Mercury Retrograde


Emotions during this time are crazy and high, also there seems to be a dwelling on past problems and also ex-lovers might pop up. May 2021 brings lockdown and massive mercury retrograde. Which will follow us until May 12th?

Crashing computers, communications that cause misunderstandings, storms and bad electrics are normal during this time! It’s chaos out there. Some people call this the Mercury retro-shade and this means we feel the crazy backspins of mercury affecting us all in a strange way.

  • This happens in the following months: May 29 to June 22 in Gemini.
  • The third and final retrograde of 2021 is from September 27 to October 18 in Libra.

Have you ever had experienced problems in your life when everything feels up in the air, nothing seems to go to plan? Your work gets deleted, you argue with loved ones about things that aren’t important, you’re stuck in a traffic jam in scorching temperatures, and your laptop decides to freeze as you’re finally putting the final touches to a very important piece of work. Flights are rescheduled or you find yourself sat in an airport for hours, your destined holiday resort decides to close. Plans seem to be moved without consideration and your family and friends are still annoyed at you about insignificant ridiculous arguments where you couldn’t decide on whether to trim those weeds down in the garden or let them branch out a bit. I'm talking about the time where you are finding so much "drama" in life but there is something beyond that.

What is a Mercury Retrograde?

Each planet has its own unique cycle, mercury orbits the sun. Mercury retrograde is connected to all things electronic, text message, WhatsApp might be going a bit crazy for a bit. We all need a mercury retrograde from time to time. 

This is sometimes called the Mercury Retrograde, but what it it? In astrology, Mercury is the ruler of communication, travel, and technology and when it falls in retrograde, life can go berserk for about three weeks. All planets pass the Earth in orbit, and when Mercury begins to slow near-earth it is known as a "station" and when the planet spins in a backward motion it is known as being in "retrograde." All planets pass through a retrograde at some point in the year: Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. In fact, all planets spend about 4-5 months popping in and out of retrograde. Planets often go into retrograde for a period of time but it can sometimes be complete months. 

It looks like are being overtaken is the best way to explain it. Imagine sitting on a train and you look out the window and you are stationary, the train next to you because it is moving (but you are still) it feels like the train you are on is going backwards but it's not. That is mercury retrograde. It is like the train is in motion and being carried down the track but it's not. In essence, it's not like your driving in a car on a bumpy road, you are juggling symbolically the way forward. 

In astrology, it can signal reunions that people will experience and things are slowing down and people will turn inwards. We are all stuck inside due to this virus there would still be the sense of having to take along a psychological look at the emotional or mental psychological effect. Of course, it isn’t really moving backward, but much like two people passing each other in a street. 

What’s a Shadow Period or Mercury Retro-shade?

Did you know as well the retrograde is often called “reto shade” this is due to a shadow phase around a two-week window before and after Mercury go direct. I will try to explain how the mercury retrograde feels, imagine standing stationary but everyone is running around you. That is how it feels in retrograde. And that's probably a bad analogy, but what I wanted to say was that without a mercury retrograde it feels like moving forward with whatever mistakes you make will continue to go forward without thinking too deeply. Mercury goes into retrograde you will naturally take a long hard look at yourself,  thinking how you can clean up and make amends. Children born under a Mercury retrograde can suggest a more spiritual presence in life.

Mercury Retrograde - What to Expect

The question now is what can you take from this experience? Well, the Mercury retrograde can mean that this is a tremendous time to communicate with others or control them. There really is a misapprehension that you will be following a mercury retrograde cycle, when in fact you just need to let it pass. Mercury is different from the other planets, it focuses on transferring of paperwork, and during this it was found electrical signals play up, it’s smart to protect all sensitive and important data with passwords and back it up onto the virtual cloud or on a hard drive. You can either sort out some contracts before the planet orbits, or wait until after Mercury passes throughout of retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde - Birth Chart Retrograde

When you were born the planet Mercury was circling all around the sky and passing through one of the 12 zodiac star formations, you obviously know what your sun sign is which is what we read in the newspapers for horoscopes. This is the specific point of where the sun was positioned during your moment of birth the sun sign itself normally defines your personality. If you were born in a Mercury retrograde you may gain more clarity, be more awake spiritually aware or feeling motivated rather than have the stress it causes others. Often when I find mercury retrograde presented in a client's birth chart it is likely that they will not think before they act. It can suggest that they are a great writer all you might doubt themselves too much. Those that do have this planet in their birth chat usually have a quirky sense of humor and enjoy communicating on different levels. 

Mercury Sign In Birth Charts

The birth chart contains different planets spinning around at the time of your birth. The planet Mercury has domination over how we communicate and process information, it is a representation of our own “words.” We all have what is called a mercury sign. Our mercury sign at the time of birth helps us understand how we communicate with other people. It could mean that we are sociable or alternatively like to keep ourselves to ourselves. Mercury sign also helps us understand how we deal with conflict and stand up for ourselves in the face of adversity. As you all know I enjoy studying astrology charts and when one is presented to me where the mercury sign is in retrograde I find that the person has a unique personality. Surprisingly, communication traits are ruled by this site. 

In our modern world, we have so many ways to communicate via social media. This could be Facebook, Twitter, or even text messages. Society itself relies on exchanging information. Children are changing the way they play, in that they are now communicating over electronic devices such as play stations or computers. Mercury is a planet that gives us an idea of how we should be communicating.

Aries In Mercury Retrograde

March 21 of April 19 is a sudden sign of Aries. If you have encountered mad times then Mercury retrograde is here.  The ruling planet for Cardinal Aries is Mars and when Mercury goes in retro-shade this can be a very emotional time for you. You properly feel rather annoyed with people around you, it's fantastic that we are all searching for ourselves not in calm and happiness. During the Mercury retrograde, you may feel conflict or anger in various relationships especially in connection with your job. The advice during this period of time is to try not to get too emotional to focus on what you really want out of life.


Taurus In Mercury Retrograde

Taurus falls between April 24 May 20 during a retro-shade communication issue may spiral out of control. You could accidentally be saved by somebody (by words) and not realize the consequences of what you are saying. They could be possible conflicts with others, especially in a work context. Try to think before you speak is advice during this period of time. 

Gemini In Mercury Retrograde

Gemini falls between May 21 and June 20. When your planet hits Mercury retrograde prepare for a focused and challenging time ahead. This is a bumpy time for you. When your sun sign passes earth from the vantage point then things are going a bit haywire. Watch out for crashing computers, causing misunderstandings. 

Cancer In Mercury Retrograde

Cancer falls between the dates of the 21st of June and July 22nd So happy birthday! Mercury is doing its strange things right now and the retrograde can suggest that you need to revamp your life and voyage into a new phase in life. After this retrograde peace could come. 

Leo In Mercury Retrograde

For Leos (Born July 23rd and August 22nd) the mercury retrograde can indicate that it is time to think about being on your own and think things through. Mercury retrograde is a motivator of your own teamwork and how you communicate with other people. 

Virgo In Mercury Retrograde

Born between August 23rd and September 22nd is the wonderful Virgo. What happens in a retrograde for you? Perhaps you're picking up the pace on a project at work or you're looking at an exciting new digital venture. Communication is key right now however it's important to think about the bigger picture and not to dream too much. Try to ensure that you are clear about your intentions going forward. The retrograde is a warning to try not to become too moody.

Libra In Mercury Retrograde

Libra’s born between September 23rd and October 22nd - during the Mercury retrograde means, there is no halfway house. People are either in or out or not at all. When the retrograde settles down and is halfway through it can suggest that Virgos will be outspoken. It can mean that they are more honest in their approach to life and possibly reconnect with a lover. Also, don't be surprised if things feel more forgotten. 

Scorpios In Mercury Retrograde

Scorpios born between October 23rd and November 21st are full of dilemmas when it comes to retrograde time. The advice when it hits mercury is to just slow down and chill out. There is a focus on visiting new places but also be aware of your computer blowing up. Communicating mercury can also create a very dicey backspin when it comes to your love life. This can cause two people to be in conflict or ex-partners emerging. Drama certainly is the order of the day and the Mercury retrograde can suggest that romance will be stalled for you - lovely Scorpio.

Sagittarius In Mercury Retrograde

Beautiful Sagittarius born on November 22nd to December 21st - but what does it mean when retrograde hits your sun sign. The bold and expansive mercury can make a real alliance. However, there can be some kerfuffle, this is because Mercury naturally comes with chaos. There will be a lot of selflessness during the Mercury retrograde and the advice is to keep your eyes wide open while you're grooving and moving through your day. On a personal level, love breakthroughs often seen during Mercury retrograde for you.

Scorpios In Mercury Retrograde

Scorpios born between October 23rd and November 21st are full of dilemmas when it comes to retrograde time, I am one myself. The advice when it hits mercury is to just slow down and chill out. There is a focus on visiting new places but also be aware of your computer blowing up. Communicating mercury can also create a very dicey backspin when it comes to your love life. This can cause two people to be in conflict or ex-partners emerging. Drama certainly is the order of the day and the Mercury retrograde can suggest that romance will be stalled for your lovely Scorpio.

Capricorn In Mercury Retrograde

Capricorn born in December 22nd to January 2019 when in retrograde is really interesting. What we need to remember is that in it would probably have a hard time connecting people are focused but things might seem slightly crazy and rather disorganized in life. Well even if your star and rising sign are in quite a low social level, social connection with others and social situations mean that you may find yourself socializing more even on social media during mercury retrograde. 

Aquarius In Mercury Retrograde

Aquarious born between January 20th and February 18th in mercury retrograde can suggest that you will look at your life and things will be much more focused. Self care is important to you as is planning for future events. The retrograde in Aquarius can suggest that you are going to focus areas of your life to your own diet, health and well-being this is a positive time for you among the chaos of the retrograde.

Pisces in Mercury Retrograde

If your sun sign falls under Pisces and you are born between February 19 March 20 then you may find the Mercury retrograde is connected to your own internal creativity. You may find it's a time which is super challenging at the moment because you tend to be distracted by many different types of people. It can always take a long time to focus on why you wish to do certain things. Sometimes we never really know that classically the mercury retrograde means and its a great time for a new start!

Mercury Retrograde - Let’s Stop for a Second

Here is my advice on how to deal with the Mercury Retrograde.

  • Be flexible in life - it is a time to just go with the flow.
  • Follow your own inner voice rather than any logical explanations.
  • While travelling double check that you have correctly gathered all the material you need.
  • Make sure that everything is backed up especially on your computer double check mobile phones or server usage. 
  • Approach things in a flexible manner double check contracts.
  • Your ex lover may appear doing a mercury retrograde.
  • Double check all work and don't cut any corners.
  • Arguments may happen and you might have trouble sleeping.
  • Strange things happen in life during the retrograde.
  • A tiger eye crystal can help keep you protected.

2020 Mercury Retrograde Dates

  • Here is my breakdown of the dates in 2020:
  • Mercury Retrograde  is between February 16 to March 3 in Pisces
  • Mercury Retrograde  is between March 4 to March 9 in Aquarius
  • Mercury Retrograde is between June 18 to July 12 in Cancer
  • Mercury Retrograde is between October 13 to November 3 in Scorpio