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Awakening is the act of causing someone to stop sleeping; rouse from sleep. 

Sometimes we feel that the event is actually real but we are still dreaming. This is normally termed as a false awakening for more on this visit this link. If you happen to see someone or even yourself being awakened in your dream, it symbolizes escape and freedom. To "awake" during the dream indicates you are about to be freed from whatever has been holding you, prisoner.


In the dream…


  • You might be the one awakening in the dream.
  • It’s a dream within a dream.
  • A familiar person might be the one awakening in your dream.
  • A strange person might be the one awakening in your dream.
  • Someone is trying to wake you in the dream.


Detailed dream interpretation...

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If you happen to dream that someone is waking you up, it suggests that you are about to face freedom from whatever was keeping you captive. Make sure that, you understand what it is that you have been held captive and work towards gaining your freedom because the time to be free is now. Review your waking relationships and see if these are working, if they are not then it is the time that you set yourself free and started afresh with someone else. 

Gone are the days when you used to cling to things which are unworkable in your life; get rid of them and you will see the difference it will make in your life. If it is a job which is not working, make sure seek a job which is favorable for you; even if you try to hold onto it for as many years as you can, it will never give you satisfaction. You are better off looking for a different job than what you are doing now. It might be the financial freedom you are about to experience. Gain the opportunity that is availing itself to you because that is your route to financial freedom. Once you are free.

When you see a dream where a familiar person or animal is being awakened in your dream, it foretells that someone you know is about to be freed from captive and you are the one who is going to make it possible. In your waking life, try and socialize with friends and family. Come to learn about the one who is in dire need of your help. Win their trust.

When you happen to see a strange person being awakened in your dream it implies that you and those around you are free in all aspects of your life and that is why, you are an epitome of freedom whereby, everyone tends to approach you in order to gain advice. Don’t deny helping them because, once they become successful in gaining their goals, they will always appreciate you and in the process, you will be blessed and become prosperous. Learn to equip yourself with positive energy so that, anytime your help is required, you will be in a position to help. 


Feelings associated with your dream...

Friendly, successful, appreciative, freedom, lively and worry.

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