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Aries  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

Prosperity may be yours this week, things may change over the next week and you could be trying to complete a new project. It is important to fix your future with aiming to be a success in this project. Consider that tiny actions can lead to significant consequences. You really do not have to make dramatic changes this week.. This is a period of adjustments around .... Read More +

Taurus  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

You need to interact with someone by giving them a call rather than sitting there wondering what is going to happen next. You may make a genuine difference when you overcome social obstacles in life. A few days at the start of the week will result in much emotion, as Mars, makes its way through scorpio, a Water Sign that keeps things uplifting.

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Gemini  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

When your friend is in trouble, you get ready for action. Seeing the problems around you can wake up your mind and start you thinking about progressive ways to help or improve things as quickly as possible. Using your mind can be preferable to doing something physical or tedious, and so doing all you can to improve, upgrade, or update your training and information .... Read More +

Cancer  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

You may experience some good and bad days this week, but you need to realize that life is not meant to be just good times. Face the bad times too. You are an ideal mate and the success enjoyed by your children makes life more meaningful for you. You try to give the best for them. An ailment that a male will suffer will cause you to worry. You go to extreme lengths .... Read More +
Cancer  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

Communication with others people must be extremely effective this week. Your calendar will be full of social activities. You feel good and confident about yourself because people know that you can achieve anything that you want to do. You have an innate ability to juggle several activities simultaneously and you have the endurance to keep it up to a fast tempo. Eve.... Read More +

Leo  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

There will be conflict between you and your siblings. You have been looking forward to attend a celebration that is about to take place soon. Your family is planning to go on a holiday and it might be advisable for you to join and be with them. Seek divine intercession for your life. Establish your priorities where family and work is concerned. Do not mix business .... Read More +

Virgo  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

You will experience great income coming from various sources. You will be rewarded for your hard work and labor during this time. For those who are in the business of agriculture and people who speak on philosophical matters will be rewarded well. Those who are engaged in the rental business like hotels and hostels will experience a boom in their business within th.... Read More +

Libra  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

This week sees a shadow over your sign. There is a focus on breaking the rules and lying to people who have confidence in you. Your ruling planet has very minimal influence on you during this period. Towards the middle of the month, you might be inclined to delve into the hectic world of politics. It is important that you are always honest and truthful regarding yo.... Read More +

Scorpio  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

People under your sign today will have a compelling presence and possess a hidden mysterious persona. You will be feisty and forward in your manner. You may encounter someone who will cause you to think about your life. You are a survivor and are not afraid to face any challenges that life has to offer. But you also tend to be overly ambitious and greedy. You think.... Read More +

Sagittarius  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

A date with a partner will bring serious talks about plans for the future. These talks may cover many areas of concern in regard to your future plans for a practical and useful enterprise, as well as some emotional matter about how you feel about things. This will result in a decision that you will both make. Maybe you need to think about who between you is better .... Read More +

Capricorn  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

This period of time is very fortuitous for people who invest their earnings in the stock market. If you have been searching for the perfect job for you, this is a good time to start on that search. You may avail of some great company job.

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Aquarius  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

Issues that are not important to you are occupying most of your thoughts this week - why? You may get hold of relevant and significant information if you are more focused this week. Your mind should be clear and unobstructed, giving you clarity to write down your thoughts.

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Pisces  2014-11-17 to 2014-11-23

Everything pays off ultimately. Bear in mind that small efforts can lead to large effects. You really do not have to make large changes immediately. Improve your mental level now by doing crosswords or other things to keep your brain active, additionally, you maybe searching to alter things in life for the better.

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