Criminal handwriting

When a suspect to a case is apprehended, there are various ways and means of gathering evidence that the police can use. One of the most unique of these methods that can lead to the...

The Science of Graphology

David Berkowitz

Otherwise known as the ‘Son of Sam,’ this horrifying murderer started off his killings at the age of 23 years old. He had humble beginnings, the son of fish market owners, he was, like many others  of his breed found to be someone who didn’t have a lot going for them and waRead More +

Osama Bin Laden

In modern day, there is no one who used to strike fear in the hearts of Americans like the name Osama Bin Laden. He is the one who was held responsible for organizing a terrorist act against the U.S. by using planes as weapons of terror. Since that day, on September 11th, everything chRead More +


Adolf Hitler was a German politician as well as a leader of the Nazi Party during his reign. Born in Austria he was a notorious dictator who was responsible for killing thousands of people in an attempt to ‘snuff out’ those who were not a part of his ‘new, pure race,’ of wRead More +

Jeffrey Dahmer

Most people choose to get therapy when their parents’ divorce. Jeffrey Dahmer unfortunately started to kill people. Of course, this is a simplification of the reasons that he committed the heinous acts, which included the murder of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. Much of the murders Read More +

Lindsay Lohan

With the news being the way that it has been these days with regards to Lindsay Lohan, all drugs and driving and crazy fights with Paris Hilton it is easy to forget that this actress came from relatively humble beginnings and was once loved in Hollywood. There is still significant hope for her inRead More +

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is one of the most widely known and esteemed music performers in the world. He broke records for his music sales all over the world; he taught America how to gyrate their hips. He is also someone that is more missed than many others who have passed away. The heart of America is in tRead More +

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a beloved icon who brings smiles to those who see her. She is a tiny woman with a giant personality. Famous for her music and many movie roles in Holly wood, she brings a lot of personality to a very small frame and her hand writing shows the kind of person that she is: EnthusiastRead More +

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes came from humble beginnings in Dawson’s Creek. Who was to ever predict that she would come so far, both in her professional career and her personal life. Now she’s one of the most esteemed names in Hollywood, but who really knows what makes Katie Holmes tick? Her particular handwRead More +

Jodi Foster

When Jodi Foster was a child actress, she always played the part of a gruff, rough and tumble tom boy who knew what she wanted and wouldn’t play nice simply because others asked her to. She was the troubled child, the spoiled brat, the scrapper, but her acting was always spot on, it is no wondeRead More +

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has long since been a heart throb for more than 20 years. He is one of those stars that just continue to get better and better with age like a fine wine. He is so versatile that it is difficult to really understand who he is as a man. We know that he will marry who he wants, and we wereRead More +

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a woman of many surprises. Since she first started modeling and acting at a very young age, she has made the jaws of many men and women alike drop. Then when her acting turned out to be amazing, she also turned many heads and gathered a lot of respect. As she grew up, she stood Read More +

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is a well-loved actor all over the world. He represents someone who is versatile, caring, deep, intense and mysterious. Thousands upon thousands all over the world want to know what is beneath that svelte exterior, and so we take a look at this handwriting. His very famous signature hRead More +

Marilyn Manson

Some call him the son of the devil; some call him the most intriguing man alive; a man of great wit and strength, who is a poetic genius and shock value. Whatever you might think you know about Marilyn Manson, his handwriting will fill surprise and shock you and give you some insight on who he acRead More +

Letter R

Letter ”R” belongs to the middle zone of the alphabet. This zone is connected to social life, emotions, habits and interactions with other people. The letter "R" is connected to our inner desire to please others. To have Read More +

Letter Q

When set as a capital letter the ”Q”, is found in the upper zone, and when lowercase it is a part of the lower zone of the alphabet. This is due to the fact that the lowercase ”q” has a stroke going down the middle section of a word.


PeopleRead More +

Letter B

We can separate the person's letters directly into three specific zones,


Upper zone = the letters b, d, h, k, 1 and t relate to thoughts.

Middle zone = these letters relate to people's feelings: a, c, i, o, u, f, m, n, r, s, e, v, w and x.

Lower zoneRead More +

Criminal handwriting traits

When a suspect to a case is apprehended, there are various ways and means of gathering evidence that the police can use. One of the most unique of these methods that can lead to the conviction or acquittal of a suspect is the handwriting. Yes! That’s right. The hand writing of a person is dRead More +