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Ace of Cups

Each Ace of the Rider Waite deck emphasizes new beginnings on various levels.

If you have received the Ace of Cups in your reading, then you either being blessed or will be blessed with a very promising time in your life.

The Ace of Cups is like a giant gift from the Heaven. The card itself depicts an image of a hand that is stretching outward from the havens, offering you a refreshing drink from a cup that is filled from the five streams of living water. This Water flows from the Cup into the Lake below the hand, symbolizing the unconscious mind, eternal life and creating a reciprocal relationship between you and Spirit Energy. When the mind is filled with spirit, the spirit fills up your cup to overflowing.

When this card presents itself to you, you will experience the beginning of great love, joy, productivity, fertility and contentment. The Ace of Cups is the bearer of pleasure and happiness. In this it is extremely fortuitous and lucky that this card is transiting you right now. You must have done something right. Congratulations!

The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of experiences such as love that transcends the Earth. This easy going transition will bring you: Emotional stability, the love of self, which enables you to experience a huge level of fulfillment, romantic love, and love of love. Love, love & more love. Some say that as humans we are made up of 75% water, making us fluid creatures that are affected by the ebb and flow of the tides of this world. The Cups suit rules the emotions and so tell us about the ebb and flow of the emotional tides in our lives. Because of this relationship with water we are highly intuitive creatures and as a result at points our emotions can take over. However in this situation, you are represented by this card which is one of wholeness and solidarity. You are compassionate, mentally and emotionally stable and happy.

If you are coming from a challenging experience, this card is telling you that you will feel much better very soon. Things are going to turn right for you right away. Now is the time for you to open up your spiritual channels, to learn to be accepting of all of the hopes and doubts that happen to come your way in life when you pursue any goal. Not allowing the hardships to interrupt your process. This card represents healing in all ways, so use it to your benefit. Love imbues meaning to our lives especially when we are trusting and willing to approach life with a heart that is full of spiritual awareness and vulnerability. If you have the courage to allow yourself to feel your full range of emotions, you will grasp ahold of a personal fulfillment that many strive their whole lives to achieve.

Participate in gratitude’s; identify what you are grateful for, what makes you happy. Do not deny your feelings. Communicate freely. Express all of the love and joy that you feel to anyone that you need to. Love attracts love. Remember this as the Ace of Cups, and the grace of Higher Source Energy blesses your life.

Ace of Cups in Love

When the Ace of Cups presents itself in a reading about love, you are lucky! Because love is blessing your life right now in multiple ways you want to be open to all of the possibilities. If you are single and looking for love, this card is telling you that you will meet someone lovely with whom you can share your goals with, someone who can spiritually connect with you on your level.

There is a tremendous amount of possible fulfillment here for you. If you are in a relationship, then many blessed events are coming your way. This could come in the form of having children, or in other fertile ventures in your relationship. Perhaps you are coming out of a cycle that was particularly difficult. The Ace of Cups is telling you that life is going to take on a sweet feel for quite some time.

Ace of Cups in Health

The Ace of Cups appears in a health reading to let you know that you will heal from what ails you. This could come in matters of a broken heart or you might be afflicted with physical heart issues, or issues revolving the fluid of the body such as dehydration or blood flow and that because this card is in your life right now you are going to be taking on a turn for the better. This is the same for anyone that you are asking the cards to give you information about as well as any future endeavors about health that is giving you concern. This is the ultimate card of opportunity, joy and forward motion. Expect some happy thrills you have nothing to fear.


Ace of Cups in Work and Wealth

When the Ace of Cups presents itself strongly in a reading about work or wealth you can guarantee that you have much abundance in your future. But the primary purpose of the Ace of Cups in a business reading is to point out that the way that you will feel about your business life is going to be better and more secure.

Many of us in this economy have a big fear of losing our jobs or not being able to financially support ourselves and our loved ones, but here the Ace of Cups is telling you that you can rest at ease because it is in your life protecting you. Now is an excellent time to save up any extra money that you are making because you will be able to afford a little nest egg for yourself. The more of a nest egg or savings that you have set up the safer and better you will feel in the long term regarding money and being free of the stress of money problems will help you in all aspects of your life.


Reversed Ace Of Cups Meaning

If you have received the Ace of Cups in the reversed position then you are being warned that your energy is being sucked out of you because of non-activity. You are bored and you need a change because you have allowed yourself to become too stagnant and are dealing with the emotional repercussions of that. You are depressed and unmotivated and there is a block in many key energy centers in the body.

Consider pursuing a good cleansing that will fine tune and strengthen your chakras, particularly in the heart area as the Ace of Cups represents matters of the heart. You are also being weighed down in the genital and solar plexus area. When you are not recognizing what life has to offer, because you have forgotten to practice gratitude, then you create a cycle in which you perpetuate unhappiness. Get yourself outside, get yourself active, clear up your chakras, practice gratitude and you will find happiness. 

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The Page of Swords

You are starting over again after the desolation of the Ten of Swords caused you to hit rock bottom.

All movement in the direction of improvement is positive for you, but you are finding that you are feeling almost paranoid about the moves forward that you are making because you are afraid of creating the same situation again. It is understandable to have this kind of fear, but rest assured the Page of Swords will help guide you through this new existence. You are making positive changes in your life at this time, and that can only ever bring great reward.

You are a mentally assertive person, alert, impressionable as well as curious and investigative. You are ruled at this point in your life by the drive for transformation. You are being blessed by an insightful and highly proactive state of being that is mentally playful which is what you need to experience after spending so much time being so sad and so serious. You have moved passed all of that frustration and are beginning the next phase having learned valuable lessons.

The image of the page of swords is depicted in the rider wait deck as a younger person or maiden wielding a sword with both hands while trudging quickly over what appears to be rough terrain. The flight of the flock of birds behind the young page along with the wild clouds symbolizes the feeling that trouble is brewing, or the fear that it is. This card can also be chosen for a girl or a younger person with brown hair and brown eyes.

There are activities happening in your life that are causing you to be worried. Try to make sure that you are clear with what you are committing to and that you put your words into action. Try to bring in only new information into your world because if you try to stay attached to what you knew when you were participating in unhealthy habits you may find that you are blocking new understanding. You learn from everything at this time, and so you should enjoy the amount of time that you spend investigating the possibilities. Trusting your mind, find a way to focus on all of the fantastical and beautiful goals and dreams that you previously felt were impossible to achieve. 

It is also of key importance that you be receptive to other people’s moods, so that you will know when you are being overly defensive. You may not appreciate when plans are delayed, and at this time you might even receive news that is disappointing, news that does not actively feel like it is moving you in the direction you want to go, but at this time you must rise above it and learn to be patient with yourself and your progress.

The Page of Swords in Love

The Page of Swords when it comes to love is a bearer of news. This is the time in your life where regardless of how old you are, you are reconnecting to the youthful childlike energies that you experienced when you were younger, but now you are able to see it all from an adult viewpoint. This is the spring energy, which makes you feel as if you are floating when you are initially falling for someone. Right now the possibilities around you are endless. Romance is absolutely not out of the question and you will find yourself to be capable of finding a youthful confidence when pursuing a new love. If you are currently in a relationship, even if you have been in that relationship for a long time, you are going to find that you are reconnecting to it in a whole new way. There is innocence to your love, one that is powerful and intuitive. Use this time to bring your joyful, youthful and romantic self to new levels. It is good for you to spend time laughing and feeling shy or vulnerable again. The Page of Swords is blessing you in this transit.


The Page of Swords in Health

In Health, the Page of Swords makes it possible for you to heal from past injuries both mentally and emotionally and bring forward the possibilities to strengthen your muscles and become more active then you have ever been before. After going through a very difficult time in your life, you became almost bent over in sickness because your emotions were so out of whack. Now you have the opportunity to start again from scratch. The Page of Swords is telling you that you need to start a new exercise program to bring back the physical strength in your body.


The Page of Swords in Work and Wealth

Now that the devastation of the past has gone by, you are going to be blessed with all sorts of new work and new money making possibilities. The great thing about a clean slate is that you can start over wherever and whenever you would like. Now is the time for you to do that very thing. Pay attention to the work opportunities that are going to start popping up all around you.


Reversed Meaning - Page Of Swords

When the Page of Swords appears in the reading in a reversed position there is a level of fear of deceitfulness around you at this time. You fear that those that you are trusting are going to betray you because that is what you have known to be the truth in your past. While you mustn’t allow yourself to stay overly paranoid, it is important for you to only trust others that have proven themselves worthy to be trusted. When this card comes up reversed in your reading, there is a certain amount of untrustworthy energy cycling around you at this time. You must be prepared to expect the unexpected, but do not lose yourself in your worry. Just meet any situation that arises head on and then handle it.

The Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles can present a bit of a struggle in your life during the past, present, or future depending on the placement of the card.

Either way it is usually an indication that you need to give specific focus to the more materialistic aspects of your life or that you are juggling too much and on the brink of failure. In the future position it’s possible to avoid the unbalanced fate of this card and it’s a bit more manageable. However, if you are currently dealing with this balancing act or just come out of a rough patch the card states that you need to apply more attention to the stabilizing factors in your life.

Like the man on the card, you are in an endless struggle to keep the two pentacles in motion. Earthy energies of the pentacles card often lead to sluggishness and when you are juggling, that’s not a good thing. You may notice that there is too much pull at work, causing you to lose focus on things at home or vice versa. Be prepared to lie down and sacrifice one aspect or the other based on where your true need lies.

If you feel, for example, that things are falling apart in a relationship or with your family and your attention is needed but you also have to work and perform well at your job then the best course of action may be that you need to cut back where you can. Cutting back in one specific area is going to be more beneficial to you than having it all crumble on top of you. It may seem like an impossible task or that you are faced between choices that you simply cannot act on. Be creative and allow for help if need be.

Take a step back in your life right now and reflect on what is truly important to you. Imagine your goal in a box. You can’t choose more than one for right now. Simply pick the most important aspect of your life. Consider all aspects of your life and create goals that feed into that ultimate goal. If you are finding that you are involving yourself in tasks that do not ultimately meet your main goal at this time, then those are things that need to be dropped. Now may not be a good time for extra socializing or taking on new tasks that you are going to be unable to handle. Allow your focus to be centralized and realize that this cutting back is not a permanent thing. Sometimes you need to knuckle down and get through a difficult situation in order for your horizon to broaden. Give yourself time to resolve the drama or struggle in your life before you take on more. Do not allow for distractions or nay sayers around you to take your eye off of the prize.

The Two of Pentacles in Love

Right now you may be feeling overwhelmed in the love department and either facing too many demands in your relationship or simply feeling that your needs are not being met. Usually the Two of Pentacles comes up when there is a choice to be made and in love the choice is often one of whether you WANT to be in the relationship you are in currently… or even in a relationship at all. With this card specifically it tells you to be brutally honest with yourself if you are willing to be flexible enough for a relationship at this time. Consider if you are truly getting your needs met and if your relationship is the right one for you.

Because the Two of Pentacles comes up it doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed or that you are doomed to be alone. If you walk away from your pondering saying, “Why yes! I am sure of my relationship!” or you truly know that you are emotionally ready to be seeking out new love then you have a decision to make. Not to point a finger, but if this is the case then the issue in love is usually you. Your desire is that you want to be loved and love is obviously a priority for you. Now you must consider if you have been showing this to your partner, prospective partners, and most of all yourself. Take steps to make love a priority. Do not set it aside or expect it to wait for you during long work hours, not communicating your feelings, or other excuses. There is no such thing as ‘not enough time’. Even if you are exceptionally busy, love and relationships require investments and assurances of your will and desire to be there. This is a time that you must prove what you want, vocalize your desires, and most of all balance out your wants with reality. It’s okay for example to tell your partner, “I know things have been busy and I have been distracted lately.” You may find that simply communicating or taking a quick break to rekindle your relationship that the love will bloom rather than die out.

The Two of Pentacles in Health

Slow down cowboy! The Two of Pentacles in your love reading indicates that you are doing too much. Excess worry, doing too much, and over extending yourself is taking a toll on your body and you are in definite need of a recharge! Even if your focus is health, you are doing too much too fast and you are going to notice negative effects. Take a break, breathe, and treat yourself. This is an excellent time to treat yourself and remember to allow some focus in your life for you.

The Two of Pentacles in Work and Wealth

Oddly enough, while the Two of Pentacles is often a warning card in other aspects of life… in wealth and work it is a positive card for opportunity and risk taking. The balancing act of the two coins on the Two of Pentacles card shows a balance when it comes to money. When you view the two coins being juggled, either way it’s a win-win situation. If you keep the coins in motion you create a positive cycle of possibilities and chances for money. If you drop the two coins… well, you still have two coins to pick up and put in your pocket. They aren’t going anywhere! It’s not a guarantee that you are going to strike it rich, but the presence of the card is a good sign that there is a chance worth taking in both work and wealth.

Reversed Two of Pentacles in a reading

The Two of Pentacles in the reversed position often has a positive effect on a reading. While it can indicate a difficulty in making a decision or need to seek counsel in your life… it generally means that you are WILLING to do these things. In the upright position there is a sense of carelessness that is not present in the reversed card. Gone are the juggling and the coins of the card lie where they may. What is done is done. Now is a time to look around and seek out opportunities and allow for stable changes to enter your life. There is a chance still related to this card but it is less risky. There may even be a decision before you, but it is not such a difficult one. There are areas of your life that need attention and you should know what they are. Be open in your communication with loved ones and even ask what you can do to improve situations. The power is in your hands to create positive relationships at this time if you are willing to humble yourself and seek direction.

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