The Three of Swords

What The Three of Swords means in a tarot reading

The Three of Swords

When the Three of Swords is present in your reading you are either experiencing or entering into a transit of difficulties in relation with the heart.

This is a card that is symbolic of heart break, of betrayal and separation. There is a level of quarreling or a general upheaval present in your experience at this time. This is a challenging time of your life.



The Three of Swords depicted in the Rider Waite deck is an image of a heart that has been stabbed by three swords. The sky behind it is a melancholic storm and there is a feeling of unrest as a result of an upheaval in your environment. There is a level of argumentativeness in your life both with your friends and also with a romantic partner. Usually this card will present itself if you are in need of learning the lesson of letting go of that which does not serve you. We all have to deal with a level of heartache in our lives, whether someone has proved to be distrustful or whether you are just growing apart from a longtime friend. Life is nothing if not a cycle, and in this part of your life you are cycling out of something and moving into something else. This change, however, being that we humans tend to be extremely uncomfortable with change causes us to resist. The resistance of a mandatory change in relationship status with someone is inevitable and it is the fight, the resistance to say goodbye that causes the most strive.


Within this card there is wisdom because all things change from birth to death. Consider that your physical self, your internal organs, your skin, your muscles, are all constantly sloughing off and stimulating the new growth of cells in order to form and take the shape of the parts of our body that sustains us. If had heartache every single time that our body went through this natural cycle, we would constantly be crying. In this, whenever a relationship goes through a big change, one way to think about this is that the change in an interaction or a connection is just as natural as the body’s physical processes. We are rocks, bumping into each other in a tumbler, making it possible for us to develop a shine. The scratching and cracking against one another may hurt in the process, but in the end you become something deeper, more beautiful, with more sparkle then you would have had you stayed separate and alone in your own little rock garden. In this, the Three of Swords is recognizing the painful situation that you find yourself in and it is also giving you the added perspective that this pain is a natural part of life and you should not allow it to take you over completely. As we all know, the stormy clouds can only thrash about in the sky for so long, inevitably the sun must come out and shine down on us. The rain from the storm, watered the garden enabling more to grow. This is the perspective that must be kept if you feel as though you will never heal from this heart break. This situation is clearing the way for you to allow for bigger and better things. It may be hard for you to acknowledge at this time, so allow yourself to grieve over what you have lost, but come up with a time frame in which you should begin putting yourself back together again and then stick to it. Do not allow yourself to be broken forever.

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Now is the time for you to learn how to be receptive to the circumstances that are in existence to change you. While you are in the healing process, you must refrain from participating in anything that makes you feel unhappy or unwell. Negative vibrations will only cause your sorrow to last longer. You must be gentle with yourself right now and do not put yourself in situations that will make you feel worse. Grieving is also a part of life and it is fair and good to honor this process by taking the time that you need to have some time out of your normal every day interactions. You have a strong ability to hone in on creativity at this time. Find a project that makes you feel good, as this will be very therapeutic for you.


The Three of Swords in Love



At this point in the reading if you are trying to focus on love and relationships then you will find already that you have been feeling the entrance into something that isn’t entirely pleasant in your relationship setting. If you are single there is a possibility that you are still stuck in a perspective regarding a past love, which is making it very difficult for you to move forward into a new relationship.  When you are in a relationship, then there is a level of upheaval present that you are either feeling already and that is why you are having a reading done or investigating or you are going to be entering a time when you might feel the pain of change in this setting. The key is to try to move through it swimmingly. Make sure that you are vocalizing your needs and boundaries, so that you can be as healthy about this as possible. Do not let the strife of the break up, if you are in the middle of one, affect your overall life experience. Do not allow yourself to sink to low levels just to be cruel because you are feeling unhappy.


The Three of Swords in Health


When the Three of Swords presents itself in your reading about Health there is going to be a level of disappointment that you are going to have to work through as a result of your health not going in the direction that you were hoping. This could be challenging because you really wanted to be better, or you wanted someone in your life to experience wellness. Unfortunately this is a card that is saying that there is more time that is necessary and the news in and of itself is going to be heart wrenching for you. Try to look at this from the perspective of a brief moment of life, this too shall pass. You must have faith now.


The Three of Swords in Work and Wealth


When the Three of Swords appears in your reading regarding Work and Wealth you will not be getting what you expected. You planned on receiving money or pursuing a business relationship and now you find that you are stuck in a cycle of perpetual drama which bears no fruit. Now is the time to grieve over the financial losses and come up with a new plan.



Reversed Meaning - Three Of Swords

When the 3 of Swords appears in the reversed position, it is time for you to experience what it is like to be the peacemaker. Try not to allow yourself to get too stuck in your pride. If you need to apologize, then do so. Apologizing and righting the wrongs you have inflicted on others is good for your spirit and the 3 of Swords reversed is showing that you need to have that experience to better your possibilities for the future.

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