Your weekly astrology forecast

Aries  2017-02-20 to 2017-02-26

You possess a great power, this week. Occasionally you feel the need to access your unlimited strength. You are in that cycle of time where your daily routine is reaching its limit. There are certain issues that you have to deal with that does not conform to the manner that you view things. This can lead you to the wrong path. Find a constructive solution in dealin.... Read More +

Taurus  2017-02-20 to 2017-02-26

The start of the week will not bring you good health; however you will likely recover towards the latter part of the month. The strange climate is giving you stomach pains. You are susceptible to flu and sickness bugs this week. You will overcome this predicament which is brought about by your get up and go routine. Follow a normal pattern of recovery - and rest. A.... Read More +

Gemini  2017-02-20 to 2017-02-26

This is a very good week for you to increase your revenues. But be prudent and use your intelligence wisely, seek the assistance of people who are expert in money matters to lead the way. Think about where you can put your investments.

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Cancer  2017-02-20 to 2017-02-26

Although you have been in a state of confusion within the last few days you will realize your mistake and refocus your mind. Money concerns may need to be addressed. You are the only person with the capacity to make amends and make it work to your advantage. After mundane issues have been addressed, this week is a good day to indulge in spiritual matters. Unique as.... Read More +

Leo  2017-02-20 to 2017-02-26

Your abiity to understand the problems of others without judging or competing may keep you out of the race for first place, but it may not be in your make-up to push yourself into the center of things before you fully assess a situation. But to others, your sympathy and genuine caring is not rational and can make you seem vague, emotional, and too out-there for you.... Read More +

Virgo  2017-02-20 to 2017-02-26

Your house of finance will experience an inflow of revenue that will assist you to undertake an important and very personal project that you have been putting on hold. You have always been a creative writer in your spare time. This is the period when money and your literary endeavors will be of assistance to one another. Take the chance to put your work out there. .... Read More +

Libra  2017-02-20 to 2017-02-26

If you have unpaid bills that are incurring penalties, settle those this week. There is no need to waste money for interest on unpaid bill or be penalized for late payments. If you have ever dealt in illegal matters in the past, now is the time to correct them. To ensure the continuous flow of income into your life, give praise to the Lord Ganesha. Before making an.... Read More +

Scorpio  2017-02-20 to 2017-02-26

There are certain issues that you have to deal with that does not conform to the manner that you view things. This can lead you to the wrong path. Find a constructive solution in dealing with this weakness in your personality.

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Aquarius  2017-02-20 to 2017-02-26

This is an excellent time period for career advancement for those born under your sign. The placement of the ringed planet is beneficial for those seeking a new career path. For those in business this month will see a tremendous flow in your earning power.

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