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This invaluable guide to your birthday has been constructed by interpretation of numerology and the season you were born. The perception of when you were born and the vibrations that come from your birth date have a significant impact on your life. There is an idea from astrology that the planets influence our life's goals and insight can be gained after understanding the appropriate day you were born. This may be due to astrological circumstances. It is important to also refer to your astrological reading found by clicking on the main link above. Astrology is one of the most established element of occult knowledge, it is also the most practical. Read our guide to your birthday.

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Palmistry Question & Answers

A :

Saturn excessively developed, also the mount of Moon large. The former would show general depression of spirits and ocĀ­casional mania, and the latter would show love of solitude, restlessness, brain sickness, and madness; the mount of Apollo being small, would render the person careless of this present existence and hence suicidal tendencies.

A :

An affected person has long and slender fingers, with the first joints of philosophy well developed and Jupiter's mount large; these persons are also mean, cowardly, and deceitful unless the thumb is strong and the Head line clear.

A :

Yes, a tendency for hereditary madness is shown by a very long and sloping Head line, a star on the mount of Saturn and a poor Health line. The Head line split through its entire length and ending on the mount of Moon with a star, also indicates danger of mental aberration. When a line from the Head line reaches to Jupiter's mount, and the Fate line turns and loses itself in that line, it shows danger of madness through exaggerated pride and self-love.