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Meaning of Sowulu

It is a rune which is considered sacred to Balder, the extremely beautiful god and the solar cycle. When it’s on the right side, Sowulu is considered to be a rune that symbolizes everything positive in one’s life.

It is a happy sign signifying overall happiness and good sound health, and you may be richer and more self-confident, as all this really helps in boosting up one’s confiden

This rune, being on the right side, is the best time to utilize the sun’s powers for knowing the unknown secrets and recharging your very own energies.

It also highlights your creativity potential, your inner strength to stay united, and your navigational knowledge, which can be easily compared with the sailors.

Sowulu is also considered to be possessing positive magical powers that can help people in many spheres of life achieve success, fulfill their dreams, etc.

This rune in ancient times was also considered to be a sign for giving someone respect or honor. It shall give us the power of winning and help us connect to our inner voice.

But if it's reversed, it's not a good sign for some people. It clearly gives a warning about your highly careless attitude. Due to this carelessness, you are facing all sorts of problems that will lead to sickness, which can be very dangerous to your life.

Sowulu is also known as Sigel. It means “sun” in general.

Key Concepts: Guidance, Achieving goals, Achievements, Victory.

Psi: Totally, Unity, Completeness, Surprise, Eye opener, Spiritualism.

Energy: Sun, Inspiration, To do something, Supporting life.

Mundane:  Achieving goals, React, Flames, Passion, Self-confidence, Assurance, Support, Trust, Secret, Belief, Coolness.

Divinations: Advice,Faith, Illusions, Failure,Guilt, Wrong advice,Missions, Bad decisions.


  • Achieving great results.
  • Attaining sound health and increase in spiritual thoughts.
  • Converting good ideas to your actions for others.
  • Improving the Chakras.
  • Achieving overall success with your own will power.
  • Getting enlightened with the help of positive advice.

Rune stone meanings.

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