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Aries  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

Discover artistic ability and take up some outrageous hobbies. You need some excitment this week. As long as your relationship stays fresh you will remain happy. You are currently ready to go on holiday somewhere nice and hot. Start looking through the brochures this week.

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Taurus  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

An increased emphasis on clarity of your thoughts and a well defined sense of attention can lead to good results and greater earnings in the work place, this week. Listen to your instincts because it will help you to advance and move forward.

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Gemini  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

Your health will stay in tiptop shape although you may suffer certain minor ailments. But there is no need for concern because your recovery from a minor illness, will be very fast. Be very careful when you are behind the wheel and driving.

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Cancer  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

You're a quick student. This is exactly why it's tough if you're not capable of getting things immediately. Instead of tossing in the towel, dual your time and efforts. Possess the persistence to create blunders, because these things provide you with valuable abilities. For those who have disappointment go for a walk. A unique project at the office is going to send.... Read More +

Leo  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

Wealth might be yours now, things may change within the next few days as well as things that are going to settle yourself on finishing a brand new project. You should fix things around the house, take into account that small actions can result in significant effects. You actually don't have to make dramatic changes now. This can be a duration of changes round the .... Read More +

Virgo  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

Your own encouraging and exciting nature will be of value in the events of your daily life. Your physical strength is of great use to you, this week. You will make tremendous strides in the pursuit of your goals with very minimal effort. Use this occasion to focus simply on your individual personal need. There is a great deal of support given to you that can help .... Read More +

Libra  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

Think about your own self for once, instead of others. Consider that tiny targets can bring about tremendous benefits. You absolutely do not have to make grand adjustments right now. This is a time of improvements on the personal and physiological level together with when you are transforming into a more creative person.

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Scorpio  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

Open the mind now and you will impress yourself! Family relationship troubles start during the latter part of the week, your temper must be placed on hold. A brand new change will occur, effecting your health. You have to adapt. Do not be a stuck within the dirt -- instead of battling it, notice that change includes new growth. Open the mind and you'll wow yourself.... Read More +

Sagittarius  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

You have a tendency to day dream and fantasize about intimacy with your significant partner and during this period. This will become a reality before the 5th of the month. Show her appreciation by inviting her over to your house and giving her flowers to strengthen the relationship. Be agreeable when you have conversations with each other and do not give in to impu.... Read More +

Capricorn  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

Take the time to read the works of those who can give you insight into your goals. This week is filled with many suprises. There is a chance to go on a vacation soon. Enjoy every day of your time.

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Aquarius  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

Mars gets into self-sufficient Aquarius now - great news! But, coping with these work problems will enable you to get on and Saturn as well as Uranus enter into the image, meaning you need to give consideration towards the money spent now.

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Pisces  2014-09-29 to 2014-10-05

Leave it a while to fall in love. You may find people are going to be promising you things on Wednesday. Reopen your past ideas and supply free advice to a friend in need of assistance. Your sign is extremely intelligent, so use your talents. The one thing that slows you down is the aggression towards others. Trim your personal negative ideas, as a starting point. .... Read More +

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