Aries and Cancer Love Compatibility

Aries and Cancer Love Compatibility

Water and fire mix together to make a bang or not! Cancer and Aries in a relationship bring together two opposite signs, one water, and one fire. Cupid is back on the scene with you two, it takes two to party but things might be a little bit mixed up when you argue.

If you have been struggling a little bit with communication then it's not surprising! In all honesty, when it’s great it is great! But when it is bad it can be really challenging this relationship. Your combination allows you guys to balance each other out. Watch out for a difficult and moody struggle! Both signs are found earlier in the zodiac, with Aries in the first house and Cancer in the fourth - this makes them the first signs of their elements, it’s what we call cardinal signs. 

Aries as fire and Cancer as water. So these signs actually square each other, and can contribute to either great compatibility or massive tension! Being opposing signs (due to their elements), they come at the world from completely different places with completely different perspectives. This difference can make or break a relationship - they can be the yin to the yang, or struggle to find common ground. An Aries and Cancer relationship needs to build a lot of understanding between each individual to make it work. 

Aries and Cancer Compatibility - As Individual Signs

Aries is the first sign of the astrological year - they come right after Pisces, the 12th house ends the cycle in December. Aries is then the first 'child' of the year, and is a very independent sign that wants to make a difference in the world and may leave their family far behind them. They love adventure, action, and have great ambitions.

Cancer, on the other hand, is a summer sign and a home-maker. They're one of the most yin signs of the zodiac, highly reflective and ruled by the moon with moods that ebb and flow like the tide. Cancers need a lot of love and affection - in fact, there's no limit to how much love they can receive, or give. If being showered in affection is not for you, then you shouldn't date a Cancer. Water signs like Cancer want to merge with their partners and share everything - Cancers are very open about this need for romance, dedication, loyalty, and pride. They won't brood like a Scorpio, or be gentle like a Pisces.

Aries and Cancer Compatibility - When it's good, it's good

Cancer is the zodiac's mother sign with boundless energy when it comes to taking care of and protecting the people they love. Aries is the baby - they can be very demanding in a relationship, but Cancer is happy to constantly meet those demands! Both are quite emotional signs, something that can be enhanced when you're together. This can be a good thing, but it can also lead to moodiness that's exacerbated by being together! On the other hand, you're both competitive spirits and will cheer each other on, motivating each other to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. Both signs enjoy relaxing rather than being on the go constantly, as Cancer is a natural homemaker and Aries a lover of lounging! This can work well together as both appreciate having a home base to return to.

You both enjoy a good argument - it gets everything out in the open, and can be passionate! However, Aries needs to remember that Cancer is sensitive and not to go overboard in a discussion. Cancer needs to respect Aries' need for space and give Aries the independence they desire. Both can learn a lot from this relationship - Cancer will learn to love without clinginess, and Aries to rely more on others and open up.

Aries and Cancer Compatibility - But when it's bad

Cancer is liable to feel insecure in a relationship with an Aries. Aries has to work very hard to provide emotional security to make Cancer feel stable. On the other hand, Cancer can be overbearing and clingy - something that the fiery spirited Aries might find irritating and stifling. In Astrological love match terms, fire and water signs have vastly different needs. To make a successful pair, a lot of compromising and discussion is essential. It's a challenge and won't be an easy relationship by any means. Water signs like cancer are soothing, nurturing and prone to depressive moods. Cancer craves security and comfort. Aries, a fire sign, can be aggressive, independent and even seeks discomfort in the name of adventure. Whilst water signs like to live in the past (which is usually viewed via their rosy-hued spectacles), fire signs look to the future and are constantly moving forwards. This may make it hard for the couple to strike a balance - whilst Cancer will like reminiscing, Aries will be looking forward to all the exciting things they have planned.

However, love matches with different elements can be a great opportunity to grow. After all, each element in astrology plays an important role in humankind. Aries will have to learn to slow down slightly and enjoy the comforts of home, whilst Cancer will be pushed to be more adventurous and risk-taking. An Aries-Cancer love match is all about compromise and coexisting: Aries will have to enter a world of family visits, downtime and repeat vacations, whilst Cancer will have to meet new people and change up their routine!

In sum, water and fire signs might work well together, but they may well not. Water can put out a fire, but it may also extinguish a vibrant flame - likewise, fire can warm up cold water, or cause it to evaporate! So Cancer can 'extinguish' the bright Aries, and likewise, Aries can cause Cancer to 'disappear' completely.

Aries and Cancer Compatibility - Balance

Every sign in astrology has a polarity - either yin or yang. Cancer is a yin sign, whilst Aries is a yang sign. This means Cancer is more receptive and feminine (no matter the gender of the individual) and Aries is more assertive and masculine. This can lead to a wonderful balance between the two partners - each of your skills and traits complimenting the opposite in the other. However, things can become polarised quickly. The yin sign might become too passive and sacrifice everything very easily for their partner, whilst the yang can become selfish, domineering and even aggressive. Yin signs should work to become more assertive and confident, whilst the yang sign should cultivate more patience and sensitivity.

Aries and Cancer are also squared signs - this means that they are three signs apart. This is a somewhat harsh, 90-degree angle that creates a push and pull dynamic. It can also signal the unearthing of some troubling past issues, possibly reopening old wounds from parents or parental figures. There will be power struggles and tension, even when things are going well! The square aspect teaches us how to compromise with strong-willed people - if you can find the balance, you might just learn a great deal from this relationship.

Aries and Cancer Compatibility - Relationship Tips

1. Listen to each other - and we mean really listen, don't just wait for when it's your time to respond! This is a relationship which requires a lot of understanding. You both need to take the time to see each other's perspective and the problems the other is facing.

2. Forgive.

3. Pick your fights well - you don't have to argue about everything!

4. Spend time together enjoying lighthearted things. Cancer is liable to be moody and mopy at times, so it's good to keep things light and fun.

5. Aries should accept Cancer's moodiness and cherish it, rather than shying away from it.

6. Don't engage in power struggles - playing games and keeping score of who won when will not get you anywhere.

7. Don't be overly demanding of your partner. Aries might push Cancer to be too adventurous, and Cancer might push Aries to open up quicker than they want. Be aware of each other's strengths and weaknesses before you start asking for too much.

8. Learn from each other's differences rather than falling out over them.

9. Remember that both of you have very strong temperaments and may need time apart to regain your balance.

10. Both Aries and Cancer are passionate signs - don't shy away from this, embrace it!

Aries and Cancer Compatibility - Aries and Cancer as Parents

As parents, Aries and Cancer make an interesting duo. After all, it's a marriage of opposites with these two signs, but both have great communication skills and the energy to make it work. A child or children will thrive with them as parents - highly empathetic Cancer is a natural parent who will understand their offspring and help them achieve whatever dreams they want. Aries, a creative and independent sign, will teach their child a love of the arts and adventure.

However, Aries has to be held in check by Cancer - they may be too eager to sign their child up for activities they don't enjoy or push them too quickly out of their comfort zone (just as they do the same to their partner Cancer!). Aries can have a fierce temper and be insensitive at times, even with their children! Meanwhile, Cancer, left to their own devices, will stifle a child with too much love and devotion, being over-protective to the point they may never get to experience anything.

All in all, the couple will make great parents and easily balance each other's bad traits, bringing out each other's strengths. Cancer will be looking out for the child's wellbeing (both emotional and physical) whilst Aries will be providing the fun and inspiration in their kid's life. With parents like this, anything is possible!

Aries and Cancer Compatibility - Summary

Aries and Cancer may not be a match made in heaven, but their relationships can go incredibly well if they take the time to learn from each other, and listen to each other! As natural opposites in terms of yin and yang signs and their fire-water elements, it might not seem at first glance that things are going to go well. It's true, the relationship will not be smooth sailing, but it can be an opportunity for growth and great love if the work is put in.

Aries needs to work on being more understanding and empathetic towards the moody Cancer - whilst Cancer needs to work on giving Aires space and independence they need. A lot can be achieved by listening to each other’s different perspectives, and as squared signs, a lot of personal growth can be achieved in this relationship. It may also bring old wounds up from the past (parental issues!) but this can be overcome. If the couple can survive the initial phase, they will make insanely good parents and become the ultimate power couple, cheering each other and their offspring on!