The Fool

What The Fool means in a tarot reading

The Fool

The Fool is the card of wild abandon and new beginnings.

In the life cycle of the Tarot, the Fool is the start of the story. He represents our childlike selves, or the beginning of a cycle. The Fool is often depicted as a young person, with knapsack in hand who is going places. And what will be the final destination? No one knows, but it does not matter.


For the Fool, the lesson is in the movement, in the adventure of Chance. The Fool often shows up in a reading as a reminder that we are taking life too seriously.

The Fool represents our childlike selves. The person we were before we understood that life can be burdened with an inordinate amount of responsibility. He tells us to break the routine, to try something new even if an experience ends up not turning out exactly the way that we thought it would. Bringing in new adventures and experiences builds character, and too often as a part of the human condition we get stuck in the monotony of our lives and routines, afraid to ever make a change.

The Fool tells us that it is healthy to break a routine now and again. How else can we gain perspective and appreciation for the life that we have created for ourselves? Embrace spontaneity to find truth. Shake things up. Express yourself. Do not be callous or cruel, but make changes and give in to laughter. The possibilities are endless, be joyous now.

When this card shows up in your reading, consider yourself invincible. There is a step or choice that needs to be made that will propel you forward to the next stage of your development. You cannot and should not ignore this message. Look for opportunities that sprout up around you to do something that you hadn’t considered before, and then consider it. With the Fool, you are encouraged to throw your fear aside.

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Here you will find understanding of all of the cycles of life, that death and birth will come and you no longer have to be afraid of what you do not know. Here in this adventure you are invincible. The Eternal optimist, the Fool is lucky because he knows no other way of being. He symbolizes unmitigated joy and he floats from experience to experience.

The Fool is honest and hardworking and explains that being forthright is the key to releasing us from our constraints of stunted secrecy. Now is the time to make a choice, to lay out your goals and begin accomplishing them. He promises clarity at the end of movement, because no matter what happens, when you put change into motion, change is what you will find. If you can find the joy in the change, then you will find happiness.

The Fool In Love

Often we hear the saying, ‘Only fools give in’ or, ‘foolishly in love.’ These sayings are designed to express a level of care-free behavior that has at times been knocked down in today’s skeptical society. There is an overall sentiment that foolish means stupid, and that you should always be in control.

But this is not so always in life. Responsibility and foolishness both have their place in the cycle of your life. If you ignore the fool within, the romantic, the jester then you might become only a shell of yourself and your existence can feel pointless.

Open yourself up to the endless possibility that this card signifies. Whilst pursuing counsel through the tarot about love and relationships the Fool says to tear down the walls that surround your heart and have some fun with the wild and ecstatic energy of love.

Now is an excellent time to pursue new love, to feel silly with someone or just to fall unconditionally in love with you. Embrace your inner fool and trust that falling in this phase is the point. If you get some cuts and bruises, brush yourself off and try again. When you feel fear, remember that you are never alone. Doubt is no more than indecision taking up residence in your heart. Make a decision, any decision and you will become free of the chains that bind you.

You are blessed in the phase of the Fool.

The Fool in Health

When it comes to health and wellness, the Fool card shows that there is more to be discovered within the body and emphasizes the need for physical activity. This card will usually show up if you have been living a somewhat dormant existence. Now is the time to get up off the couch and to pursue an activity that you have never pursued in order to help matters of the circulatory system as well as to strengthen the muscles for overall health.

The Fool in Work and Wealth

When the Fool appears in a reading revolving around abundance, money making, work and wealth it is time to search for some new angle of the work that you have either already begun or to find something new completely. This is not to say that it is time to just quit your job, but when the Fool shows up, he tells us to pay attention to other opportunities that are blessing you throughout the phase of this card’s presence in your life.

Consider participating in stock that you might not have considered, or starting a brand new creative project. The Fool seeks to help gain sustenance for all parts of the mind, body and spirit. It is through the welcoming of change to your working experience that you will find that satisfaction. The Fool tells us to look around, to reach out for opportunities that exist and then make the leap, trust and pursue something to the very end of the road.

The Fool in the Reversed Position

When the Fool appears in the reversed position it indicates that some of the choices that are currently being made are fool hardy. For example in a work situation, you do not want to just drop your job just because the Fool arrives. You want to look for other opportunities and pursue them while also making sure that you are handling yourself in a productive way that goes along with current economic situations. Yes, quit your job when you have pursued a new job that makes you feel more satisfied, but do not by any means jump on one opportunity alone and then let go of everything else.

The reversed position of the fool stands for being overly ambitious, to the extent that you take advantage of others, or lie to get ahead. These behaviors are counter the energy of the Fool who wants you to be happy and carefree, not riddle yourself with more problems by being indiscrete or thoughtless in your actions. Consider what entanglements you are bringing into your experience by trying to get ahead too fast. 

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