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Alligator or crocodile

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To see a wild alligator or a crocodile in your dream foretells a new beginning or changes in your waking life. This dream can also indicate danger in some way. If you do not kill the alligator, then this dream may not be favorable, but it is rather a caution. The alligator or crocodile within your dream can also highlight your intuition, your spiritual insights, and the spiritual steps you need to take in the forthcoming future. Because of its association with religion, the alligator can mean that negative aspects signify a danger which will shortly come into your life.


In your dream you may have...


  • Seen an alligator.
  • Been attacked by an alligator.
  • Seen an alligator in a zoo.
  • Tamed an alligator.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • The dream improved your perception about life.
  • It was not scary.


Detailed dream interpretation...


This dream indicates that you need to improve or encourage financial security. No matter how well off you are, money just seems to be difficult to obtain. According to 1930s dream dictionaries, a dream of seeing an alligator or crocodile reflects how you feel inside about others. The alligator or crocodile is consistently related to the soul. Spiritually, the dream represents a coming together of power and intelligence. When we are affected by negative energies caused by difficult people, situations or even stalkers the dream normally arises.


Dream interpretations (post 1920s) include...


  • If in your dream you are trying to kill or harm the alligator then this dream  is associated with your intelligence.
  • To dream of shooting an alligator indicates the need to take intellectual tests - you maybe surprised!
  • Dreaming of swimming with an alligator connects us with our necessity for basic emotional, physical and material needs.
  • To be swimming with more than one alligator or crocodile signifies that one may be shafted by hope and faith.
  • As with many other interpretations of reptiles, this dream represents the ultimate feminine wisdom, and indistinct feelings, as well as fertility.
  • The alligator can be the symbol of the great mother. 


To kill the alligator in your dream means that you hold angry feelings inside of you. If the alligator was deformed, this indicates your performance needs to develop some masculine traits. You need good judgment about how to move forward in a work situation. Thinking and planning is important in your life, and you may soon become obsessed with seeking answers to difficult questions, in order to understand a greater awareness and ease your life.


Dreams of seeing an alligator in a zoo or in captivity means that you have access to the particular characteristics which make you unique. It is important to take any energy released over the next two months and use it to your advantage.


There may be some conflict between the masculine attributes and the female ones, but it is important to maintain some kind of balance between the two. This dream is often connected to your feelings. As time passes, you recognize familiar aspects of what this dream means, and it is important to develop your personality coupled with strong sense of family values.


Independence is important to you, and this dream shows it is time to claim it back. If you visit a jungle and see an alligator, this dream signifies there is a new beginning on the horizon. If you dream that the alligator was tamed, it means that you have acquired influence and lots of power.


The bible says that an alligator is king over the children of pride. If you decide not to attack the animal, then seeing this creature is associated with the capability to survive in difficult situations. In a negative way, the crocodile demonstrates wasted potential. Think of it as a human associated with triggering control issues. The crocodile or alligator is true to its nature, and there is an element of trying to work towards goals. If the crocodile is on a lake, and the dream seems beautiful, it means that you will have love in your life. You may need to understand social instincts in order to secure your desires. The main negative potential is associated with any type of attack.


To be bitten by this animal denotes that you need to make sure you stop worrying, as things will sort themselves out. Someone that is in your circle of friends or family is not acting in a correct manner. You will recognize that the person is an enemy, and he or she seeks to trick you into thinking that you are a friend.


To have this dream also means the release of the power in us called Jungian, an archetype known as the 'Shadow.' This is a dark power associated with enemies and conspiracies. This shadow casts itself as the heroic victim (martyr) of dark and stupendous forces. The shadow inside us is dangerous. Have you been having bad thoughts?  Are you struggling to come to terms with a situation?


Finally, it is important to consider the work of Freud in regards to this dream interpretation, as this dream signifies a warning. Freud wrote a book called "Truth is What Works", which looked at the views on the psychology of dreams. The facts are obvious to the world by his interpretation of dreams.


First of all, Freud pointed out a constant connection between some part of every dream, and some detail of the dreamer's life during the previous waking state. This positively establishes a relation between sleeping states and waking states, and disposes of the widely prevalent view that dreams are purely nonsensical phenomena coming from nowhere and leading nowhere. In regards to this dream, it signifies that you have been having some worrying times recently.


Many of our dream visions are symbolical, which causes us to consider them as absurd and unintelligible. The universality of those symbols, however, makes them very transparent to the trained observer. It is important to also look up the other parts of your dream. What happened? Do not worry too much about the meaning of this dream; you just need to be aware of hidden dangers.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of alligator or crocodile.

Scared. Worried. Confused. Upset. Surprised. Tired. Weak. Terrified. Afraid. Concerned. Anxious.


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marjes's picture

i Dreamed I Was In A River Like Waterfall & I Swam To A Rock & Sat There For A Couple Minutes Then I Turned Around & Saw An Alligator & It Tried To Attack Me So I Went Under Water & I Was Standing Under Water With No Problem Breathing & When I Got Out The Water The Alligator Turned Into A Guy & I Had So Much Anger Towards Him & i Tried Killing Him Then I Woke Up
Anonymous's picture

I had a dream where I was with all my friend in this camping site with a huge lake and somehow the water level went down and I saw two huge fishes and my friend was walking by so I yelled at her to get them quickly and out of nowhere a rlly cute boy came after one of them too, and I got kind of upset and yelled at my friend to hurry b4 the boy get there first and take all the fish but at the same time I dashed to where the fish was and I got to it but the boy had already gotten one of them and killed it, when I was attempting to get mine I noticed it was still alive so I put the fish down and asked the boy to help me clean it but he ignored me and when I look down at the fish it had turned into a white alligator and I got kind of scared and told everyone to be careful but the alligator didnt do anything he even went inside the camping house thing and I never got to kill it... I remember I still wanted to but I couldnt and the boy wouldnt help me so I decided to leave it alone...and I also wanted to eat it really badly...then something was about to happen but my phone started ringing and I woke up....and now im rlly curious.....this made my heart race when I woke up
Rivetha's picture

I had a strange dream last night. In my dream my uncle bought a crocodile, seal to our home. I was the only person to be worried for having the crocodile in the home. The crocodile was very small. Its new born it seems. My sister's little daughter and son played with that crocodile. They all liked that. I told my sister not to allow the kids near. Its dangerous any time. She started thinking. But none hear what i say. They all liked that crocodile. Then it grew little bigger next day. While the thick cells grow on its back it suffered a lot. I pitied that crocodile. I dont want to see that crocodile hurt and also was afraid to have that. Then in our home backyard, i saw the seal in pity condition. The crocodile's eyes looked kind. Thats why i pitied but i was afraid since it is crocodile and it may kill us if its hungry.
Melanie's picture

In my dream at first I was quite frightened as I was nose to nose with the alligator. I waited patiently for it to be distracted when I placed my hands around its snout and rolled onto its back. After this it became tame and was more like a puppy dog, it even "ran and jumped" in the couch with me.
Ann's picture

I dreamt my father came to me and said I had to be mindful of the baby crocodile. I thought it made no sense then he said it was hiding in my room. I did not feel fearful of this tiny creature until I thought it might jump out at me in my own room. Then I wanted to hide.
Ann's picture

I dreamt my father came to me and said I had to be mindful of the baby crocodile. I thought it made no sense then he said it was hiding in my room. I did not feel fearful of this tiny creature until I thought it might jump out at me in my own room. Then I wanted to hide.
Angela's picture

I dreamed I jumped into water and when I looked there was a crocodile. I try to swim as fast as I could out of the water but I couldnt make it. I ended up on a plank where it got to bite me but it didn't hurt. I was so terrified and anxious
Mah's picture

Almost always there is water in my dreams, but this was the first time ever I dreamt of a crocodile! My dream started on a train, I was with a male friend who I don't know in real life and we were in a rout within a forest that I'd dreamt about it several times before. We went to a nice place by the water, then we ended up sitting at a table in some sort of open restaurant. Suddenly I realized all the tables are placed in water and I could see this huge crocodile head swimming around the tables. People had their feet in water but no one was scared. It came towards me, so close that it could touch me, I got worried and tried to pull my legs out of the water. But I knew it could easily attack me if it wanted. It swam back and I was wondering why it was there, how come no one else was worried but me, how did they train it not to hurt people... I always dream of kids somewhere by the water, kids that I have to help or cary and sometimes they're crying. That was the first time I saw a crocodile but no kids. Can you pleaseeee help me understand it?
May Mimosa's picture

I dreamed I went to South Africa, then our teachers made us swim in the river and the river was full of crocodiles, they went after me, I killed one with my foot cause it swam out of the water trying to bite me, and then the other ones could smell his death on me so it was even worse, in the water or outside it they were only after me, trying to bite me, but as weird as it seems this dream ended with my group eating crocodile meat and I was the only one to enjoy it. I saved a bite for my dad.
Queency's picture

I dreamt last night that there was this prophecy that an alligator egg will hatch in our house. It doesn't even make sense because in my dream, I've prepared a boiling water when the egg hatched and produced a semi-grown alligator then proceeded to pour the water. I was already aware that it was a dream when I was about to kill it so the dream me hesitated and then I was awake.
Anonymous's picture

I was in a lake with many friends. They were all in the lake swimming and the lake was filled with crocs and was attacking these friends. I tried to save them by attacking these crocs and while I was trying to pull one of the colleagues from the water, a particular croc that has been attacking the man I was saving put unto my body and vanished inside me and I woke up.
Dianna's picture

I had a dream where I was swimming with alligators / crocodiles and my small dog -we alI came through a channel and the large alligator bit my leg - but the dog I was with bit it's eye and he let go attacked the dog - I then kicked it as hard as I could he dropped the dog and swam away - After that i still had no fear - as the dream "zoomed out" what I thought was me was someone else - and that person just laid there - was "I" the alligator attacking or was I this person I never seen before??? Makes me wonder.
Emma's picture

I had a dream last night and it was in a swimming pool. In the swimming pool half of the pool was filled with alligators and the other half was water. Somehow both sides were separated. And there was a dare for people to dive of the platform and not land in the alligators side. A lot of people tried it. A guy fell but he said the crocodiles don't bite that hard and they just come to you and then they walk away and leave some scratches when he said that he was pointing at his heart - i didn't see the guy fall he told me this is what happened to him when he fell because I was really stressed out. So I thought I should probably try it too. A lot of people come to watch me diving and I think I dived and I landed in the right side where there were no alligators. But people didn't applaud or anything it silent. Before I dived I thought to myself it's funny how I am always scared of heights but this time I am only scared of the alligators,I've seen a similar dream to this before but last time I wasn't brave enough to dive. And the separation between two sides of the pool were with a wall and someone dived an hit their head and died. It would be awesome if you could help me interpret this and tell me what it means!
Anonymous's picture

I had a dream that I turned into an alligator. Whenever, I thought of someone's name, they would die. But, my father was there to reassure that I wasn't actually killing anyone. But I believed otherwise. What does this mean?


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