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Aries  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

You have a strong urge to whip everyone to more action. In your relentless desire to achieve your targeted goal, you do not realize that you are stepping on sensitive toes. Back off and let people work at within their capacity. It will increase your productivity and lessens the tense atmosphere. You too need to work at a speed that is comfortable for everyone aroun Read More +

Taurus  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

Your optimism and ambitious character will bring you popularity and fame. The goddess of love and the lord of all planets will provide you with a cheerful and friendly disposition. You will come to the attention of your community. Strong elements located inside your second house will bring a great deal of professional success. Good communications this week will lea Read More +

Gemini  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

This week your disappointments and low points of a job search will get you down. Keep looking for the right job for you. This period has a lot of potential for growth in your actual profession. Master your potentials regarding any changes in your profession to make certain that the move will not be towards a substandard work environment compared to your current pla Read More +

Cancer  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

Are you currently considering change in your job as well as moving to some completely new? Maybe even a place of work? Be ready for a change, or otherwise you'll find yourself wherever you began. A brand new task next week can create difficulties. A brand new worker will require your help. Care to improve your health immediately. Never let your personal struggles  Read More +

Leo  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

Now you have focused on your feelings, it is time to be the person you want be. Listen to others to understand your future potential. To be able to evolve as a human being we all need support of some kind. Additionally, we need to take on new projects and create things in life -- would you like an opportunity? Once you have soaked up what you need to do next from a Read More +

Virgo  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

This is a favorable week for money and finances. Those who belong to the legal profession will be lucky with their finances. Incomes coming from illegal sources like black market, providing illegal information and other suspicious dealings can be sources of revenue. You can be caught violating the law or in breach of contract with the possibility of serving time in Read More +

Libra  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

Venus, the truly great diplomatic arbitrator, is a key participant in your sign this week, The particular Venus-Pluto sq will make you distrustful regarding anyone different. You can start looking being a probable enemy along with constructing your next move regarding your career, you can start to run unrestrained if you're not aware of your concerns as well as bei Read More +

Scorpio  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

You are the perfect lover this week. Do not expect the same degree of qualities from your mate. You will be attending numerous social events and establish many friendships. You will be well-known and earn many admirers. This is a good time for building a romance. This may not be your top priority when you enter into a romantic relation but the other person will con Read More +

Sagittarius  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

Don't let yourself be self-aware of an acknowledgement that may be adverse. If you have demonstrated to other people that you are useful, things will usually go well for you personally.

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Capricorn  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

Generally this is a healthy period of your life. Some minor eye or tooth ailments may bother you. These ailments are brought about by the imbalance in your system. Recover that balance by seeking medication and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

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Aquarius  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

A fast social timetable, even though enjoyable, could make you feel tired and hassled at this time. This will likely undoubtedly influence your skill to take pleasure from the company of other folks. Take into account time out. Try not to have too many social engagements, you need to relax more. Your privacy and slower tempo may well be exactly what you need right  Read More +

Pisces  2014-08-18 to 2014-08-24

You may see an advancement in your current career since your intelligence level is at its peak at the moment. Sudden and new encounters that come your way may lead to new routes, hobbies, and new possibilities. Do not allow small concerns to limit you in your journey towards something new.

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