Aries and Leo Love Compatibility

Aries And Leo Compatibility

In love compatibility, Aries and Leo are both powerhouses – full of passion and individuality. Every emotion in this relationship will be fully energized and will pass its peak quickly.  When heading out on a new Romantic venture, it’s natural to feel nervous and curious about what’s to come. Looking to astrology can help us feel more comfortable and familiar as we navigate the new relationship, what to look out for, and what to feel secure about.

Together, Aries and Leo don’t tend to form a head-over-heels ideal Romance, like one paved out in the movies, but they don’t really care. They are passionate and stubborn and will commit to their idea of love once they think they’ve found it. There will be high hurdles to pass, but there will only be one at a time, and everything in between will be plain-sailing. The real beauty of this relationship is the fun that they will have together, so knowing what to expect can help you dig through the rough patches, and reach the excitement that fills all the gaps in between.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility - Leo

Leo’s are first and foremost creative, lavish and fun. They enjoy the luxuries, expensive food and fine wine, exciting bars and the perfect coffee shops – anywhere really where they can be spoiled and be the centre of attention. They also tend to be very warm and generous; the kind of friend that will spend hours planning the perfect surprise party, or organising a big group gift for a special birthday.

They are leaders and they love it, but this can also lead them to be inflexible and arrogant if someone tries to tame them. As the Lion of the stars, the Leo doesn’t like to be caged. The main difference they will have with their Aries is Leo’s tendency to be lazy – it is an inherent part of who they are. Leo’s don’t like to rush their way through a list of tasks and activities – they like to pause, relax and soak up the moment. This could be a big starting clash with their Aries partner who is constantly on the go, and is eager to move from one activity straight onto the next.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility - Aries

Aries are well known for the hyped-up energy and drive that causes them to push through so many tasks and hobbies, that you just never know what they’re going to be doing next. Confidence exudes, and their optimism and honesty always makes Aries very easy to talk to and get to know. They are exciting and new, and will pull the Leo in with their big ideas from the get-go. But they are also notoriously impatient, and Leo’s laziness may start to play on the Aries nerves, as they feel held back and restricted by Leo’s inability to move as fast they do.

Their short-temper and passion can cause them to ignite over this and feel like they are not getting enough of the leadership role. Ideally, the Aries and Leo can tackle this by accepting different schedules – the Leo can go have coffee and drinks with friends, while the Aries plays sports, goes to the gym, does some cooking and creates magnificent art all in under a few hours, leaving them burnt out enough to get on the same level as their lazy Leo at the end of the day, ready for a romantic night in.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility - In the Beginning

The first communications between these two will be very high energy conversations, full of admiration and respect for each other. They will burst with excitement at finding another person with so much passion and confidence, and lead each other into whole new worlds of interest. Leo loves to talk about Leo and Aries loves to hear about Leo – so there’s the first common interest! Aries often have questions flying left, right and centre, as they dive whole-heartedly into their new project person, striving to find out everything that makes them tick as soon as they possibly can.

Leo will adore the attention, and feel encouraged by the matched energy they receive from their new partner. And in the fresh flirtation fever, Leo might even overcome their laziness enough to become creatively inspired by the Aries’s many talents and tasks. There’s no doubt that the sparks will fly and getting to know each other will be a thrilling experience for both.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility - Perfect Date

Leo’s have notoriously high standards, always searching out the best of the best bars and hot spots in town. They like to be treated well, spoiled and gifted, like the king or queen they are. Aries like active dates, such as a dinner they can cook themselves, or a bar crawl that is on the go and fast-paced. This will likely be too much moving for the Leo, but there is definitely potential to find the right balance, and with the confidence of each you should be able to figure out what works for you both fairly quickly. 

If you really want to charm a Leo and have a bit of cash to splash, a holiday is the way to go, whether it’s a romantic city weekend break, or a first anniversary trip to Mexico. Leo’s love adventure, being pampered, and soaking up the culture of a new place, and Aries are more than able to get on board with the jet-setting lifestyle too! But this isn’t the ideal first date for many – so be honest and communicative, and sort a few of your favourite bars to hit on the one night, and let the sparks begin to fly.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility - What to Watch out For

As the relationship begins to develop, a few cracks may begin to show – but not to worry! They’re definitely manageable. Leo’s have a very big personality that they are able to use to their advantage, constantly drawing people in. As the Leo receives more and more attention on nights out and with friends, this could make the Aries jealous. They are usually the strong personality in a room with no Leo’s, so they aren’t used to having to compete so hard for attention. Plus, Aries is now attached to Leo, and wants the reassurance that this relationship is for life. They may struggle with this dynamic in social situations and this could lead to arguments.

And these arguments can be heavy. The passion and confidence of both signs will lead to heated arguments, filled with chaotic energy. Both value clarity and conciseness in communication, and this can lead to some brutality honest, hurtful statements thrown at each other in the heat of the moment. But this honesty will push the argument to a head quickly, and it usually dissipates as fast as it begins. The hurtful statements said in the moment are unlikely to come back up, as both are certain of their love for each other and don’t wish to hurt each other. It’s about knowing the rough patches will come, speaking up, being honest, and listening to each other so that the two can move on and get back to the exciting fun that is at the core of their relationship.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility - Sex

Another advantage to the relationship, is that heated arguments lead to heated sex. The make-up is sudden and strong, and as both remember how much they love each other, the sex embodies their passions. Make-up sex is definitely this couple’s strong suit. Aries and Leo also tend to be very compatible in the bedroom. They usually have similar interests and this allows them to both feel comfortable in their confidence, and even if they don’t, they will enjoy the new venture into uncharted territory. Their energy is constant, neither’s passion is likely to burn out, and so intimacy will be something that ties them to together throughout the whole relationship. 

What will Others Think of Your Relationship

Aries and Leo fit the ideal compatibility match in the stars – 4 signs apart, not a necessity, but definitely a plus! Your friends will enjoy the exciting stories of your new relationship and will recognise and appreciate the boost in energy that your new partner has given you. The Aries’s friends will likely gain a new friend in Leo too, as their social ability exudes into every new friend group. This connection will strengthen the relationship even more, as the two are tied by their compatibility and relationships with others. 

The passion you both have for each other will be clear, and friends are likely to support the energetic, fun and positive relationship. The confidence that is gained from others believing in you will add an ease to the relationship that secures you both for life.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility - Overall Relationship

Aries and Leo’s common determination are likely to keep them together for a long time. Once they feel the strength of their love, they will be committed to a full long life with their partner. The fire and energy is the key to this relationship, so keeping it exciting and fresh is what will lead to personal happiness for both in their love life. Don’t try to find a comfortable calm place to settle down after a few years, as this will just lead to a lack of communication and distancing, as each powerhouse searches for their fill of energy elsewhere. 

Having kids and getting married, buying a house and all those great things are fine – but keep your spontaneity alive and keep the other on their toes!

Commitment to honesty in the fights, and holding on to the respect that you have for each other enough to hear the other’s voice, will push you through to overcome the hurdles. Use the fire to bring joy to each other, instead of conflict, and just have fun.