The Magician

What The Magician means in a tarot reading

The Magician

The first numeric card in the tarot deck is the Magician card.

In the story of the Tarot the Magician is the progressed form of the Fool after having gathered all the knowledge and wisdom of the road. Now in this aspect the Magician knows that he is in charge of his reality. You are moving in a positive direction so do not hesitate. The key word for the Magician is ‘I will,’ expressing that the sheer force of his will makes him capable of doing literally anything he puts his mind to. If the Magician is blessing your reading, then now is the time for you to manifest all of the dreams that you have ever wanted and make them into a reality by focusing on what they are and then connecting to your image of God who will help make them come to fruition. The Magician says, ‘Yes, you will.’


The image of the Magician in the card shows a man who is standing in front of his powerful altar with tools that represent all four directions and the four suits in the tarot. He wields power over all of the forces of nature. If you draw this card then you are harnessing all of that power for your own life. Use it wisely.

The Magician is a card that encourages you to begin practicing deep levels of intrinsic desire focused meditations. Connect to the image in your mind or spirit of your higher self or higher source energy and this connection will bring you a higher perspective that will transform your desires into truth. The phrase, ‘Give it to God,’ is an excellent focal point for a person influenced by the Magician’s energy because through your direct communication with God you become capable of letting go of ‘how’ you are going to get something done and just relish in the knowledge that it WILL be. When you are presented with a decision that you feel that you absolutely cannot or do not know how to act on, do not waste your time in considering your possibilities. This is a card of action. Rather than wallowing, allow yourself to meditate on the manifestation rather than wondering how it will come to fruition.

In addition to encouraging deep meditation, the Magician also orders that you learn to focus and concentrate. The world is a very distracting place. One might ponder how it is that we get anything done. But when you have the help of the Magician you will know that it is time for you to practice the art that is focus because you will feel drawn to the process. Meditation is a skill acquired over time and with effort. The Magician tells you that it is time to make this effort for this effort will allow you to flourish in all aspects of your life. When you are feeling caught up in this monotony that is our everyday life sometimes, turn this work into play and keep in mind that every step that you take is one that you create. If we are the ones that create our experiences then why would we ever choose a negative one? This is a question that you should ponder if this card has come up in your reading.

The Magician In Love

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The idea of love or the acquisition thereof is one of the most sought after experiences in the span of a person’s life. This pursuit of love is right up there with wanting to be a millionaire. We think about it a lot. But much like money, when it comes to love many of us has a poverty mindset. We are of the opinion that we are as worthy of great expanses of money as we are a satisfying, beautiful, romantic and electric love, and that is none at all. The fantasy of ineptitude in either of these situations is just that, a fantasy. The Magician in love says that you are not only worthy of love, but that you must be an active participant. If you want a partner, then you have to set goals for the type of person that you want and then you have to become that person. Otherwise, why would someone so fantastic be attracted to you if you do not believe you are worthy? If you have even one thought that says that you are not worthy of love, then you must first focus on that love of self to have what you want. If love is desire, which it most assuredly is, then in this the Magician has full control of love, for he is in full control of his will and his desire. Put yourself into the place of this powerful beacon of self-worth, and know that you will get what you think about.

The Magician in Health

When the Magician card appears in a reading regarding health then it must be assumed that there is a lack of fire that has become noticeable in the person that is requesting assistance. A lack of fire in the body means a lack of desire, potential for depression and an overall lack of momentum. In this the Magician seeks to provide hope for the person encouraging them to take control of their circumstances and to find small ways to become active in the pursuit of overall body and emotional health. The Magician says that you can have whatever you want, and so it is important for you to focus on the good health that you desire and only on that. If you are suffering from a mental illness, then training the mind to process in this way will greatly improve your life experience. The same goes with any other physical ailment; you must choose to harness the power of the Magician and only allow thoughts of healing and progress into your mind.

The Magician in Work and Wealth

The Magician appears in a reading about Work and Wealth to tell you that this is the peak time for you to choose your direction and that you have the full control. If you are pondering an investment, then see that endeavor working out in your mind’s eye and it will. Pursue the drive that the Magician encourages and act on opportunities that arise. When the Universe presents you with something amazing that you have been asking for, allow it to happen and act on it rather than react. When the Magician is transiting around you, you must take the action necessary to create your world.

The Magician Reversed

When the Magician appears in the reversed position in a reading there is a level of indecision that is making you feel stuck. The solution to this is to make a decision for yourself to pull you out of your stagnant state. The reversed position points out that there is a possibility that you are using your skills in an unhealthy way that could be having a negative influence on those around you, as well as making a note that you are not building your creative muscles and are ‘living by default.’ The Universe abhors a vacuum, if you are not intending your day every single day, then the Universe is going to fill the blanks in for you. Take this moment to remember that you have full control and that the more you practice visualizing your day from start to finish including all that you want to happen, the more in control you will be and the happier and more fulfilled will be your life experience. Make sure your objectives are clear and this will lead you in the direction you have created for yourself.

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