepest needs.

Your moon sign also has a great impact on your relationships with others, and how you truly feel about those bonds. It’s deep! Looking for your soul-mate? Checking out your moon sign and theirs is a good place to start. Having Sun or moon signs in similar elements (earth, air, fire or water) can be a factor in how well the two of you will connect, emotionally. Seeing as your moon sign is all about those deep emotions.

As an example, independent Aires moons like to avoid mushy feelings, instead preferring spontaneity and excitement, Libra moons easy going nature creates a perfect match as they can remind Aries that relationships are give and take, and equal between both people.

Your moon signs element is helpful in understanding your inner world and how you may typically react in emotional situations, it can also change the tone at which you express your Sun sign by amplifying it, or muting it. For example if you are a fire Sun sign, but a water moon sign you will likely be careful with your actions and quite mellow, however if you are fire Sun and moon sign your expressions of both will be more vivid. 

To better understand the four elements, we can look at the interactions they have with one another. For example, fire and air. Fire requires air to grow and flourish but too much and the fire becomes uncontrollable. Not enough and it will burn out. It’s all about finding the balance. Fire and air can create exciting relationships, however these can burn out as quickly as they started.

Moon Sign Calculator in Aries

For lunar arians nothing happens quite fast enough! Life can become a series of minor emergencies and they can be rather impatient. This means they usually are impulsive and dislike waiting around for things to just happen to them.

Aries is a fiery position (remember the elements we talked about?) Well even if your Star and rising sign are quite low key, moon in Aries people will likely have a strong inner passion and fire. Having this is your moon sign indicates you like to juggle a huge array of projects all at the same time making sure that these projects come to a successful outcome. If you are a female and your moon sign happens to be areas and this can suggest that you are likely to be a business leader. 

You must bear in mind though that when it comes to love you got a strong personality and you may be misunderstood by others. Having a moon sign of Aries can also suggest that you are comfortable but also self-motivated and have a memorable personality this is the thing that people love about you most. If you are male with an Aries Moon sign this can suggest you looking for balance in areas of your life. It can mean that sometimes you use charm at work in order to get jobs complete. There's always excitement around you and a huge amount of salability and compatibility with females that hold the cardinal sign. In love, both male and female aries like feeling excited and enjoy fun in the relationship.

Moon Sign Calculator in Taurus

Moon in taurus natives are usually very romantic, their emotions being warm and deep, however, the placement of the moon in this sign suggests an ability to protect themselves and their interests. Taurus moon is an earth sign, meaning that many with this sign are down to earth and have a strong link to the physical world.

Moon Sign Calculator in Gemini

Lunar gemini’s can be nervous and worry often, they enjoy time spent reading, talking and thinking, this is because of the airy mutable position of the moon. Lunar gemini’s are usually very pleasant and easy to get along with. However when with their families or in their home life, they can be a little moody and irritable. This could be because some with this sign struggle with their internal emotions.

Moon Sign Calculator in Cancer

The moon is the natural ruler of this sign meaning it is most at home here. Moon in cancer natives have an ability to get in touch with the moods and feelings of others, and their emotional memory is exceptional. Because of their tendencies to hold onto emotions from the past some moon in cancer natives can find it difficult to let go, and move on.

Moon in Leo

Lunar leo’s usually have a need to organise and potentially control things, there is an internal force driving them to set things right. Lunar leo’s require lots of love and affection and can create quite the emotional display if these needs are not met.

Moon in Virgo

A lunar virgo is at their best when they’re helping others, keeping busy and organising things. An unhappy lunar virgo can be somewhat fussy and complain a lot, this is mainly due to their need to control everything, so when things aren’t quite going their way, it can be an issue.

Moon in Libra:

Moon in libra people have a very strong need for partnership, they crave that romantic connection with another and this often leads to young marriages or partnerships. Sadly, without someone to share their lives with, moon in libra natives may feel utterly incomplete. Both men and women of this position can come across very attractive, you may find yourself wanting to be around them. Lunar librans can be flirty without trying to be!

Moon in Scoprio:

There is something very intense about lunar scorpio’s, they seek out emotional intensity in their relationships and dramatic ups and downs. Moon in scorpio natives find it easy to read others, knowing others emotions before they themselves do, this can be off putting to some, but a very attractive seen as a very attractive quality by others.

Moon in Sagittarius:

Most of all lunar sagguttaruin’s need space, and to feel free. This may lead to a love of travel, and a spacious, bright, open plan home. People with the moon in Sagittarius like to wing it, they just know that everything will work out. They are lovers of the truth and can make excellent teachers.

Moon in Capricorn:

This position of the moon suggests lunar capricorns require realistic goals and clear boundaries. Under the surface however they may have some dark emotions and mood swings, some may come across cold and calculating, but hide this well with their sarcastic sense of humour.

Moon Sign Calculator in Aquarius:

Moon in Aquarius people often grow up feeling ‘different’, they may bury themselves in social interactions, but are loners at heart. Due to the moon in this position some with this moon may have irrational qualities such as jealousy and possessiveness, which they will deny, fearing it may affect their ability to ‘fit in’.

Moon Sign Calculator in Pisces

Lunar pisceans are often known for not having a tight grasp of reality, they are able to put themselves into others shoes and show great empathy. Moon in pisces natives may be labelled ‘day dreamers’ or ‘spaced out’, but there is much more to them than meets the eye. Pisces moon can easily find daily life overwhelming, and require that ‘spaced out’ time alone to deal with their reality.

Moon Sign And Lovers

If you're in love we are looking to understand if a certain zodiac sign is compatible with you then ancient astrologers always looked at the moon sign. But what does the faraway moon mean for lovers? Knowing your sun sign and moon sign in combination will give you an overview of a perfect match in regards to lovers.

Studying compatibility astrology has been something that I've been doing for many many years. Interestingly, the moon sign doesn't eclipse but the sun sign does therefore we need to look at the different rhythms in the astrological sphere. If you've looked at the beautiful moon in dark night sky you will see it is surrounded by a huge array of beautiful silvery stars stop the moon itself is a symbolization of our deepest emotion and more importantly reflects our comfort levels in life. As you can imagine the moon hides many deep secrets and you can learn to speak the language of the moon. 

The sun and moon conjunction and the Mars and Venus conjunction when this happens there is total romantic compatibility. If your moon sign is exactly the same as your sun sign then this is a positive omen. If two people's sun and moon signs match then this can indicate soulmate or twin flames. I also found when reading charts that the conjunction of Mars and Venus can blend male and female energies into a perfect match.