Flowers dictionary

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Name: Nasturtium

Color: The bushy and trailing varieties of Nasturtium comes in a variety of color – red, pink, orange and yellow....

Yellow Tulip

Name:Yellow Tulip

Color: Yellow

Shape: Like all tulips, the yellow tulip has cup like figure when put upright...

White tulip

White Tulip

Name: White Tulip

Color: White

Shape: This depends on whether the tulip is upright or laid flat. When it is in...

Peony flower


Name: Peony

Color: Comes in many different colors but the standard are white, pink and red

Shape: When it’s not...


Name: Violet

Color: As the name of the flower suggests, violet or purple is the most common color of the violet flower - but it also...

Tulip Flower

Name: Tulip Flower

Color: Comes in many colors - can be in solid color or could be two-toned.

Shape: Generally...

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