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Aries  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

Beware the sexy charisma of manipulative businessmen. What could make sense during the period of a persuasive conversation may lead you lower the rabbit hole of impractical anticipation and foolish opportunities. You might not generate losses, but it's most likely a much better idea to place it elsewhere.

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Taurus  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

There is much love and participation in passionate affairs that begin this week. Make sure you keep your individual thoughts to yourself. You may not be selected to create a project from the start in a work situation. This may fustrate you. If you do not work, then this is an excellent time to relax and get total satisfaction from a project. Brand new concepts rega Read More +

Gemini  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

The conjunctions of two heavenly bodies continue to affect your family. Do not worry. You will see a change for the better when the influence of the fifth planet will make its presence felt. Your family situation will change and peace will enter into your house. Be patient because you will witness this unfold before your eyes. Remember that after the darkness, lig Read More +

Cancer  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

Mars makes its way into self-sufficient Aquarius this week - good news! But, dealing with these work problems get you down, Saturn and also Uranus come into the picture, which means that you need to pay attention to the money you spend this week.

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Leo  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

A number of brief encounters in your neighbourhood could bring some fascinating information that may lead you towards the right path, this week. You will encounter an individual with a unique way of addressing the situation in regards to your socioeconomic status and your professional life. Your faith will be tested during some philosophical discussions but the cu Read More +

Virgo  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

Extra perks in addition to more benefits are usually going to come into play this week. Investing in the specific extended hours to complete the job will result in advantagegs. The first half of the week will provide you with direction.

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Libra  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

During this time you will make some bad choices in your decision with regards to your family. The influence of the waning moon may result in anger towards your loved ones. This is a very vulnerable time for you because you are susceptible to the influences of the lunar movement. Try to overcome this situation because every day is different from the last.

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Scorpio  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

You might be concerned about things at work. Situations may lead to stress. Don't finish up being upset this week. Make contact with a trusted friend who might be advantageous. This friend has a good set of skills. Should you keep your nose towards the grindstone your employer may realise your contribution to a project.

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Sagittarius  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

After a slow start last week things are moving again. You are able to attract good friends. Those who are running their own businesses will experience positive responses. The end of the month will generate some expenses that need to be addressed.

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Capricorn  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

The presence of a godly planet in your house may lead you to encounter food poisoning. Although this godly being gives you protection, you need to be careful in eating food that is not well prepared when you eat in a hotel or restaurant. Generally this is a healthy period of your life. Some minor eye or tooth ailments may bother you. These ailments are brought abou Read More +

Aquarius  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

You have to actually connect with someone by calling them instead of simply going through the motions. You can make a real difference any time you overcome social barriers and make a stronger-hitting. The week starts out with a good amount of important things and lot's of emotion, as Mars, makes its way through scorpio, a Water Sign that keeps things sizzling. Phys Read More +

Pisces  2014-09-22 to 2014-09-28

Pray for unhindered flow of wealth into your life. The goddess of love reigns supreme in your house of profession and career. Those who are involved in the field of arts and aesthetics will reap the rewards of success in their career growth, fame and recognition. The position of the goddess of love ensures comfort and stability in your professional life.

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