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Aries  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

A big assignment is coming up at work. You will receive income from foreign shores or some faraway place. The moon is shining over your house of income and finances. Set aside some money and donate to worthwhile charity causes and institutions.

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Taurus  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

Just about all eclipses arise with the south or north node, this week an eclipse is on it's way. The northern border node presents the near future and the south node is often a image of the past. Shortly we'll have a verypowerful shadow within the north node so this means that this week you have celestial help. Now, the Sun stimulates that assistance, and this is c Read More +

Gemini  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

A date with a partner will bring serious talks about plans for the future this week. These talks may cover many areas of concern. You may also be planning for a practical and useful enterprise, as well as some philosophical matters. These talks will result on a decision being made.

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Cancer  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

You may feel a strong sense of responsibility for some things that you have forgotten in the past. If you are a father, you demand discipline from your children. If you are a mother you exert too much effort in maintaining a clean environment for your children and this taxes your energy to its limit. You are determined to extend a helping hand to a sibling in need. Read More +

Leo  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

If it weren't for Mercury's influence into Capricorn this week, when reassessing work is deemed important, this entire week would be about the future. The Sun enters humanitarian Aquarius on Friday, followed by the Sun's concurrence to generous Jupiter next month. Don't feel depressed, make sure you get involved.

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Virgo  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

This week you are the one who enjoys a placid and favorable career path all his life. However, this current week will bring major changes in the workplace. You will either be assigned to another place or you might decide to change your career path. The later part of the week, will be more favorable. The changes that you formerly made will show positive results duri Read More +

Libra  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

Sharp intelligence and keen memory from childhood are the traits of your star sign today. This zodiac is ruled by a metal element and displays keen acuity. They possess regular physique and exhibit a taste for the arts and literature. They have prominent chests. They are discriminating in their taste, impulsive and sensitive. You choose your interests well. You are Read More +

Scorpio  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

Miscommunication might be pushing you and also someone else this week. You will want to give people advice this week. Because it is unfavorable to interrupt people when they talk at this time, try rather to remain quite untill asked for advice. This may require some sacrifice, an assessment of your needs, or even a couple of difficult conversations, however it will Read More +

Sagittarius  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

Your worries will lessen as the week goes on, your health will improve. The only problem you face is your own stubboness. You have a lot of things on your mind which results in being irritable, harsh in your speech and rigid in your beliefs. Your actions tend to spoil the serenity and peace within the home. You are encouraged to restore that peace.

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Capricorn  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

So, are you ready for change in your routine at work? Ready or not, here it comes! Career and communication issues kick off in your life this week, the futurist of the Zodiac, an energy that brings innovation and modernization. A shift will take place in your daily routine this year, and you, traditional Gemini, will have to adapt.

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Aquarius  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

There is a complete shift this week as compared to the last month. The lord of your house of wealth has taken a strong position inside your house. The strong foothold indicates a season of plenty. Much money will be accumulated in this time. The occurrence of an eclipse will make you guarded about your wealth. Some small loss may be incurred through theft or burgl Read More +

Pisces  2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

The current position of a powerful godlike planet residing in your second house will be the cause of misunderstanding with a member of your family. Your siblings will be exposed to some form of ailment that will cause you to worry about their health. This is not a good time for the family. Giving reverence to the sun may help to drive away the sickness that your si Read More +

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