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Aries  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

You could very well be incredibly concerned about things related to the heart. Difficult circumstances may lead to stress. Get in touch with a close friend that will be able to help you over the coming week

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Taurus  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

You are concerned for certain house renovation or repairs of your roof but you do not need to be anxious regarding that matter. You do not need to worry about your money savings because you have the talent for managing your resources with your own style of resourcefulness.

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Gemini  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

For those in the fields of sales and marketing and the auto industry, you will have an influx of revenues in terms of the commission that you earn. Bonuses in terms of sales that you did not even foresee will greatly boost your finances. Business transactions for real estate will greatly increase. However, the succeeding month will bring about almost no commission .... Read More +

Cancer  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

People are going to ask for your assistance this week. Think about helping them. A close friend will have an effect on over the next week and you may just be opting to hide away and not see anyone. You really do not need to make enormous decisions in the latter part of the week, if you do not want to. This is a period of changes on both the personal and emotional.<.... Read More +

Leo  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

If you've been thinking about things this week more then normal? then it maybe a week to make changes. Have you had things on your mind for days at a time? Expressive colours this week are orange, blue, charcoal, off white and also tangerine.

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Leo  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

During this time you may develop a few unfavorable thoughts toward your loved ones. Ketu can create harshness between the family members. You're vulnerable and may need assistance. Do things that suit your needs along with understanding that all of the days are not the same. Steer clear of just about any turmoil if it takes place. Supply thanks and admiration to yo.... Read More +

Virgo  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

It is fine to get strong ideas of a subject matter, yet fight the urge to convert everybody surrounding you. People keep certain morals to themselves. Naturally, you don't want to be spoken about publicly. Any vivid dream inspires you to stop any negative behavior. You're ready to create a fresh start.

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Libra  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

You receive good pieces of advice and financial support from your family. You have to keep a good balance between your personal life and the one that you share with your partner, if you have one. Keep them separate because it can cause misunderstanding among you. Maintain good distance from women of ill-repute especially during the time when you are most vulnerable.... Read More +

Scorpio  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

Be aware of a period of instability. It is best for those born within the rings of a planet to go back to the beginning. Whatever risks and gambles you may have initiated should first bear visible results because there is no going back to that situation. It is best to adopt a carefree approach and see what happens by the end of the week.

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Sagittarius  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

Find creative methods to drive your lover wild this week. If this romance stays fresh over the next month then your not going to be dissatisfied or restless. Do not be too obsessed. It is a rare factor to satisfy everyone.

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Capricorn  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

If you have worked hard this week, you ought to be acknowledged. Persistence and immediate dedication towards an activity can offer a large payback, that meets your requirements! If you feel you should have a rise at work, now maybe a great time to request for this.

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Aquarius  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

The week commences with several projects on the go. An optimistic outlook will get over the challenge. Your love life's destined to be sizzling from Monday. Reading a new book will keep you occupied, let your imagination go wild. Thinking about booking a holiday is also predicted.

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Pisces  2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30

A number of situations involving your spouse can keep you in a stressful mood. You will not be spending much time in solving these household issues. You will be concerned for the well being of a close friend. You do possess time to be patient this week, and you have the capacity to endure lot's of challenging situations in your life. You will take some relief from .... Read More +

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