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Aries  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

You may find this week your energy is affected adversely, you feel more and more tired. The attraction that you feel towards a particular woman or man will complicate your relationship with your friends. A friend will possibly fool you. The movement of a metal element in the sixth house will direct you to moments of intimacy with your partner. But the placement of  Read More +

Taurus  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

You are capable of leading your family and associates with honesty and conviction. You have a good physique that complements your broad shoulders, handsome face, and muscular chest. You have a great sense of humour, gallant in the way you deal with others. You can see the best in every situation that you are in.

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Gemini  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

You have the knack for recovering your losses. Make an offering in a church or temple or donate some money for charity involving children to ensure the flow of money smoothly. Careers that will enjoy this time of abundance are detectives, nurses, explorers, geographers, police, and armed forces.

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Cancer  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

You enter a new phase and a new beginning during the first 2 weeks of the month of January. Because of the presence of some hostile elements in your second house, you may experience some problems within your mouth like cavities and toothache. Get help and remedy immediately. It may be that you will experience a breakout of pimples in your face. Avoid spicy and grea Read More +

Leo  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

Avoid involving your parents with the complications of your marital life. Their involvement may lead you to lose the intimacy that you share with your spouse. You should be mature enough to understand the different nuances in dealing with your loved ones. This special time in your life will foster and strengthen the relationship that you hold dear to your heart. Fo Read More +

Virgo  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

It can be good to have powerful views about a subject matter, nevertheless withstand the urge to convert every person around you. If you are finding things difficult with the opposite sex this week then remember that men and women sometimes carry different ways of thinking and at times do not always enjoy the same things. Obviously, you don't want to end up falling Read More +

Libra  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

If you are single, there is certainly potential for a long-term lover over the next few weeks. Most likely, you'll be able to find passion and romance. This week is also going to include lot's of social engagement's. Time for you to go and enjoy yourself!

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Scorpio  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

You are the perfect lover with strong emotions and sentiments. Your love affairs are full of passion and sensitivity. A friend may take advantage of your goodness and borrow something of yours. You realize that the support that you badly need from your family and loved ones will not be given to you. You will feel a deep connection with your parents. They too will s Read More +

Sagittarius  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

Do not let the battle keep on going with a loved one. There is some hidden goal at the moment that you need to discover. You ought to be conducting a of smaller level of resistance. The less an individual disturb drinking water, the more will probably be to go to your depiction. At the moment, creating waves will still only result in much more difficulty.

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Capricorn  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

You most likely possess a lot in your plate at this time. Anxieties about carrying out all of your responsibilities, as well as doing these on time will get you bogged down. You could start a new project this week. Going out will help you stay up and a slight illness may diminish your appetite. Make sure you consider time to relax every single day. With a decent wo Read More +

Aquarius  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

You may get offers or feelers for a government position from head hunters and contracting agencies within the next month. These businesses will swing back and forth on an unsteady mode. It is time to make aggressive decisions. Bring those dreams and ambitions that have been residing in your thoughts forward into your reality. Maintain good relations with other peo Read More +

Pisces  2014-08-25 to 2014-08-31

You may feel isolated from the real world. You may experience disappointments when you participate in sports activities. You feel that nothing is in the right place where they should be. These feelings are taking a toll on you but you must know that you are the only one who is experiencing those thoughts and feelings. Do not be so hard on yourself. Remember that e Read More +

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