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Aries  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

Students will relish this time of learning in the field of technical and agricultural education. Those in the agricultural sector will enjoy abundant harvest of their crops. People in the religious ministry will be overwhelmed by the positive response that they will get. Self employed individual and freelancers will not be as lucky because this period will prove to.... Read More +
Aries  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

The placement of a ringed planet in your second house this week, will ensure that you have a smooth and regular flow in your income. You may lose money for payment of your government taxes. You will enjoy fame and fortune if you are a musician or in the field of arts.

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Taurus  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

Avoid any confrontations. Uphold respect for older members of the family and listen to the opinion of the younger members too. You and your family have planned to celebrate an important occasion. You will have the chance to do it within the next four weeks. You are looking forward to this celebration because it is a time to foster closeness between you and your lov.... Read More +

Gemini  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

Find inventive ways to be romantic this week. Your lover is still in love with you. Your relationship remains stimulating, but for some reason you are not feeling the passion. Many people just do not understand you. Your partner that you're in a relationship with is obsessed with pleasing you. Light up your inner passion with a romantic night out.

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Cancer  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

Are you currently ready for a new relationship? Well the good news is that it's just around the corner. A whole new relationship as well as friendship is coming your way. You will have new job soon. What a fortunate person this week! An optimistic shift will require you to devote your time to work over the next few days. Good health is also predicted. The lesson to.... Read More +

Leo  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

Your economic standing from today within the whole week is unstable. The presence of opposing forces within your fifth house makes this a period of instability for you. However your circumstances will change. Your finances will move towards a much better position. Expect a lot of expenditures that will cover unfamiliar territories for you during the first few days .... Read More +

Virgo  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

It's a wonderful time for love now. You'll possess a different way of thinking by Wednesday. Reopen your previous ideas and request for help through meditation. This will show you the easiest way to determine your future. Your personal intuition ought to provide the knowledge needed.

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Libra  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

A few days start with numerous mysterious secrets as Mars, makes its way through scorpio, a Water Sign that keeps things sexy! Natural closeness is going to be steamy until August, when new origins happen. Consider your loved ones now. A postive outlook can overcome a family problem.. Leave a while for romantic fun. Be relaxed.

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Scorpio  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

If you have plotted your goals and ambitions, you will achieve success in this quarter. People working in partnerships and have common objectives will attain them. If the influence of metal is not as strong in this period, be wary of an associate who will spread rumors about you.

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Sagittarius  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

The need to decide between doing what will make someone happy and what you know you need to do can put you at the crossroads this week. Finding the dividing line between doing what you want and making concessions to public taste for financial support can force you to take a stance and make a decision. To do something you feel is really important or help a child who.... Read More +

Capricorn  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

Are you thinking about change in your own job or a move to a new office? Prepared or not, it is coming! A new project this coming week will create problems. A new employee will need your help. Look after your health this week. Don't allow your own stresses to affect other people. Widen your mind by taking up a new hobby.

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Aquarius  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

Some of your wages this week may go towards helping a family member through an illness or some form of injury. Investments that are not well thought of will cause a cutback on your finances, so be very careful in your actions particularly during this thirty day period. Keep a tight watch over this aspect of your finances.

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Pisces  2014-10-27 to 2014-11-02

It is a common belief that the symbolic scale is the ruler of love is in your chart this week. You cannot be alone without a significant person in your life. You attract others to your amiable nature. You will achieve popularity and recognition in this season. You will definitely attract a mate for yourself.

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